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#EngTalk: The Launderette Fun Facts

So.. let’s discuss something fun today :) Does anyone know the Mr Bean episode when he went to the launderette (doing laundry)?

If you haven’t you can watch it here:

@MHErSYA: yesss I know that part”

@9typo: He drunk a cup o detergent”

@berurinberurin: yes I know exactly that part.. :)”

@sehunajongin: yes i know xD”

Glad some of you know that Mr. Bean episode XD He actually drank a softener (pelembut). Ya, that part, jangan ditiru!

In Indonesia we know that laundry is a place where we can bring our clothes to be washed by someone. While somewhere like the UK, a launderette is still commonly used and we do the laundry by ourselves. Just like what Mr. Bean is doing in this episode.

Launderette is “an establishment with coin-operated washing machines and dryers for public use”

(Those who are going to study in the UK & going to live in a campus accommodation, you better be ready to go to the launderette :D)

Fun fact: Since I am in the UK and I do use the launderette to wash my clothes – sometimes I would explain to Indonesian friends that I do laundry like Mr. Bean :D

But there are more fun facts were found by doing laundry and here we can discuss more about it if you wish :)

  1. First up I would call “the sock(s) chronicles”

There are times when we finish our laundry we can’t find our sock’s pair


As socks are smaller than any of the other clothing, there might be a chance that it was left out, slipped or fell when moved from the washing machine to the dryer.

So here are some jokes that I found about it

To those who are single (and there are lots of these)


“Seeking soul mates”


“Clean. Single. Looking for a mate.”


  1. Somehow… there are jokes related to “wrinkles” or “wrinkly”

In launderettes you would find irons and ironing boards. So this one: iron vs wrinkle


Dryer functions to dry our wet clothes straight away. So here is dryer vs wrinkle..and weight?


  1. Since we do our own laundry, there are times (or most of the times) we got lazy, so this would be our schedule XD


So what you do you guys think?

Did you not like it? Hehe “@Diah_didii: –__–“EnglishTips4U: 1. “Clean. Single. Looking for a mate”

That’s it for today fellas! Hope you had fun in this #EngTalk and have new jokes to share :)

And guess what I found in my launderette today..

Photo on 21-02-2015 at 09.27

Photo on 21-02-2015 at 09.29

They should spell “iron” better next time :) … G’nite!


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on February 21, 2015


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