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#EngVocab: Train travel vocabulary

In this article, I will be sharing some words related to train travel. Let’s start!

  1. Timetable. Meaning: the schedule of arriving and departing trains.
  2. Platform. Meaning: a raised structure along the side of a railroad track where passengers get on and off trains at a station.
  3. Luggage rack. Meaning: a shelf for stowing luggage, typically overhead.
  4. Board. Meaning: to get on a train.
  5. Derail. Meaning: (of a train) to run off the rails.
  6. Railroad. Meaning: a track or set of tracks made of steel rails along which passenger and freight trains run.
  7. Level crossing. Meaning: a place where a railroad and a road, or two railroad lines, cross at the same level.
  8. Ticket Barrier. Meaning: a barrier through which you are allowed to pass only if you scan or insert a valid train ticket into a machine. The machine is called turnstile or baffle gate.


Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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#EngVocab: Words from a train journey

Happy Saturday fellas :)

So, here’s a question, would you listen and read to any #EngVocab that you hear or see anywhere you go?

Well, bukan maksudnya nguping, hehe, tapi buat belajar, would you do it?

@paopao1712: I read”

@afsharry: yes i would, sometimes it help me a lot with the pronounciation~”

See if you can guess what the next five #EngVocab means which I found on a train journey :)


1. The #EngVocab is “a bite”, e.g. “Would you like to grab a bite when we got there?” What does “a bite” mean?

PS: You can answer in English or in Indonesian, best answers get an RT :)

2. The #EngVocab is “Arrangement”, e.g. “She makes this last minute arrangement that is hard to follow.” What does “arrangement” mean?

3. The #EngVocab is “needy”, e.g. “He can be so needy sometimes.” What does “needy” mean?

4. The #EngVocab is “service”, e.g. “This is the Southern service to London Bridge.” What does the word “service” mean?

5. The #EngVocab is “expected”, e.g. “The train is expected to arrive in 2 minutes.” What does “expected” mean?

So, can you guess what their meanings are? Can’t wait for your answers! :D



Right, I will share your answers now :) Readyy?



“A bite” could be to “@paopao1712: eat (or a) small meal”

@zRaddina: a bite = berenti bentar buat makan/ngisi perut/jajan2 cantik/ngupi2 cantik”

“A bite” usually used for eating on the way especially those travelling with trains,they might stop at a station and eat there #EngVocab


“Arrangement” here means “@oneworldwill: organising something” or “@riefprudence: decision” or “@chrstnmargareth: plan”

Many of you said it’s “perjanjian”, well in this case it’s more like “rencana”, it’s not used as an official term


“Needy” here means “@oneworldwill: he sometimes requires lots of thing” or what Indonesian would know as “@mradwandika: Manja”

And another one, “needy” in Indonesian is “@lestarihai: “cari perhatian”

“Needy” could also mean “@wiwicicicuit: hmm needy means depending, depending person,” or @alicesaraswati: hard to satisfy”

Note on the use of “Needy”:

@abeizumi: but it’s use for adj or verb?” It is more of an adjective, and informal use

@oneworldwill: is it the same meaning as poor? lack of money to afford necessary things? is it possible? for” needy” Hmm, I think it’s more for those people who got it but they still want or “need” more


Yes “service” here can be said as “@geepia: pelayanan

“Southern service” is actually the train itself, i.e. the train’s company is Southern, service is their product

It could also be “@alicesaraswati: Route”


Lastly, “expected” could mean “@gabyarneez: diperkirakan”, “@riefprudence: scheduled”, “@mradwandika: Supposed to” yet…

“Expected” is also “re-scheduled” or “will arrive” instead of the original schedule.

In the UK, you would see the word “Expt.” on the schedule board if the train is re-scheduled or delayed

So, how did you do? Did you guess it right? I hope this #EngVocab session has been useful :)

@oneworldwill: thank you,tho. ;) the word”service” and “expected” is very useful for me today. New knowledge, good to know.

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on June 14, 2014

#EngPic: London Transport (1)

So it is Saturday evening, anyone up for a little #EngPic session? :)

Has anyone heard of the train network in London such as the Underground? Or the red bus? The routemaster?

I could not agree more “@septiaanrml: I knew! They said train network in London is so confusing”

Well all of the transports in London is called Transport for London or abbreviated to TfL.

These are the many tube/train lines that existed in London also description on some symbols:


This is what the map looks like https://www.tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/standard-tube-map.pdf and it is quite complicated as @septiaanrml said before. Here is a preview:


So in this map, you can see the different lines’ colours being used to show which train line passes where.

In a station you would find one of these, can you guess what it is?


@pitrooy: that should be station too :))” yes it is :) this would the symbol for an Overground Station..

@wibybiw: Underground!!!! ” not quite! It is for the overground, a red circle would be for the underground :)

Yep, this is the complete right answer :D “@sofyanlich: The sign of no smoking, the sign of way out and the name of its station”

@IsJustYoga1: i want it!!” You want the map? :)

In every station you would find one of these to make sure you get off on the right station :)

You will always find one of these too, what do you think it is?


In London we travel using a card named Oyster so this is a reminder to how to use it :)

So there you go our #EngPic session for today! I hope you had fun! Sorry for the delay that occurred

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on February 22, 2014