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#EngVocab: Places in town

For your Saturday bitesize, and inspired by the city walk I am going to do with my class, here are some #EngVocab on places in town :)

  1. Old town/Old city: kota tua.
  2. Square: alun-alun, lapangan.
  3. Monument: monumen atau tugu peringatan.
  4. Parliament building: gedung parlemen (see “note” below).
  5. Palace: istana. This includes the president’s palaces as well.
  6. Port: pelabuhan. It can also be “harbour.”
  7. Market: pasar. This includes traditional market (pasar tradisional).
  8. National Art Gallery. galeri seni nasional.
  9. Museum: museum.
  10. Town Hall: balai kota.
  11. Library: perpustakaan, including local library (perpustakaan daerah).


NOTE for no. 4:

Question: do fellas think Gedung DPR, MPR, DPRD are also parliament buildings?

“Yes, I think so.” – @nurulnisautami

“No.” – @sherly_ariesta

Why “yes” @nurulnisautami? And why “no” @sherly_ariesta?

“May be because DPR and MPR are national parliament institution.” – @nurulnisautami

“I think its house of commons.” – @sherly_ariesta

“House of Commons is the elective, lower house of the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Canada, and various other countries in the Commonwealth of Nations.” @sherly_ariesta

So, do fellas think Gedung DPR, MPR, DPRD are also parliament buildings?

 “They are.” – @Ulllyyyy @nurulnisautami,


So that’s it for today fellas :) I hope you had good fun with the #EngVocab :D


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on Saturday, March 14, 2015.



#EngTalk #EngVocab: China Town Places Descriptions

Hi there fellas, how’s your Saturday? It’s so gloomy in London now… how’s Indonesia? I bet it’s much warmer :)

So I am in China Town and it has all these shops and restaurants.

But what I am particularly interested is the descriptions under the restaurant names.

Try answer what these next words or phrases mean :)


Q1. Oriental Groceries

Q2. Chinese Restaurant

Q3. (Under a restaurant it stated) Japanese spices

Q4. Authentic foods from Indonesia

Q5. Modern Oriental Dining

What do you think each of them means? Just guess it with your own language in English of course hehehe :)



I am gonna post some answers now… I don’t think everyone of them is answered yet but will go it through soon


A1. “@alyamaudina: Asian market” <- It can be said as a market but it is more on a shop form. So in here most likely you will find your needs on Asian vegetables, spices and more.

A2. “@nguyendieu283: A place where you can get and eat some chinese dishes”

A3. “@fathurrohmenn: using spices from Japan maybe?” <- Yep :)

A4. “@Gcalvaristhy: foods that are originally made from Indonesia or firstly found in Indonesia ;)”

A5. “@Gcalvaristhy : a modern setting or placement of interior but still it’s in chinese restaurant perhaps :D ” <- Hmm it is not necessarily only Chinese I think, for sure it has dishes from Asia as it stated itself to be “Oriental” :)

Okay I will end the session here :) Thank you for your participation!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on October 19, 2013