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#EngTalk : Job Interview (2)

Fellas, are you a fresh graduate from a college or a university or do you want to take a professional work as early as after finishing high school? You must have been aware of job interviews.

Job Interview with Interviewers

Job interviews are amongst the first steps that must be taken before you start corporate life. Multinational companies specifically conduct the interviews in English. Could you share some stories of your first job interviews? Mention us.


“My first job interview was fun! Other candidates graduated from Perth and Californian campus, but the company picked me from Kalibata campus”.


I went for job interview for bpo job. Interviewer asked me to speak 5 minutes English. I spoke 30 seconds in proper English. It was Amazing experinced until I missed my bus“.

You must also have been aware that nowadays job interviews are not done face to face only. Companies can conduct the interviews through video calls or Skype.

But if you must meet the company’s HRD person or the user, dressing politely and making a good first impression will make you go a long way.

If you are applying for a job in creative industry, never forget to prepare your portfolio and creative experiences. They could help convincing the company to hire you.

A job in creative industry might vary from being a copywriter, a web content writer, a photographer, an illustrator, to a graphic designer.

As for formal sector, prepare your most updated CV that mentions your relevant past experiences. Formal sector jobs refer to an administrative staff, a financial staff, a customer service, a teller, a manager, and so on.

After the interview is over, make sure you have given the company your contactable phone number and email address.

That’s all for today, fellas. Good luck for your next job interview!

Compiled and Written by: @2013happyy for @englishtipsforyou on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

#EngTalk: Horoscope

Hello fellas, how was your day? We meet again in Wednesday session with @Englishtips4u and today we will discuss astrology or also known as horoscope. Do you believe in horoscope? Most of the time, someone checks his or her horoscope out of pure fun. When we open a magazine or a newspaper and we see the horoscope monthly update, we can sometimes read or overlook it.

For those who read it, they do it to search any signs about fortune or lucky happenings in life, for fun. As we are all aware, there are 12 known zodiac signs that are compatible with our birthdays. Can you mention all 12 of them? Yes, they are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.


Strangely enough, millennials tend to show more interest in astrology, more than other generations do, according to this article : https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/horoscopes-millennials-why-do-so-many-believe-zodiac-star-signs-a7531806.html

Do you think the article makes sense? Or does anything happen to us is purely coincidental, regardless of our star sign? Share your thoughts and tweet us. Have you read this article? I find some opinion about millennials and the zodiac sign.

What we must avoid, however, is judging someone based on their zodiac sign. Someone who was born under the sign Libra could say, “It’s not my fault that I’m bad on decision making. I’m a Libra.

The article also mentioned a girl with Leo horoscope, who felt that she didn’t quite relate to her zodiac sign. She said that she would not define herself as someone who liked to be on the spotlight, although she did feel that she was a sociable and a creative type.

Continuing with the businesswoman on the article who was a Libra. She identified strongly with her zodiac sign and believed that she was a ‘typical Libran. The last one was a young girl from London, an Aries, who believed that she found herself always attracted to Aquarius guys, based on the horoscope.

However, as what we mentioned previously, we should avoid prejudice based on zodiac sign. Someone’s characteristics and personality are unique, which means we cannot really be sure that someone is behaving or doing a certain action because of his or her sign.

Similarly, we should not be discouraged either if our zodiac update says that there is something unfortunate to happen to us. It is good to stay optimistic, keep an open mind, and be careful at the same time.

That’s all for today, fellas! Thank you so much for joining today’s session. See you tomorrow!

Compiled and written by @2013happyy for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

#EngTalk: Job Interview

Sepertinya speaking menjadi request dari banyak fellas belakangan ini, jadi malam ini admin ingin mengenalkan sesi #EngTalk.

Sekarang admin mau tanya fellas. Kira-kira subjek apa yang baik didiskusikan untuk #EngTalk malam ini? Yang paling banyak di-request akan dibahas. :)

Sepertinya job interview menjadi pilihan #EngTalk malam ini. :)

Important things to remember

  1. Pertama, di dalam job interview berbahasa Inggris tidak beda jauh dari job interview biasanya.
  2. Berpakaian yang sopan, sikap yang baik, berbicara yang baik dan mendengar yang baik sangat penting.
  3. Ke tiga, saat tidak menangkap apa yang dikatakan interviewer kata ‘Pardon?’ dan ‘Sorry, could you repeat it?’ itu penting! Kenapa admin bilang itu penting? Karena di saat kita grogi kadang kita lupa bagaimana cara merespon yang baik. :)

Questions on interview

Masalah pertanyaan, sebenarnya banyak kemungkinan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang akan ditanya pewawancara.

‘Tell me about yourself’ sepertinya menjadi salah satu pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanya.

  • Fellas harus sudah siapkan setidaknya ringkasan tentang apa yang fellas miliki sperti keunikan dan relevan pada pkerjaan yang dilamar.
    • Misalnya, pekerjaannya adalah sales supervisor.
  • Jawabannya bisa, “I have the ability in leading a team and calculate fast as seen from my previous experience as ….”.
  • Jika tidak memiliki pengalaman sebelumnya seperti pekerjaan yang dilamar, bisa juga dengan menceritakan pengalaman skolah atau lainnya.
  • Bisa juga dimulai dengan latar belakang/pendidikanmu yang mungkin relevan dengan pekerjaan yang dilamar. Seperti, “I am studying business at …., I have experience in supervising campus events as coordinator/member of…….”
  • Organisational, time management and leadership skills/kemampuan berorganisasi, pembagian waktu dan kepemimpinan adalah yang terpenting dalam menjawab tentang dirimu karena biasanya dengan 3 hal tersebut fellas lebih mendapatkan kepercayaan. :)
  • Ingat, jangan bertele-tele tentang kehidupanmu, yang relevan dengan jobnya saja yang paling penting, deskripsikan 1-3 menit.

Pertanyaan kedua yang menurut admin membingungkan adalah ‘What are your weaknesses?’ *jeng jeng jeng*

  • Di sini beri contoh sifat diri yang termasuk buruk dalam bekerja dan langsung berikan solusi bagaimana fellas mengatasinya. Misal, ‘I am a very shy person and I would overcome it by being polite and confident in meeting guests and associates.’
  • Masalah pertanyaan tentang strengths, skills that would benefit the company, jawabannya tidak jauh dari hal-hal kemampuan yang fellas miliki.
  • Dan yang paling 10000000000x penting adalah sapaan sesuai waktu di awal pertemuan, yakni good morning/afternoon/evening, sir/ma’am.

Jujur untuk #EngTalk kali ini tips penting yang admin bisa share ke fellas sampai sini saja.

Namun masih banyak kemungkinan pertanyaan yang ditanya lho, bisa dilihat di http://bit.ly/JhO57y.

Bagi fellas yang tadi twit bakal diwawancara dalam waktu dekat, admin wish you the best of luck. :)

Use formal English

Oya, satu lagi, ingat untuk terus memakai formal English language dalam job interview apa pun.

Sama halnya dengan wawancara pekerjaan bahasa Indonesia, dalam job interview berbahasa Inggris pun harus formal.

And never forget to say ‘thank you’ to the interviewer in the end. Kalau tidak diberi tahu kapan diberi kabar, tidak ada salahnya kita tanya, ‘Sir/Ma’am, may I know when will I hear from you?’

Questions and answers

Questions:@dawiedann: kalo pas interview tiba-tiba ngeblank atau lupa kosakata, apa yg musti dilakuin min?”

Answer: ada baiknya kita berhenti sejenak untuk mengingat lagi kata-kata yang bsa dipakai. Bisa juga ditutup dulu oleh ‘ehm’ atau ‘so’ tapi usahakan jangan terlalu sering ya. :)

Question:@DitaRiseSilver: kalo misal lagi wawancara grogi trus tbtb salah ucap gimana min? Sorry atau apa? ._.”

Answer: bisa ‘sorry’ atau ‘pardon me’.

Question:@azizanurul: kalau gak punya kemampuan apapun, gimana?”

Answer: Ah masa sie? :) Kamu bisa katakan kamu bisa adaptasi akan situasi, seperti, . “I have the ability to learn/adapt quickly so any kind of new responsibilities will be absorbed.”

Question:@Qyutin: sbnarnya yg di cari dr pelamar kerja itu apa sih?

Answer: your ability to do and deliver the job you applied for sure, in English. :)

Question:@ayudewati: kalo yg dilamar ngga sesuai sama kuliah, nyeritain apa ya min?”

Answer: the ability and skills that you can relate to the job.

Tips:@NDJOEcieden: jangan lupa setiap interview selalu dimulai n diakhiri dengan jabat tangan :)”

That’s it fellas! Hope tonight’s #EngTalk is useful. :) G’nite!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on May 10, 2012