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#EngTips: Types of Soaps

I am going to share a random #EngTips tonight. Look at this picture, what do you think these words are about?

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 00.32.37Are they something to do with our body? Is it for our skin? Are they all soaps?

@asterizka: take a bath?

@oneworldwill: body care?

Hmm… they are related to taking a bath and body care… anyone else?

@Derpamoto: sanitation

I think sanitation is more on the medical side.. but yes it is about cleanliness

@hazelsuxx: the body shop…

Hehe, yes I got that list from there, but we are not directly talking about The Body Shop brand here :)

@nthatia: shower? *and then sing, shower me with your love*

Haha yes it is something to do with taking a shower :)

I would say they’re all actually SOAP(S) (sabun) that you would use to take a bath/shower with,

but why do they have so many names?

Maybe some of you would think, it’s only four other names, but that’s a lot to choose from, isn’t it? What do you think?

@Aimeniar: Gk ada shower, gk ada bath, jd take a gayung dong haha” Sayangnya tetap “shower” namanya dalam B. Inggris

Many products nowadays are divided to variety of types. In the case above, they are types of soaps for our body.

We know there is the SOAP BAR, however soaps today have more types of textures so they have many “names”


So, what is a body wash? What is a shower gel? What is a shower cream? What is a body scrub? Can you guess?

A BODY WASH is known to have a similar texture with a washing liquid soap we use for kitchen utensils

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 00.45.51

BODY WASH is more fluid, compared to SHOWER GEL, which has a thicker texture like the gel we know

GEL in SHOWER GEL is a shorten version of the word gelatin – it is a semisolid material like jelly

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 00.46.08

While SHOWER CREAM has a creamy texture – it has more moisturiser and good for dry skin

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 01.07.51

BODY SCRUB has an additional function, it removes dead skin cells and not used everyday


In Bahasa Indonesia,

SOAP BAR is known as sabun mandi batangan

BODY WASH, SHOWER GEL and SHOWER CREAM, would be known as sabun mandi cair

While BODY SCRUB is known as lulur.

If you see a sentence saying LULUR BODY SCRUB, it seems to be saying it two times, hehe

But then you wonder, sabun mandi cair is basically liquid soap, so what is liquid soap then? The answer is..

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 01.27.31

when you search, it refers to the fluid soap for the hand, so LIQUID SOAP is sabun cuci tangan

Another way of saying LIQUID SOAP is HAND WASH SOAP

Although the #EngTips is on soap, maybe there are other products that you can think of that has so many “names”? What do you think?

@capungcentil: Bubble bath?” Bubble bath usually uses bath cream and salts, not body wash, shower gel or shower cream

@Erikazuna1Da: bath bomb ? :D” what’s that?

@asterizka: wht abt ‘cairan pencuci piring’?” What would be your guess? :)

@inaitsil: dishwashing liquid?” Yes :)

But what’s interesting is, both “cairan pencuci piring” and “deterjen cair” are called WASHING LIQUID

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 14.06.13

@BangJamal21: and what do you think about facial wash and facial foam?”

Both FACIAL WASH and FACIAL FOAM are the same, “a beauty product which cleanses the skin of the face”

The difference could be on their texture. Some products are called FACIAL FOAM WASH Or FOAMING FACIAL WASH like this one, the texture is bubbly


While if it’s just FACE WASH or FACIAL WASH SOAP, the texture is usually like the BODY WASH soap

So, do you get confused with these different “names”, fellas? Cause I am still confused, hehe

It’s interesting how we could call all of this “sabun” followed by its function in Bahasa Indonesia, but in English, the word “sabun” or soap is almost gone

what do you think?

Well I guess that’s it for now fellas :) I hope today’s #EngTips has been useful :D

@DameSalmaAinun: never been good before:) how my english?” I think it should be “never been this good” :) but good attempt there :D


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#GrammarTrivia: Verb + Preposition (‘About’ and ‘Of’)

This time, I’d like to talk about grammar. In particular, we’ll talk about: Verb + Preposition (‘About’ and ‘Of’).

Some verbs can be followed by either ‘about’ or ‘of.’ Each pairing usually gives different meaning from the other.

  1. ‘Dream about’ vs. ‘dream of’
    • Dream about. Example:
      • “I dreamt about you last night.” (when I was asleep).
    • Dream of being something. Meaning: imagine. Example:
      • “I dream of being rich.”
  2. ‘Hear about’ vs. ‘Hear of’
    • Hear about. Meaning: be told about something. Example:
      • “Did you hear about the fight club last night?”
    • Hear of. Meaning: know that somebody/something exists. Example:
      • “I have never heard of Tom Madley. Who is he?”
  3. ‘Remind about’ vs. ‘Remind of’
    • Remind somebody about. Meaning: tell somebody not to forget. Example:
      • “I’m glad you remind me about the meeting.”
    • Remind somebody of. Meaning: cause somebody to remember. Example:
      • “This house reminds me of my childhood.”
  4. ‘Complain about’ vs. ‘Complain of’
    • Complain (to somebody) about. Meaning: say that you are not satisfied. Example:
      • “We complained to the manager about the service.
    • Complain of a pain, illness, etc. Meaning: say that you have a pain. Example:
      • “George was complaining of a pain in his stomach.”
  5. ‘Warn about’ vs. ‘Warn of’
    • Warn somebody of/about a danger. Example:
      • “Everybody has been warned of/about the dangers of smoking.”
    • Warn somebody about something dangerous, unusual, etc. Example:
      • “Vicky warned us about the traffic.”


  • English Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University Press).


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#WOTD: Incongruous

So fellas, have you heard of the word incongruous?

@diningtyas99: haven’t but now i know the meaning” what is it then? :) #WOTD

@diningtyas99: tidak layak/pantas” yep, itu salah satu artinya, ada yang mau sharing lagi? Mungkin sinonim bahasa Inggrisnya? #WOTD

@diningtyas99: unsuitable mungkin min:/” yea that can be one, anyone else?

Incongruous is a very hard word indeed, but somehow becomes one of the words to explain another word

On the English dictionaries of course

The main meaning of “incongruous ” is “it is not in harmony” or “it’s not harmonious”

So it could mean “tidak layak”, “tidak pantas”, “unsuitable”, “inappropriate” and so on

So what do you think of this #WOTD? Would you replace “inappropriate” or “unsuitable” with ” incongruous” on your writings?

@ChristinaJeje: yes i’ll replace it Xoxo.”

@mayaaa_ym: even i have no idea how to pronunce it” how to pronounce incongruous is [in-kong-groo-uhs]

@syarifahay: the cooler the vocabs, the more amazing the writings. Haha.” <- true but you have to make sure it is not incongruous :D

@syarifahay: agree! Haha :D”

That’s it for today’s #WOTD session :) I hope it has been useful for you :D

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#EngVocab: Love – Book Of Words (2)

So today is a short session of #EngVocab the word “Love”

Yet, its meaning that I will discuss here is not from an ordinary dictionary…

It is from the Book of Words by Ivon Brown :)



“English has softened this simple and inclusive word which covers all yearning from strongest passion to tenderest affection, and then wanders off to mean a game of cards or ’no score’ at lawn-tennis. It is sometimes claimed that the Tudor poets, who so enchantingly used it, pronounced it as north-country folk do still, luv. Either way, it does well.”

“To fall in love is a fair phrase, as simple as the actual process and as pleasant”


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#WOTD: Archive

Archive is a word that we hear a lot, especially relating to history, today it will be our #WOTD

Today I am suggesting one way to think of the word “archive” in English

Note: Could be really complicated to think of, but relax, it is for fun to know

I hope it will be interesting for you, fellas :)

Archive’s has synonyms including:

collection of records, chronicles, documents, files, scrolls, writings, clippings

One of the powerful, yet complicated, statements that admin could find about Archive is by Jaques Derrida

In the book “The Archive Fever” he stated:

“The archontic power…must be paired with….the power of consignation…the act of consigning through gathering together signs.”

The archontic power he meant here is the power of the archive itself, or could be his reference to the origin of the word.

The power of consignation – act of cosigning itself, comes form the gathering of lots of signs

Signs here can be anything, any words, objects, anything that could be signs to you, to us, the humans.

Thus archive is a pile of things indeed, nowadays could be physically and digitally found anywhere in the world

It is a collection of signs or things that we think might be connected and can be reopened again in the future

So, would you call a diary an archive? Maybe…

I hope this session has been interesting for you :)


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Jaques Derrida, Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996), p. 3

#WOTD: British English (8) – Proper

In this occasion, we are going to talk about one word that is used a lot in the UK. Some said it’s a slang, whilst some other said you can use it formally.

This is a proper room.

Have you heard of a sentence like the one above? What’s ‘proper’?

Proper means yang seharusnya/pantas. – @syarifmaulanaa

layak/patut. – @gurbachev

Seperti kata gaul kita “yang beneran”, “yang benar-benar” maka arti dari kata BrE “proper” adalah “nyata” (genuine, real) – @EnglishTips4u

Catatan: BrE adalah British English.

‘Proper’ (BrE) bisa diartikan sebagai kata gaul untuk ‘real’ (AmE). Seperti contoh sebelumnya:

  • BrE: This is a proper room.
  • AmE: This is a real room.

Maksud yang ingin disampaikan dari kalimat di atas adalah bahwa: kamarnya lebih baik atau lebih besar dibanding kamar manapun yang ada di sekitarnya atau yang pernah dilihatnya.

Kata ‘proper’ (BrE) di atas ditempatkan sebagai kata gaul (atau slang) dan digunakan untuk menunjukkan bahwa sesuatu lebih baik daripada yang lain.

Question: Nah, jika memang dipakai sebagai kata gaul, apa mungkin dipakai secara formal juga?

Oxford Dictionaries juga setuju bahwa ‘proper’ digunakan sebagai kata gaul (informal) dan kata formal dalam percakapan BrE.

Selain dari itu, adjectival phrase seperti ‘a proper…’

Bahkan adjectival phrase seperti ‘a proper…’ ditemukan di beberapa buku di tahun 80an seperti…

  1. Ann Thwaite’s 1984 biography of Edmund Gosse: ‘He had worked with magnifying slides but he had never had a proper microscope.’
  2. A Proper Tea: An English Collection of Recipes

So ‘proper’ is a proper word, right?

Dari pengalaman pribadi admin selama tinggal di London, ‘proper’ memang banyak digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Jadi jangan heran kalau kita dengar kata ‘proper’ dari orang Britannia/Inggris yang maksudnya ‘real,’ ‘genuine,’ ‘authentic,’ ‘yang benar.’

Akhirnya ngerti pas Matt Bellamy ngomong ‘I got proper fish’. – @_Aisyahs

liam payne once tweeted “get a proper job!” – @sarah_mutia




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#EngVocab: From the “Book of Words” (1)

Happy Saturday fellas :) I hope your weekend has been okay so far :D


Today I am going to share something…..I am not sure how to say it…but I could say it’s fun :)

It is an #EngVocab session, but not quite just vocabularies with its straightforward meanings *hmmmmmm*

So I found a book called “Book of Words” by Ivon Brown which combines two of his books

“A Word in Your Ear” and “Just Another Word”

The book was published in 1944, sometime during the war.

Admin thinks this would be another fun way to learn your vocabularies in the English language :)

Today I will share three random words and its explanation according to Brown. Enjoy!


1. Cloud

“A common climatic word, but no longer commonly employed, in its old and beautiful usage, to mean hill. At the southern base of the Pennines, in Cheshire and Derbyshire, it still is so applied and there you may climb a Cloud. That sounds magical and lyrical, but, as a matter of fact, cloud is, in origin, the same as clod.”

“First a clod of rock, then a clod of air…but, with a stroke of genius or by accident, those designating clods of air started to use the far more gracious form cloud. And what an exquisite word it is, almost creating poetry with no more said!”

“Like far-off mountains turned into clouds – is not one of the best known lines in a very well-known play of Shakespeare, but it is certainly one of the loveliest, being most simply descriptive as well as musically perfect.”


2. Essential

“…a word which has been twisted away from its proper meaning. It should imply an article with essence, that is with genuine quality in it, and so substantial, important, full, pregnant. Now, of course, it is merely a synonym for necessary. It would be nice to hear again of an essential picture of poem.”


3. Behaviour (AmE Behavior)

“..used to signify good manners, even virtuous living. Now it has to be preceded by an adjective. When Defoe wrote of ‘aversion to behaviour’ he signified a dislike for proper conduct. We have kept the old sense in ‘Behave yourself’, but, when we ask ‘How did so-and-so behave?’ we are implying the possibility of a faulty bearing or conduct, which the eighteenth century would not easily have linked with the complimentary term behaviour. ‘To know behaviour’ was to be a gentleman, possibly such a Natural Gentleman as Joseph Watson, the centenarian game-keeper of Lyme.”


So, what do you think fellas? He is a bit poetic on the way he described the words, isn’t he?

@hesthy_chan: idiom ya min? Or meaning dr aspek mana? Oxford.? Cambridge? <- Sepertinya ini bukan idiom dan bukan aspek arti kamus dari Oxford/Cambridge. Namun lebih ke pengertian lain daripada kata-kata ini, karena Brown menulisnya berdasarkan referensi sastra lainnya @hesthy_chan

@ulfahru: oooohhhh…. and what an exquisite word it is!!! almost creating poetry with no more said!!! XD~ (quote @EnglishTips4U )

@meccistimecca: Ya. He made me different view of the words that I used to know “ordinary.” <- Thank you @ammarhsg :) well stay tuned for more #EngVocab in the future :D

I hope this #EngVocab session has been fun for you :) Have a great weekend!

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#EngKnowledge: The Sound of Music

Hey fellas :) I hope your Saturday has been well :D

Have you heard of the songs “Edelweiss”, “Do-Re-Mi”, and “My Favourite Things”?

Do you know what movie it comes from?

@vinceputri: Edelweiss, Edelweiss bless my homeland forever :)

@blukrisna: I love that film! best musical I’ve ever seen!

@silmy94: yes i have, love that songs

@Istiquers: Do re mi, i <3 it

If your  answer is “The Sound of Music” then you are correct :) Today’s #EngKnowledge will be this movie :D

“The Sound of Music”, a movie released in 1965, tells the story of Maria and the Von Trapp Family.

The movie was based on a Broadway theatre play based on the book The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp.

The Broadway play’s plot was not as true to the story but it is based on the real family’s existence.

The plot tells the journey of a young postulant at Nonnberg Abbey, Salzburg, Austria, named Maria.

The nuns and Mother Abbess have found her troublesome.

When there was a request from a widowed Austrian naval captain looking for a governess for his seven children, Mother Abbess asks Maria to accept it even though Maria was reluctant.

Captain Georg von Trapp, the widowed Austrian naval captain, seems so strict to his children.

Maria then breaks the ice to the kids by teaching them singing and allows them to play, even planned a trip around Salzburg for them when their father’s away with a lady that he likes at the time.

The children’s singing impressed a friend of the Captain and wanting to enter them to the Salzburg Festival.

In the story the captain disapproves, but the story goes on with music surrounding them.

The singing activities made us the audience felt engaged, wanting to sing-a-long, as the songs were not hard to sing.

Since then Sound of Music songs were known to the world up until today, to some are songs to be learnt as beginners in music.

Some of the songs could even be our way of learning English such as “Do-Re-Mi” and “My Favourite Things”.

They have quite catchy melodies and easy lyrics, which is a perfect way to learn something new.

Before I end the session, here are parts of “Do-Re-Mi” lyrics and see what you get from it:

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 00.01.09

Here is a link to the song’s video, see for yourself how the actual song is: http://youtu.be/xIjobdArtiA or http://ow.ly/vHRV8

I hope you guys had fun this session :) Hope you have a great weekend :D

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#WOTD: Bank

Happy Saturday fellas :) Hope you have a great one also Happy Galungan and Kuningan to those who celebrated :)

Since it’s late evening already and Saturday…I am trying to find something fun to share and funnily what comes on my mind is…

 The word: Bank

This becomes our word of the day (#WOTD)

Did you know that the word Bank has quite a lot of meanings?

@ben_andz: mmm money bank and the bank of a river.. Or.. Hmm.. Something like that *peace*” yes you are right :)

For today I am going to focus on these two meanings only :)


1. A bank can be “the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake”. One of the synonyms included “embankment”

In the famous London city the word bank in this context pretty much existed a lot including Embankment, South Bank, and Bank itself and those places are areas alongside the Thames River

2. A bank is also “a financial establishment that uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency”

For a trivia, the Bank area in London now has been established as an office area which most of them are banks. Interesting isn’t it?

So I leave you there with this short #WOTD Bank :) Thank you for your attention and see you tomorrow :D

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#EngQuote: Quotes of the Day 18th June 2013 Compilation

So today I am going to share a few #EngQuote for you fellas :)

This time they are taken from various sites’ Quote of the Day

I found them inspirational and motivational, I hope for you too

And they are also for fun to know :)

Here they are!

“Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” ― Winston Churchill

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” – Kurt Vonnegut

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.” – James M Barrie

“Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire.” – William Penn

“There’s no trust,
No faith, no honesty in men.”  — Romeo and Juliet, Act III, sc. Ii (William Shakespeare)

“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.” – Charles Dickens

“How poor are they that have not patience!”  — Othello, Act II, sc. Iii (William Shakespeare)

“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.” – Stan Smith

“Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.” – Terry Pratchett








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#WOTD: Extemporaneous

So today I am going to give you a short #WOTD session taken from a website =)

After searching word of the day posts on the web, one caught admin’s attention and that is….

Extemporaneous from http://wordthink.com  …. anyone have heard of it before?

So what does it mean? Such an interesting word and so hard to spell! Or not… anyone knows?

@rhamaaa:Harry poter magic’s word ? :))” sadly nope x)

@LisSagaraBagja: Spoken without preparation?” yap, you’re right!

So “extemporaneous” is….


Still confused with the word? Searching it in google gave another explanation like this one

Finding this word is quite difficult, it seems that Google itself gave some suggestions on the search such as


So fellas, what do you think of the #WOTD? Know any sentence example you might have heard, seen or can you create one? Tell us!

One example I can think of:

“I wonder if my dad would come up with a long extemporaneous speech when he gets this present.”

@iethaita: she’s doing a long extemporaneous vacation around the world right after she broke up from her boyfriend.”

@risyamaya: My boyfriend made an extemporaneous party to celebrate our anniversary.

@auliafath: caught by surprise, I had to make an extemporaneous speech at awards banquet”

@aisyahkamaliaa: my sister and her husband extemporaneous build new bedroom for their baby.” Should be ‘extemporaneously built a’

@aisyahkamaliaa: this word only for past?” Ehm, actually it could also be present like “extemporaneously build a”

@VFaradhika: my family had warned him that a wedding shouldn’t be held extemporaneously, but he did it anyway”

More about them -> extemporaneously – definition of extemporaneously by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/extemporaneously …

Well done fellas for creating great examples! One long word, aye?

I found some difficult ones here > Sentences and phrases with the word extemporaneous http://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/sentences-with-the-word/extemporaneous.html …

Yes they are synonyms :) “@aarumkusuma: extemporaneous = extemporary (?)

So that’s it fellas, hope today’s #WOTD has been interesting! Mau memperkaya vocab, why not look for word of the day x) See you tomorrow!

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