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#EngTrivia: Hot Drinks/Beverages

Hey fellas, to those celebrating I hope you had a great Chinese New Year :) and hope you had a great Saturday wherever you are :D

It’s February and it is typically cold in London right now… so all I want is always a hot drink…. does anyone know what a hot drink is?

Hmmm…how come they are hot drinks? “@irvanitubatman: such as vodka, jack daniels, etc?”

Hot drinks are sexy alcoholic beverages in Indonesia? O oh…

Sadly, hot drinks are not alcoholic drinks here, they are simply warm drinks to warm you up like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate

Well in English they are not called that “@irvanitubatman: yeah, u know..ppl said (i’m moslem so i didn’t drink) it makes your body warm”

So yes to get it straight, hot drinks are warm drinks, and they are literally hot drinks NOT a metaphor

Since some of you have tweeted what they are, I will be sharing some of them now but I still need your help!

@adibalubis: Hot drink in Indonesia sekuteng haha” <-  yes indeed, but what is in sekuteng? Care to explain more :)

@gitaKuswara: Try ginger drinks nyumm hott” <- what ginger drinks are you talking about? Share with us :)

@AroraAmira: hot chocolate:)” <- could you explain what it is?

@irvanitubatman: Indonesia have many REAL hot beverages such as bandrek” <- care to explain what it is? :)

@Riani_Rere: Bajigur, bandrek, saraba, sakoteng, wedang jahe etc. They are traditional hot drink hehe” <- what are they? :)

@bbouwoxx: how about “ronde” ?.could you explain what it is, please ?” <- why don’t you try explaining it? :)

@gitaKuswara: like hot tea, coffe, choco added with ginger, or ginger essence, that makes our body really warm”

@dillatsamara: Wedang jahe..Make stomach and throat getting warm” <- is this one made of ginger? <- “@dillatsamara: Absolutely rite”

Any fellas would like to explain any of the Indonesian drinks mentioned previously? Let’s introduce them in English :)

Here is one for Bandrek, so a hot ginger juice, right?  -> “@renggasanti: I think we can call bandrek as ginger juice. :)” <- “@renggasanti: yes…it’s good for cold weather” <- sadly i can’t find it here :(

@gleekative: Most of drinks mentioned taste like ginger ale, but they made traditionally, served hot + no alcohol/soda added :)” < – I never realised that most of Indonesian hot drinks are made of ginger, that’s interesting :) @gleekative

@khesney: Hot coffee. Or you can make “Lemon grass tea”? Hot water + lemon grass + ginger + you can add honey for sweet taste”

@pahlevinoor: Sara’ba is South Sulawesi Traditional Drink…made from Ginger

Care to explain what bir pletok is? I think it is a warm drink too and not alcoholic at all, it’s an interesting one from Indonesia @WidyaMN

@dhiniyulianita: bir pletok is a traditonal drink that made of ginger, pandan leaves, serai and secang woods, am i right? =)

@SherlyArtanti: wedang ronde; skoteng; serbat are made from ginger too =)”

It’s interesting how hot drinks in Indonesia are mostly made by ginger, while here the most common hot drink is coffee or tea. Due to the Italian influence, as I observed, many coffee shops would sell more types of coffee drinks than tea, and the additional hot chocolate.

In Indonesia, coffee is also the most drank hot drinks, all would like a wedang sore sometimes, an afternoon drink indeed.

Yes, I would agree on that “@irvanitubatman: mostly (IMVHO) Italians are coffe lover :) CMIIW” #EngTrivia

@nabilahnfa: an afternoon drink plus hot fried banana..” yes! Wow… I miss Indonesia now…

@HAIpatriick: it was so miserable if they sell wedang ronde.” why so?

@adibalubis: Sekoteng is the usual ginger flavored drink was served hot. Other materials are usually mixed into drinks sekoteng is green beans, peanuts & pieces of bread. Sekoteng are native beverages Central Java, Indonesia.

@bbouwoxx: In yogyakarta, there are many “angkringan” to sell “milk with sweet tea and ginger”.very delicious :)

@JemmyEclats: also bajigur, bandrek and gemblong very native food and beverages from west java

@SherlyArtanti: Hot skoteng 4 you from Indonesia pic.twitter.com/UaAV3OD75a. In Semarang we can find it in kucingan or kafe meong =)

Well, I hope enjoyed this short #EngTrivia on hot drinks :)

Thank you fellas for your participation :) my hot chocolate has gone cold now but it’s okay because this session has made me warm *eaaaaaaa

Ps: hot drinks that we have discussed are also known as hot beverages :)

Have a great weekend fellas! Get yourself warm :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on February 1, 2014