#EngVocab: Singlish Vocabularies (2)

So fellas, how did you find the Singlish #EngVocab on Wednesday? :) As promised, today I will be continuing the Singlish #EngVocab session. So, here they are! Can. Meaning: usually used as its original meaning and placed at the end of a sentence. Example: “I need you to get this, can?” or “I need you to … Continue reading #EngVocab: Singlish Vocabularies (2)

#EngVocab: Singlish vocabularies

Following up on a previous post about Singlish or Singaporean English, this time we will talk about some Singlish words and expressions. Anyone up for it? As a reminder, here’s what Singlish is to a fella: “it’s English mix with some Chinese and Malay words :)) and the grammar doesnt have to be correct” – … Continue reading #EngVocab: Singlish vocabularies

#EngTrivia: Singlish

Some of us might have heard the word Singlish, Singaporean English. Throughout our Twitter sessions, fellas would ask about it occasionally. So in this post, we will some trivia about it based on an interview with colleagues currently living and previously lived in Singapore plus other sources. Singapore was under the British colonial for 146 years … Continue reading #EngTrivia: Singlish

#EngVocab: Swenglish

So, to fill in your evening I will be sharing some #EngVocab from Swenglish. Okay, does anyone here can guess what Swenglish is? “Switching english ?Lol no urm is it sort of english slang?” – @iamnadiiaa “Swedish” English :)” – @KeziaParakitri According to @TheLocalSweden, Swenglish is “a peculiar little language phenomenon,” not only from making mistakes, but … Continue reading #EngVocab: Swenglish

#EngTalk: “keep smile” (a discussion with @KenalLinguistik)

Hey, fellas. Siapa yang sering bilang KEEP SMILE, atau justru sudah bosan dengar KEEP SMILE? Keep on reading! :D Belakangan ini marak sekali penggunaan “keep smile”. Banyak yang jadi bingung dan menganggap itu benar. Jadi Sesi ini terinspirasi dari agak “teriritasi”nya para admin dengan judul sebuah acara TV yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris yang tidak tepat. Daripada ngedumel sendiri, sesi ini pun dibuat. Nah, … Continue reading #EngTalk: “keep smile” (a discussion with @KenalLinguistik)

#EngEvent: “Having Fun with English” Seminar for Eversities Program at President University @PRESUNIV

The seminar took place as we were invited by The Committee of Eversities President University Major Association International Relations on Monday, 22nd October 2012. Sadly only one admin could come and give the talk when there should be seven of us hehe. We would like to thank you for those inviting us as guest speaker … Continue reading #EngEvent: “Having Fun with English” Seminar for Eversities Program at President University @PRESUNIV