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#EngKnowledge: Red telephone booth

This #EngKnowledge post will be about one of the most popular icons in British culture: the red telephone booth!

People nowadays don’t really use public phone anymore. Naturally, the number of phone booth is decreasing. But in the UK and its Commonwealth, it remains a cultural icon and a popular tourist attraction.

The phone booth was first introduced by the United Kingdom Post Office in 1920.

At a glance, they may look the same. But there are 6 six different types of booth available. This is the oldest design available, called the K1.

K1 telephone booth


The latest design (K6) was inroduced in 1985.

What’s the difference between all these types? First and foremost, it’s their size. There are also minor differences like the K4 has a post box inside.

K4 (left) & K5 (right) telephone booths

The Royal Fine Art Commission was in charge of choosing the design. The design that is used now was submitted by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. The color red was chosen because it was, well, easy to spot.

Since 1962, the top of the booth was decorated with a crown to symbolize the British government.

Check out this pic! Notice that there are 2 different kinds of crown. The left one is a Tudor’s Crown whilst the right one is a St. Edward’s Crown.

Tudor’s Crown (left) and St.Edward’s Crown (right)

In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II changed all the crowns in government official representation to St. Edward’s Crown. Because St. Edward’s is the kind of crown that the monarch is using at the moment.

Will the booth design ever change? Actually, there is already the designs for K7 and K8.

This is the K8, as designed by Bruce Martin.

K8 telephone booth

The K7 and K8 will only be used for the latest installments. But then again demand for public phones is decreasing year by year, especially with the appearance of mobile phones. K7 and K8 then became very rare types of booth.

So if you have been to London, the phone booth that you saw might have been older than 70 years old!

Source: Wikipedia


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#EngPic: London Transport (2)

Those who have looked up or know about London, it has a real famous Routemaster’s Red Bus

Or known as the red double decker bus that has stairs on the back

The real Routemaster Red Bus has been discontinued since 10 years ago due to its engines


Routemaster bus on route 159 drives over Westminster Bridge in Londonhttp://www.doubledecker-bus.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/routemaster-2.jpg


Since then, the famous you-can-jump-in-from-the-back bus hardly seen on the roads of London

These ones existed instead, along the previous Routemaster ones if they are still around



Yet, hope comes back when a new version and I guess much friendlier engines were produced

They look like this one, interesting isn’t it?




In this new Routemaster bus we can go in through three doors, one on the front, the middle and the back as it has two sets of stairs

Unlike the ordinary ones it has only one sets of stairs and you can only come in through the front

Note: London never misses a person not paying their use of transport, you have to show a valid ticket to travel

But lately admin has been spotting this one, and look what it says :D


Apparently it is to celebrate the Year of the Bus – 2014 :)

I hope you all have enjoyed the session!


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#IOTW: Idioms with red colour

Hello hello, fellas. How’s your Sunday? Does the rain ruin your plan for today? :)

Now, I’m going to start today’s session. What will it be? It will be #IOTW with red. Yes, there will be some idioms with red colour which I’m going to share to you. Let’s start it. :D

  1. A red cent. Meaning: no money at all.
    • Example:
      • “Alex did all that work for them and they did pay him a red cent. He was very disappointed.”
  2. A red eye. Meaning: a flight that leaves late at night and arrives early the next morning.
    • Example:
      • “Jane took the red eye to fly from Las Vegas to Chicago.”
  3. Paint the town red. Meaning: to go out and have a good time.
    • Example:
      • “Every time my brother comes to visit me, we will go out and paint the town red.”
  4. Red-hot. Meaning: very hot; creating much excitement or demand.
    • Example:
      • “The new movie is red-hot and many people are waiting for it.”
  5. Red ink. Meaning: debt.
    • Example:
      • ” That food company will collapse soon because there is too much red ink in it.”
  6. Out of the red. Meaning: out of debt.
    • Example:
      • “That food company is finally out of the red because of the investor.”
  7. As red as a cherry. Meaning: bright red.
    • Example:
      • ” I want to have a car and the colour is as red as a cherry.
  8. Ears are red. Meaning: someone’s ears are red from embarrassment.
    • Example:
      • “John’s ears are red after hearing what his ex-girlfriend said about him.”

That’s all for tonight, fellas. Let’s get some rest before facing daily activities. See you tomorrow, fellas. Cheerio! :D

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