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#EngTrivia: Cat is a ‘she’

In this fine day, let’s talk about the Internet’s favourite topic: Pets! Do you have any pet at home? The admin has two dogs named Coffee and Latte.

Today I found a really interesting article by Barry Thompson in Esquire. The article discussed why, particularly in American English, people tend to refer to cats as a ‘she’ until they know better.

In English, animals are generally referred as ‘it.’ But it is a cultural thing to refer some animals as a female, such as cows , cats, chicken. Meanwhile, animals like dogs are often referred as a ‘he’.

Through a small research, Barry Thompson tried to understand why. For this research, he interviewed Jackson Galaxy, host of popular TV show “My cat from hell.”

According to Galaxy, dogs are masculine animals because they are action-oriented. They love performing tasks. Cats are more elusive and mysterious, and he believes women are drawn into these qualities.

  • Elusive. Meaning: sulit dipahami.
  • Drawn into. Meaning: tertarik pada.

In many ancient cultures, cats are often associated with goddess. E.g Bastet in Egypt, Freya in Norse myth. I guess that’s why there are Batman and Batgirl, but there is only Catwoman and no Catman?

Another animal often associated with feminine qualities is cow. Do you know why? Tell us your opinion!

Source: Esquire

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, July 13, 2014

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