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#EngProverb: Rain

Hello hey ho, fellas! It has been raining a lot lately and there’s this one song my nephew sings every time it rains. 

Do you know this song? The song goes like this:


Speaking of rain, I’ll share proverbs about rain from various countries. Check them out.

  1. English proverb – “If it rains before seven, ’twill cease before eleven.”
  2. Thai proverb – “Rainbow after the rain.”
  3. Chinese proverb – “When it rains about the break of day, the traveller’s sorrows pass away.”
  4. Welsh proverb – “A flood in the river means fine weather.” 
  5. Spanish proverb – “A river flood, fishes good.”
  6. Greek proverb – “If there is much rain in winter, the spring is generally dry.”
  7. Latin proverb – “After clouds a clear sun.”
  8. German proverb – “Rain in September is good for the farmer, but poison to the vine growers.”
  9. English proverb – “A foul morn may turn to a fine day.”
  10. Cornish proverb – “More rain, more rest.”

There goes all 10 proverbs on rain. Feel free to mention us if you know other proverbs on rain from your country.

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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