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#EngTips: What to prepare for a job interview


Some of you, by now, might have done some preps to resign from your job and hope to start a new venture next year. Well, we have discussed some strategies to resign from a job – you may see them here #EngTips: How to resign. This time, we’d like to prepare you for a job interview. Here are some tips that we have compiled for you.

Before the interview

  1. Sleep well to have a fresh mind in the morning.
  2. Get a haircut, shave (for men), or have some hair treatment (for women). They will add up a bit of your confidence.
  3. Clean your shoes, and iron your clothes, make sure they are wrinkle-free.
  4. Plan your trip. Go on google map to find the location and allocate enough time to travel. Don’t be late!
  5. Read carefully the desired qualifications and peruse thoroughly your CV to know how well you fit the position.
  6. Manage your CV; the succinct the better.
  7. Organize your files. Have a folder to bundle them all. Don’t include the files which are irrelevant.
  8. Get to know the company by researching its profile and culture. The culture will also determine how you should dress in the interview.
  9. Plan the answers for the most common questions. Some of the questions are:
    • “Tell me about yourself.”
    • “Talk me through your CV.”
    • “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
    • “Why are you looking for a new venture?”
    • “What are you doing at the current company and what have you achieved?”

During the interview

There are some important things that you need to do:

  1. Be confident. Draw your smile from the doorstep, greet the interviewer, and have a firm (not strong) handshake. Sit when you are welcome.
  2. Listen to the questions attentively and show enthusiasm.
  3. When asked, provide detail answers. Don’t forget to supply examples.
  4. Clearly state your interest and plan for the future.
  5. Think how you may contribute to the company advancement.
  6. Watch your diction. Use polite and formal language.

After the interview

You may send an email of gratitude to the company for having you for the interview.


Compiled and written by @wisznu at @EnglishTips4u on Thursday, December 17, 2015

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