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#EngTalk: World Book and Copyright Day

#EngTalk: World Book and Copyright Day

Mooooorning! Wew almost the end of April! Hope you have a great day fellas!!!

So fellas, how was your day? Did you know that today is World Book and Copyright Day?

Since it is the world book day, let’s #EngTalk about it! There will be two questions that I want fellas to answer… ready?

Please answer each question with A1 for Q1 and A2 for Q2 also maximum 3 tweets for each answer. Dont forget the hashtag #EngTalk


Q1. Which English book made you want to learn or interested learning English language?

Q2. Pick one book that have helped you so much in learning English language and why?

For Q1 you can also state why the book made you learn English language =) Looking forward to your answers!


And per usual, interesting answers get an RT! =D

I will start sharing now :) Hope there will be more of them from all of you :D




@TCS_Murs: Snow white, that was the first English book i read when i was 3

@vinskatalita: Harry Potter 7 initiated it, but my first english book was Prince and The Pauper… :))

@ansharze: Harry Potter books. They make me want to study English more, so i can meet Hermione with proper English :p

@indahpmt: all English novels, because I can learn English by reading English novel but it doesn’t make me feel bored

@ranigabriella: The Five by Enid Blyton. This book tells the story of adventure and I like adventure.

@ellya_nissa:The Sleeping Beauty book that I got from my mom. It was my 1st english book that made me love and interest to eng

@mailsiregar: the dolphin stories i read that book when i was 5 in english vrsn..that was the bginning Y i wanna learn more english and then my father bought me a book “testing english as a second language by david harris” at 7. Those books made me more interest to learned english

@Miss_Qiak: the book that made me want to learn English was definitely NOT an english text book. It’s an English novel!

@didasnh: The Hunger Games since it was the very first english novel I’ve read

@ipeh_nk: Fairytale of Chimaera, my first English book when i was 7. but i learn english firstly by songs that sang by my mom

@dheamalik: the first english novel that i read was wuthering heights. it took me the whole week to finish the book.

@RafaelRafka: Sherlock Holmes. I like a kind of novel that is a mystery and some sort..

@salsabillaksmi: I read english children stories when I was in elementary. Good way to start learning english

@fransvrs: I guess it’s diary of a wimpy kid. The books is ridiculously funny that’s make me want to read more :-)

@gotchawitch: Battle Royale. it’s japanese novel, but I just got the translation >,< so yeah… but the real one that have made me interested in English is fanfictions! XD i remember years ago when i read them i had to open my dictionary

@ItsJasminn: I has a special date with a book named Tales of Terror and Mystery. Oh yeah, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is back! #EngTalk





@marshadizitha: dare to dream big by Merry Riana, besides motivating, the sentences easy to understand.

@ranigabriella: BBC Conversation. It’s easy to understand

@dyaeliza: Harry Potter,although it’s fairly difficult to understand, the great story made me curious and read until the end

@HausOfAyJee: i’d say Oxford dict has been a great help for me as it’s improved my english

@rakaarmstrong: English have a go!Because I was interested with animal’s name in english.And the book made it more interesting.

@mailsiregar: fable stories with the animal printed on that book lol :p like 3little pigs,mouse and lion,it was easy to learned. the othr book absolutely dictionary to increasing my vocab,not jst from book,but we can learn from eng music also

@febrianakusuma: not exactly a book, but I read a lot of short stories made by teens all over countries (mostly US). That helps a lot

@auliafath: biography book of justin bieber. I bought the book with english version,so I can learn tho,I use my brain to translate it.

@saddampernyata: for me it was Diary for a wimpy kid (Dog Days), its just like learning english in a fun way


@Nahdyaw: totally crushed from lizzie mcguire’s story my auntie gave it to me and i like it way much

@amaliajd: @EnglishTips4U I’d say nicholas sparks’ novels help me to learn english lately Enjoy to learn english with it’s interesting story

@lucasravaiani: good Readers (stage 1 to 6) with audio and a great dictionary like Longman. That’s the key!

@qqkkQK: The Alchemist by @paulocoelho the most inspiring novel I’ve ever read, also Pride and Prejudice


Wow so many books have inspired fellas that got them interested and learn English further :D

I really hope books will never be left behind and always inspire all of us =) do you agree?

@qqkkQK: So agree, Indeed

@savirraqaini: yep

@lilikNkh: Agree!! :’))

@sarraas: Agree~ If I have more time, I will spend my spare time with books Lol

That’s it for this evening’s #EngTalk fellas! Thank you for your participation!


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on April 23, 2013

#EngProverb: Proverbs from various countries (L-Z)

  1. “A bite from a loving mouth is worth more than a kiss from any other.” ~Lebanon
    • Meaning: Be honest to others no matter how bad the fact is.
  2. “One man’s fault is another man’s lesson.” ~Malta
    • Meaning: Learn from somebody else’s mistake.
  3. “Salute the deaf; if the heavens don’t hear, the earth will hear.” ~Nigeria
    • Meaning: Let us do the correct thing, there are those who will understand.
  4. “If your friend was Honey, don’t lick him all away.” ~Oman
    • Meaning: Don’t take advantage of someone’s kindness for granted.
  5. “He who doesn’t look back can’t get to where he is going.” ~Philippines
    • Meaning: Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  6. “Live for a century – learn for a century.” ~Russia
    • Meaning: Never cease to learn new things.
  7. “Time and thought tame the strongest grief.” ~Scotland
    • Meaning: Time will heal your sadness.
  8. “When fire burns over the great mountain, poison is cast in the great sea.” ~Tibet
    • Meaning: Evil comes to those who spread evil.
  9. “To eat a fish, you have to get into water first.” ~Ukraine
    • Meaning: If you want something, be ready to make some effort.
  10. “That which belongs to heaven, returns to earth.” ~Vietnam
    • Meaning: Things that enter your life easily leaves quickly.
  11. “A monkey in its mother’s eye is like a gazelle.” ~Yemen
    • Meaning: Love is blind.
  12. “If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.” ~Zimbabwe
    • Meaning: We all have the ability to form something out of nothing.

Compiled by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on Friday, September 7, 2012

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#EngProverb: Proverbs from various countries (A-K)

  1. “No one says his own buttermilk is sour.” ~Afghanistan
    • Meaning: No one advertises his own faults.
  2. “A sleeping fox finds no meat.” ~Brazil
    • Meaning: We have to work hard to meet our goals.
  3. “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” ~China
    • Meaning: We may not have the answer to a certain issue yet the purpose still is valuable in itself.
  4. “Fish and visitors smell in three days.” ~Denmark
    • Meaning: Houseguest will annoy the house owner if they are staying over too long.
  5. “Time has turns, and the year has weeks.” ~Greece
    • Meaning: Patience.
  6. “An empty sack can’t stand up.” ~Haiti
    • Meaning: You can’t get much work done on an empty stomach.
  7. “Wherever we stand, we have to hold the sky.” ~Indonesia
    • Meaning: Wherever we live, we must observe the local custom.
  8. “Let flow in the water.” ~Japan
    • Meaning: Forgive and forget.
  9. “If the outgoing words are beautiful, then the incoming words will be beautiful, too.” ~Korea
    • Meaning: Be nice to others if you want others to do the same to you.


Compiled and written by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on Friday, July 6, 2012


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