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#EngGame: So punny

What appears on Goku’s head when he died and waves upon meeting you?

Halo, Fellas! How are you today? cringes very hard

We’re going to do a fun and cringe-worthy game! Just as the one I mentioned at the start of this article.


What is pun?

Do you know what pun is, Fellas? Check out #EngTrivia: About pun to help you understand puns!

Pun, or paranomasia, is some sort of a wordplay joke. It mainly uses homophones or words that have dual meanings.


#EngGame: So punny

Well, enough with the introduction. Let’s get some basic rules for our #EngGame! I will state one or two sentences and you finish it with puns!

Let’s start simple:

  1. What did the sea say to the sand?
  2. Why was the toilet paper rolling down the hills?
  3. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own?
  4. Why does he hate insect jokes?
  5. What happens to the man who got into an accident in the textile factory?
  6. Why is the Grizzly so proud of his den?
  7. Why won’t your teddy bear eat?
  8. What do you call a literate insect?
  9. Why do crabs never give to charity?


  1. Nothing, it just waved.
  2. To get to the bottom.
  3. Because it’s two tired.
  4. Because it bugs him.
  5. He’s dyeing now.
  6. He built it with his bear hands.
  7. He is already stuffed.
  8. A spelling bee.
  9. Because they are shellfish.


Sorry for all the cringe I made, Fellas! I know some (or all) of them are lame but they entertain me!


Compiled by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, October 28, 2016


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#EngTrivia: About Pun

Pun pronunciation

@rehaneta: by the way, how do you pronounce ‘pun’?” It’s [puhn] / secara Bahasa “pan” seperti kata panci tanpa ci-nya

You can hear the pronouncatiation here http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pun  @rehaneta


Pun salah satu jenis joke

@Portuguesamava: maksudnya joke gitu yah ?” Iya, puns adalah bagian dari ngelucu jadi ya salah satu jenis joke juga


Pun bukan gombalan

@Portuguesamava: kalo “gombalan” English nya apa min, disebutnya gimana ?“

Good question @Portuguesamava, tapi setahu admin bukan “puns”. Tujuan ngegombal adalah lebih kepada merayu atau menggoda – B. Inggris-nya “flirting”, jadi bisa saja itu bagian dari “flirting jokingly”? Mungkin fellas ada pendapat lain?

@FarizMohammed: pickup lines?” Iya, bisa juga pickup lines (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pick-up_line …)

Sepertinya “pickup line” yang paling cocok buat arti gombalan @Portuguesamava


Pun susah dimengerti dan diterjemahkan?

  • @RAKemal: Yeay! @EnglishTips4U are playing puns! They’re punchy! I don’t know why some people hate them..”
  • Well that’s the side effect to puns, some people don’t like it because it’s like non-sense jokes atau kita bilangnya jayus
  • But admin thinks puns are funny, entertaining, good exercise if you like playing with words, even learning new words :)
  • Maybe next time I should make an #EngGame or #EngQuiz where fellas create the puns :)
  • @RAKemal: What makes a pun worse is when you try to explain them. Hahaha”
  • @SheylaMcF: @RAKemal @EnglishTips4U what makes it the worst is when you’re being a translator and have to translate the puns to Indonesian :’/”
  • @RAKemal: Many things will get lost in translation, obvs.. @SheylaMcF
  • Of course, that’s another matter which can’t be avoided @RAKemal @SheylaMcF


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on January 17, 2015

#EngTalk: School and Education Related Puns

Since some of you liked the coffee related pun session last week, admin decided to do another one this week :)

This time – related to school and education :) Let’s entertain ourselves with some puns this Saturday :D

Seperti yang dijawab @mgibrann11 minggu lalu, pun adalah plesetan kata atau diketahui sebagai “play of word(s)” :)

Jika puns berikut ini ada yang tidak jelas, silahkan bertanya atau mention :) Yuk simak school/education puns berikut ini

  1. On the shelf there are ten MATH books, five GEOGRAPHY books, and the rest is HISTORY.
  2. Why did the schoolboy take a ladder to school? It was HIGH SCHOOL.
  3. The ROUNDEST knight at King Arthur’s round table was SIR CUMFERENCE


  1. What do you call a JACKET that’s ON FIRE? A BLAZER!

(A blazer is a jacket used as the outer piece of some schools’ uniform, such in the UK – but “blaze” also means fire)


(Well, it’s a joke on double negatives :) )

  2. No matter how much you push the ENVELOPE, it’ll still be STATIONERY.

(it’s supposed to be “stationary” as it is still, and envelope is a stationery after all)

  1. He said I was AVERAGE – but he was just being MEAN.

(This one is pretty general, but it did use mathematical words)

  1. What did the TRIANGLE say to the CIRCLE? You’re so POINTLESS.

(Poor Circle.. Of course, the circle is round, it has no points like the triangle)

  1. I need to do my PHILOSOPHY homework but I just KANT.

(It’s supposed to be CAN’T. Immanuel KANT is a well known philosopher)

  1. Sometimes a PENCIL SHARPENER is needed in order to make a GOOD POINT.
  2. My grade in MARINE BIOLOGY is below SEA-LEVEL.

(It might have mean that the student got a grade below C, or the student did not get a good grade in general)


(It comes from the phrase weapon of mass destruction – but in this case it is after all a Math Disruption :D)

  1. The student was an AGGRESSIVE learner – he HIT the books.

(Not literally, he is just a fast learner so he looks for the books he need straight away, what a good kid)

  1. MATH teachers have lots of PROBLEMS

(Well… all mathematic questions are known as “problems” :) )

So I hope today has been fun for you all and of course useful :)


@Celliacordhitta: i had an examination about pun and other figures of speech few days ago, but i didn’t found that it could be this fun”

“@senorjoey: Today’s #EngTalk is so entertaining! Thank you admin @EnglishTips4U, esp for the Mathematics part.. Hahaa”

@anggraenidevi: very entertaining! I love puns.” Glad you liked it :)


@rifafam: gangerti yang ini ._. – Re: 1. On the shelf there are ten MATH books, five GEOGRAPHY books, and the rest is HISTORY.”

Ada frase bahasa Inggris “the rest is history” yang artinya “selebihnya sudah lewat”

Jadi disini, dikatakan “Di rak ini ada 10 buku Matematika, 5 buku Geografi dan selebihnya Sejarah”

Padahal yang dimaksud adalah, yang lain sudah lewat atau sudah tidak diingat lagi, sudah lupa

@rifafam: thanks! ^^” Sama-sama, semoga sudah jelas sekarang :)


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on January 17, 2015







#EngTalk: Coffee Related Puns

So it’s Saturday night! And we shall have fun with some puns! :D

Does anyone know what pun is? :)

Yap betul :) “@mgibrann11: ya semacam plesetan gitu kan? Contohnya kayak gini “I gave my dead batteries away, free of charge””

In English they would say pun is “play of word(s)” :) Today I am going to share those related to coffee drinks or minuman kopi

So let’s start :D

  1. Don’t be afraid to ESPRESSO yourself :)
  2. By any BEANS necessary, please drink less coffee for the time being
  3. Drinking too much coffee can cause a LATTE problems.
  4. Selling coffee has its perks for those who have BEAN so lucky.
  5. Thanks a LATTE for the latte
  6. The author wasn’t pleased to see a review of his book on CAPPUCCINO’s. It said it was all FROTH and no substance.
  7. “What’s that Ricky Martin song again?” | “Livin’ La Vida MOCHA!”
  8. Dude, please don’t be LATTE again, make sure you take the ESPRESSO lane and get me a cappucino on the way
  9. Don’t be so DESPRESSO, mate
  10. If you spend too much time in the coffee shop you’ll be LATTE for work.

So, that’s it for the puns today! Did you get it? Hope you liked it :)

It’s interesting how most of them use Latte and Espresso hehehe :D

So you won’t be DESPRESSO hehe “@faisalfaridudin: Jadi pengen kopi espresso” 9. Don’t be so DESPRESSO, mate ”

@R_Dhewie75: I always liked your tweet, because your content increased my knowledge. Thankyou :)”

Thank you for your thoughts :) @R_Dhewie75

Latte here is for “lot of” so it is supposed to be plural not singular “@wulaaankurnia: Problem.” 3….can cause a LATTE problems. ”

@nindunia: I absolutely love this #EngTalk today since I’m addicted to coffee thanks a LATTE! (Is it right?)”

Yes, to you too! Thanks a LATTE @nindunia! :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghaeat @EnglishTips4u on January 10, 2015