#Folktale and #EngQuiz: Why cats bury their poo

In this article, we will share an interesting Indonesian #folktale in English. Why #folktale? Because Indonesia is rich in local folktales and we think it’s good to share some of them to you all. While reading and knowing more about Indonesian folktales, you can also learn English at the same time. Isn’t that fun? :) All … Continue reading #Folktale and #EngQuiz: Why cats bury their poo

#Folktale and #EngQuiz: The legend of Surabaya

This #folktale article is brought to you by @EnglishTips4U and @Story4Children. All stories are taken from @Story4Children‘s website. Before we start the #folktale, may I ask you a question, fellas? Does anyone here come from Surabaya? Do you know the symbol of the city? Correct, fellas. The symbol of Surabaya is shark and crocodile (see photo). Do … Continue reading #Folktale and #EngQuiz: The legend of Surabaya

#Folktale and #EngQuiz: “The Hedgehog River (Sungai Landak)”

“Sungai Landak” or the Hedgehog River is a river in West Kalimantan. Apparently there is an interesting story behind its name… The hedgehog river Once upon a time, there lived a farmer and his wife. They did not have any children. They were old and poor, but happy. They never complained. The neighbors loved them … Continue reading #Folktale and #EngQuiz: “The Hedgehog River (Sungai Landak)”

#folktale and #EngQuiz: “The tiger and the baby”

We’d like to introduce a new article on EnglishTips4u.com. We call the program “Learning English through Indonesian Folktales” and this is brought to you by @EnglishTips4U and @Story4Children. Do you know what folktale is? Do you like folktale? Yes, folktale means ‘cerita rakyat.’ Many folktales have been made into popular movies (esp. by Disney) such … Continue reading #folktale and #EngQuiz: “The tiger and the baby”