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#EngEvent: “Having Fun with English” Seminar for Eversities Program at President University @PRESUNIV

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The seminar took place as we were invited by The Committee of Eversities President University Major Association International Relations on Monday, 22nd October 2012. Sadly only one admin could come and give the talk when there should be seven of us hehe. We would like to thank you for those inviting us as guest speaker and welcomed us warmly during the event :)


After some speeches from the Vice Rector III and Head of Project, Johnathan Davy, Admin Vitri (@daedonghae), representing @EnglishTips4U, discussed about why English is important, a glimpse of Etifoyu history, how to have fun with English, a video showing, games also usual Q&As occurred.

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In general, any language is important in our lives as it is the one thing used to communicate yet English somehow became the most important one specifically internationally used. It became a universal language in our life for centuries now.


English language has become a Lingua Franca – A language or a mixture of languages used as a medium of communication by people whose native languages are different (http://grammar.about.com/od/il/g/linguafrancaterm.htm). Therefore English language has mostly become a second language that needs to be learned moreover it becomes most of this world’s ‘second’ native language.

However, it is always not easy to learn any other language than your native language and that applies to anyone in the world.


Learning English can be in a serious way also a fun way. But, which one do you prefer? Do you rather learn English in a serious way or a fun way?

Well learning English in a fun way is one of the things that @EnglishTips4U have done so far. We also encouraged everyone, between admins and followers, to share and have fun with English language itself using Twitter portal and different categories of sessions.

Sometimes abbreviated to the word “etifoyu”, @EnglishTips4U is a non-profit English learning portal and Twitter based also the first in Indonesia. It was created by Retno Sofyaniek (@NenoNeno), an English Teacher currently living in Denpasar, Bali. Our motto is “We help you learn English better, faster, and for free!” administrated by seven admins in Denpasar, Bali and Jakarta. Our purpose to help our followers which we call them ‘fellas’ learning English Language in a much simpler, effective and quicker way by kultwit or twitter lecturing through interactions.

Here are some fellas’ testimonials shared about us shown in the seminar:

renggasanti1testiputridewi  jennyphantomtesti1 copy christytesti1 copy akbar1testi yasmin1testi

It seems that we have reached our purpose and we’re really thankful that fellas like what we do. And yes even admin also wish schools taught us like this. But who knows in the future, and of course most likely not our generation now or maybe our generation English can be taught in a fun way instead of serious way. @EnglishTips4U always wants to encourage sharing because we and admin personally think sharing and discussion is always the best way in learning especially in this era where in twitter you just gather whoever you are, no matter where you from, it’s the globalisation era after all.

Some other ways to learn English in a fun way could be these options. Mind you, even though we are all adults, we have to beware of foul languages. Just be careful in using it. In Indonesia itself, people use it very often but admin is not sure if they do even understand what the meaning is. Admin is sure they wouldn’t care, but it is important to know when and where to use it.


After a slide show of this, admin showed a video that a fella shared in one of our sessions which is called “History of English in 10 minutes” of how English have evolved until now – youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rexKqvgPVuA

A number of activities occurred after the video and break. Firstly, audiences or participants had to answer these two big questions:

 1) Why do you think English is important for you?

2) How do you make English fun as part of your own learning?


Above: two people came up to answer the two questions, the miming game 

Below: the questioners in the Q&A section

Two people were brave to come up and state their answers. Here are some answers that you have shared (sorry we couldn’t fit all in, there were so many but we thank you for your participation :) ):

pu2 answer9 pu2 answer8 pu2 answer7 pu2 answer6 pu2 answer5 pu2 answer4 pu2 answer3 pu2 answer2 PU2 answer1

Next activity was the Q&A session where audiences get to ask admin. Here’s the summary:

Q1. From Devi: “I’m scared no one understands my accent, what should I do?”

Answer: Admin would suggest to just be yourself, be confident about it as no one has ever had same accents after all.

Q2. From Anggun: “Will there be Indonesian English or IndoEnglish knowing from the video it stated there are singlish, chinese english etc?”

Answer:  It’s possible and I have talked it during one of our #EngTalk sessions which came up with some interesting ideas about it.

Q3. From Isti: “What’s the best way to teach English to children? As I struggled and have tried books.”

Answer: I suggest point at something and tell them what it is. I’m sorry I didn’t answer it really clearly but I just remembered that the name of this kind of teaching is a visual way kind of teaching. When they hold something tell them the name of the item then it is more likely they would remember.

Q4. From Bill: “If we speak English some people would go ‘sok banget pake b.inggris’”

Answer: I was never in that kind of situation but what you can do is explain and if still ignored then ignore it and let it be. I would add here that, people shouldn’t be jealous of what language we are using. Language is universal and there are hundreds or even thousands of languages in this world. Would you stop a bule from speaking Indonesian? I bet you’re proud to hear them speaking our language right? Well maybe a bit worrying too, but that’s just someone jealous of you probably if they dare to state such thing and you shouldn’t be down about it.

Q5. From Irfin- “Why pick learning english?”

Answer: It is because of my background moving around with my family but later on I liked it and I thought it’s the easiest second language to learn compared to other second languages that are ‘demanding’ these days.

The last part of the interaction was a mime game. As no one wants to volunteer, the MC picked one of her juniors to participate :) You can see the on the compilation picture above, on the right upper side, that he was really funny :) In here you get to mime a sentence of what they think of the seminar and the rest of the audience had to answer it.

@EnglishTips4U would like to thank the committee, the university and the participants once again for inviting us and letting us being the guest speaker :) It is such an honour! Also we would like to thank you Yanti @yantiyanto for helping documenting and as guest admin throughout event :D We hope to see you all again :D


Compiled and written by @daedonghae pn October 22, 2012