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#EngVocab: English Words of Vikings Origin

So today we will share some #EngVocab! I hope you are up for it :)

As discussed previously, https://englishtips4u.com/2012/09/08/engclass-british-english-3-breenglish-history/ some English words do come from Scandinavia or the Vikings

What are they like? Well, here are some of them :)

1. Window: literally comes from wind-eye in Old Norse, vindauga

It’s interesting how it then becomes window

2. Ugly: comes from the word ugga which means to fear. “If a Viking wasn’t fearsome enough,” an ugly one would have been enough to make you choke on your mead.”

“Ugly” itself now is an adjective meaning “unpleasant”

3. Berserk: “The only thing worse than an ugly Viking was a berserk Viking”

Berserk means “warrior frenzied in battle

Berserk now means “out of control with anger or excitement; wild or frenzied

4. Husband: in Old Norse, hūsbōndi, means householder

The Vikings then believed that “the man and the man only who held the house.”

Interestingly, these days has gone differently, hmmm

5. Viking: Viking itself is a word that come from the Vikings itself

From the Old Norse phrasal verb “ fara í vikingr” meaning “to go on an expedition

So would you call yourself a Viking? :)

That’s it for today fellas, I hope today’s #EngVocab session has been useful

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Ten words that you didn’t know came from the Vikings –http://www.thelocal.se/galleries/culture/2614

#EngPic: Viking Theme Restaurant

So… Today I will be sharing a fun #EngPic:)

Remember our session on British English and how English words also comes from the Vikings?

Well.. the other day admin went to a Viking restaurant and it was a very interesting place :)

Even though they are already using proper English in their menu, they definitely gave the experience that you are in their era

Such as this one :)


A lot of potteries and unusual cutleries :)


This is what the fork looks like and we find it very weird to use :/


And the entertainment? One guy with this interesting instrument sounding like the Scottish bagpipe


Indeed! :D “@msnadrn: yet very manly!”

So what do you guys think? Very interesting, right?

@mamimemoo: lovely. Please kindly share where can we find that restaurant :)” <- it’s at Gamla Stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden :)

@d4_Josh: Garpu tala pengambil kehendak” <- haha it is isn’t it?

@IchaMarricha: And its so scare maybe” <- quite scary hehe

@fathurrohmenn: Cool! Just like the Vikings B-)”

@Rhefine: Looks like a Devil’s spear :v”  <-haha :)

Thanks for the participation today fellas! See ya tomorrow!


Photos are credited to @hoodiehxran :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on September 21, 2013