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#EngKnowledge: Easter and Paskah

Hi, hello, everyone! How was your Holy Week celebration? Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate and happy long weekend to the others. Remember to always practice safety precautions and comply with health protocols.

Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

Fellas, especially Indonesians, have you ever wondered why the word Easter is translated to Paskah in Indonesian language?

After doing some readings, I found out the word ‘Paskah’ used in Indonesian language came from Latin and Greek ‘Pascha,’ a word derived from Aramaic ‘Paskha,’ which came from Hebrew ‘Pesach.’

This word is used to refer to what is known in English as Passover, a commemoration of Jewish exodus from slavery in Egypt. Around the 1st century, the word was applied to Christianity. To this day, save for Germanic languages, such as English, the word Pascha is still commonly used.

So, what about the English version, Easter?

Easter, as well as other words from the same origin, such as Dutch ‘ooster’ and German ‘Ostern,’ referred to an Old English word ‘Ēosturmōnaþ’ or the month of Goddess Ēostre, a West Germanic spring goddess.

Feasts used to be held during April, believed to the first month of spring, in honour of the spring goddess, but this tradition died down by the 8th century, and replaced by Christian Paschal month.

I hope this answers your question. Have a safe celebration tomorrow and take care.

Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, 3 April 2021.

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#EngGame: Describe your holiday with an adjective!

Hello, fellas. What’s up? ‘Mudik’ is an annual event here in Indonesia, especially near big holiday such as Lebaran. Those who left their hometown to work and look for a better and more prosperous life would go home for the holiday. Usually around a week after the holiday, they would race back to town to return to their work. On the peak of ‘arus balik’ Lebaran, tolls and provincial accesses are always jam-packed.

Anyway, who knows what’s the English for ‘arus balik Lebaran‘? :)

“Eid backflow” – @Robertoberto21

“Yes, ‘arus balik’ is backflow. Arus balik Lebaran = backflow of Lebaran. Thank you. :”)” – @EnglishTips4U

In this occassion, let’s play a little bit… with adjective. I’m sure you know what adjective is. And the topic is related to your holiday. :)

Do you know an adjective can have either positive or negative connotation. E.g. happy = positive; sad = negative. Can you give other examples? :)

  • “what about this ? Good= Positive, Bad = Negative” – @Ffa_Nifa
  • “Lazy = negative >< clever = positive” – @_heniie
  • “Beautiful = positive” – @SaarahFzh
  • “How about Positive = positive and negative = negative” – @dwisusilawati

Now this is what you should do for the #EngGame: Fill in the gap with an adjective with appropriate connotation based on sentence’s context.

I’m only gonna give 2 sentences and you have to be as creative as possible if you want to be featured in this article. Let’s look at these examples first. Example:

  • I feel happy because I had a/an ….. holiday.” (fill in the gap with an adjective. Don’t forget to choose between a/an)
  • “I feel happy beause I had a good holiday” – @alfayzadivaa

Remember: Please type in full sentence and use appropriate punctuation.

More example:

  • I feel sad because I had a/an ……… holiday.
  • You have to use adjectives other than ‘good’ or ‘bad’ if you want to be featured. They’re too generic. :)

All right. Time for some show some responses we got. Behold… the adjectives! :D

  1. @fhy_anee: “a great”
  2. @coronacorr: “I feel happy because I had a wonderful holiday”
  3. @AZ_tifahh: “I feel happy because I had an awesome holiday”
  4. @vivi_borbut: “I feel happy because I had a fantastic holiday”
  5. @LuciaPalupi: “I feel happy because I had a marvelous holiday with my family.”
  6. @elva_elfishy: “I feel happy because I had an amazing holiday.”
  7. @Wulandari_0410: “I feel happy because I had an incredible holiday.” ;;)
  8. @marsyacha: “I feel happy because I had an extraordinary holiday”
  9. @ginariski: “I feel happy because I had a memorable holiday”
  10. @masyoza: “I feel happy because I had a lively holiday”
  11. @reviesm: “I feel happy because I had an unforgettable holiday.”
  12. @bebysalsabila: “I feel happy because I had a fascinating holiday :D”
  13. @BayuSukmo: “I feel happy because I had a colorful holiday”
  14. @ayumks: “I feel happy because I had a memorable holiday :’)”
  15. @halidabagraff: “a terrible”
  16. @fthamalia: “I feel sad because I had a boring holiday”
  17. @nadyaess: “I feel sad because I had a horrible holiday :(“
  18. @Robertoberto21: “I feel sad because I had a gloomy holiday”
  19. @iamREDsunny: “I feel sad because I had an unpleasant holiday.”
  20. @cori_na70: “I feel sad because I had a flat holiday.”
  21. @liverpudlian2: “I feel sad because i had a horrific holiday”
  22. @lukmanjuwono: “I feel sad because I had a disastrous holiday :( “
  23. @vivi_borbut: “I feel sad because I had a tiring holiday.”
  24. @triefriandi: “I feel sad because I had an awful holiday.”
  25. @viealvie: “I feel happy because I had a fabulous holiday”
  26. @junsecario: “I feel happy because I had a “painful” holiday”
  27. @raafian: “I feel sad because I had an extremely horrifying holiday”
  28. ‏@masyoza: “I feel sad because I had a lonely holiday.”
  29. @dnovac: “I feel sad because I had an unbelievably tedious holiday.”

Also, still remember ‘participial adjective’? Read here: #EngClass: participial adjective. For ‘holiday’ is it ‘boring’ or ‘bored’? Because the holiday ’causes the feeling’ so we use the V-ing form: boring = membosankan = liburannya membosankan.

Well, that’s the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Practice your English by experimenting with it. :)

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Monday, August 11, 2013

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#EngVocab: Holiday Vocabularies Shared!

So this #EngVocab session will be short yet informative and it needs your involvement :)

What you have to do is state an #EngVocab related to holiday and say why it is so, you got up to around 30 minutes to share, okay? ;)

Let’s say this is a test to your English hehe

E.g. Calendar = we always look up to it to make sure what holiday it is and how long it will be

So anyone ready for it? Interesting answers will get RT and there might be no duplicates depending on your explanation

NO rude words please! READY, SET, GO! Share your #Engvocab related to holiday like the example! 30 minutes starts now!

@_acherka: couch potato. Holiday is a big day for those people. They’ll be glad to sit on their sofa & watch TV the whole day

@dianprtma: fat = as during holiday i barely do something and end up gain some weight ㅠㅠ

@fitriapri: hibernation: I always want you to be my best friend when long holiday comes :D

@IbnuFJ: GPS: people nowadays always use it to navigate them to many places.it’s very useful for holiday

@deeanjuvedona: Bed = When holiday comes, we can’t help spending the whole day on it.

@_acherka: itinerary. It’s crucial in preparing a holiday with tight schedule, so you don’t miss any place you want to visit

@aldylaaldy: Travelling. People go around the world when holiday comes. Visit a lot of beautiful place for short or long time. Paris maybe”

@ailinura: movie= teens are going crazy about it during holiday time

@anyeskristi: Map: For some people who spend the holiday with the traveling must be bring it

@TiwiMinam: sleep= longer when holiday comes

@fthamalia: movie marathon. Collect the movies and watch them one by one continually

@Mas_Piyambakan: cartoon = Yey! Holiday means spending my time watching cartoon on TV..”

@iamderi: Luggage >> This is one of important stuff when we are spending time for holiday with travelling.

@donnacorle: holiday is the time to travel! So my word would be “rendezvouz” : meeting point with my traveling partners.. :p

@era_fazira: earphone : bored is easy come when my long trip by bus,handle it with hear my favorite music

@Bravorio: shopping: travelling abroad on holiday means you spend a lot money to buy local handycraft. It’s a must.

@VidiNeutron: money= which everyone needs to have to spend their holiday with

@gregbiondeSOV: bat = For some people, this is holiday. Sleep during the day.. Having fun during the night.

@cindydyrdi: smartphone= it’s very useful when holidays come. We can always uptudate with online friends :)”

@ailinura: internet = heaven is surfing in the internet all day long during

@Anindyasd: bath : laziest thing to do when holiday

@FairuzAlief: read : because reading is never get old and boring especially on holiday :D

@Mameddd_: plane= this kind of quick transportation will bring you to various tourism destiny cities”

@mawaaaw: friends=someone you really need to share all your happiness when holiday comes!♥”

@aishai: match

@IchaMarricha: eat


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on June 5, 2013