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#EngPic: Wholesome Images

Hi, fellas, how was your Monday? I hope it treated you well.

Mondays are always associated with the inclination to stay in bed while we actually have to start another week. Don’t you agree? Therefore, I would use today’s #EngPic session to share some wholesome images to lift up your spirit.

‘Wholesome’ is an adjective that means conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being. However, it changes meaning nowadays on the internet. Nowadays, we use the word ‘wholesome’ to describe an internet content that puts us in a good mood or makes us happy for simple reasons.

James Fridman.jpg
Credit: James Fridman.


Beth Evans.jpg
Credit: Beth Evans.


Credit: Anonymous.


Credit: Anonymous.


Credit: Chuckdrawsthings.


Credit: RespectfulMemes.


Credit: Jeefseq.


Lunar baboon.jpg
Credit: Lunarbaboon.


Safely Endangered.jpg
Credit: Safely Endangered.
Abdullah Shoaib.jpg
Credit: Abdullah Shoaib.

Written and compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 26 August 2019.




#EngVocab: Types of lights

This time, I will be sharing some #EngVocab on types of lighting and light bulbs. Of course those who have a house or wanted to decorate or structure their room, would want to have certain kind of lighting.

Types of lighting would include:

  1. Ambient lighting. Meaning: lighting with hidden light source, giving the room/interior a glow. Ambient on its own word means relating to its immediate surroundings or environment.


  1. Accent lighting. Meaning: direct lighting or a ‘highlighting’ which are used to light certain points of a room. Accent as a word on its own means a feature giving an emphasise towards a particular part of something.


  1. Task lighting. Meaning: lights used for daily activities so it has to be glare-free and giving visual clarity. Task here as a word means work that has to be done.


  1. Natural lighting. Meaning: this includes using light from the sunlight, candlelight and firelight. Natural here would mean something that comes naturally, either from nature such as sunlight or element of nature such as fire.


So those are the types of lighting, what about the types of light bulbs existing today?

  1. Tungsten. We almost use this one everywhere, it has a yellow colour effect.

tungsten light

  1. Spotlight. This bulb gives a focused white light. It seems that spotlight can be used for accent lighting.

spotlight light

  1. Halogen. This bulb gives almost like a natural daylight or “white light.” Halogen is also used in accent lighting, as it can be dimmed it is also possible to use it for ambient lighting.

halogen light

electric lighting

  1. Fluorescent. This bulb gives a flat and striking light, has different colours. Fluorescent lights also liked to be used by artists as their artwork medium picture.

fluorescent light

fluorescent artist

We also find the words Fluorescent and Tungsten in a camera setting e.g. indicating the white balance


So that’s it, fellas! I hope this #EngVocab article has been useful to you.

Pictures source: Google search

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on Saturday, October 25, 2014

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#EngTrivia: British English (6) – Biscuit

So, tonight’s session is a bit like fun facts of the word: biscuit. Is everyone familiar with the word?

In Britain, biscuit is a popular snack which would most probably accompany a tea that anyone is drinking.

Although, people still get confused with it, especially if it is unfamiliar in our ears and eyes which one is actually biscuit.

‘Biscuit’ adalah kata yang berasal dari Prancis yang berarti dua kali masak (twice-cooked).

Sebenarnya kata ‘biscuit’ sebagai istilah ‘twice-cooked’ kadang masih dipakai di beberapa restoran.

‘Biscuit’ dalam bahasa Indonesia juga biasanya dibilang ‘biskuit’ yang menjadi jajanan kering dikonsumsi sehari-hari.

‘Biscuit’ di Britania biasanya memiliki dua sisi, bisa dicelup di teh dan kemasannya dipaket.

Contoh ‘biscuit’: biscuit1

Taksonomi ‘biscuits’ antara lain ‘cakes’, ‘crackers’, ‘chocolate covered’ dan ‘chocolate bars’


‘Cake’ (kue) bisa dibedakan dengan ‘biscuit’ dari ukurannya dan ‘cake’ biasanya lebih rumit penampilannya dibanding ‘biscuit’. Contoh cake:


Di Inggris, ada yang namanya Jaffa Cakes yang padahal adalah semacam ‘spongy biscuit. Ini membuat orang kebingungan akan ‘cake’.


‘Cracker’ (Dalam British English: biskuit asin) biasanya tidak dicelupkan di teh karena asin.


Pernah dengar ‘Cheese and Crackers’? ‘Cracker’ tersebut adalah biscuit asin (savoury) tidak manis (sweet) seperti gambar di atas.

‘Chocolate covered’ adalah antara ‘biscuit’ dan ‘chocolate bars’ jadi merupakan ‘biscuit’ yang dilapisi cokelat diatasnya.

choc covered

‘Chocolate Bars’ adalah cokelat batangan dan konon Kit Kat adalah contoh yang bagus dimana dia merupakan transisi dari ‘chocolate covered’ menjadi ‘chocolate bars’.


Nah, lalu, apa itu ‘cookie’? Pernah dengar ‘cookies’ juga kan yang bentuknya sering ditemui seperti ini


‘Cookie’ adalah sebutan ‘biscuit’ di Amerika jadi ‘cookie’ adalah American English-nya (AmE) ‘biscuit’

Ya, ada saja yang beda-beda kata diantara mereka, hehehe

Sekarang ‘biscuit’ dan ‘cookie’ banyak macamnya dan di Indonesia kita mengenal dua istilah ini tapi yang di-bahasa Indonesia-kan adalah kata ‘biscuit’ menjadi ‘biskuit’. Biskuat salah satunya tuh..


Semoga #EngTrivia ini menjadi fun facts dan berguna untuk fellas :) Have a great evening!

Sumber: http://www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com/biscuits/index.php3

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on January 22, 2013