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#EngQuiz: My Airplane Trip

It is Saturday afternoon in Indonesia and hope you have a great day so far :) So who’s up for some #EngQuiz today? :)

There are more people travelling using airplanes these days in Indonesia.I want to see if fellas know all these words that I will be mentioning. I will tell a story about my trip then Fellas have to explain the meaning of the words in brackets.

E.g. I have to go to the (1.Departure) gate now

Then you should answer the meaning or explain what Departure is in Indonesian or English :), is it clear?

Okay, I will start the #EngQuiz now :) Let’s test our knowledge!

My Airplane Trip

I was going for a trip with my family several weeks ago so we went to the (1.Airport).

Yet before that my father made sure that we all bring our (2.National ID Card) or (3.Passport).

As we got there we had to go to the (4.Departure) gate to (5.Check-in) at the counter.

In this counter we also checked in our (6. Baggage).

We then went to the (7.Boarding Gate) to wait for our plane.

On the (8. Boarding pass) we get it stated our details an (9. Seat number).

I cannot wait to be in the (10.Arrival) gate of our destination!



@Caesarros: An airport is a location where aircraft such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and blimps take off and land.

@skullhonggg: The airplanes hub and flight activities happen #


@aretti_sari:  KTP, for national use only.


@aretti_sari: International use, an indentity book so that we can go to another country.


@hzuhrah11: Keberangkatan


@lia_neyh: To confirm the flight; get a seat on aircraft.


@AnindiitaPS: Baggage is any bags, suitcase, or personal belonging packed in suitcase of traveller/passenger.


@lia_neyh: Is a place where to show your boarding pass and get on a plane.

@wdryay: boarding gate is a place where you show your boarding pass before flight departure


@AnindiitaPS: Boarding pass: The document about the passanger, flight number, seat number, the date and scheduled time for departure.

@wdryay: Boarding pass is a document issued by the airline that allows you to board legally.


@AnindiitaPS: Seat number: The specific number of seat where passenger able to sit on plane by ticket.


@AnindiitaPS: Arrival: Kedatangan seorang di negara tujuan.

That’s it fellas! Thank you for your participation!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on August 31, 2013