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#EngGame: What did you or wish to say to your Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day fellas :) ♡♡♡

So today we are going to do a bit of an #EngGame with prize :) anyone up for it?

Okay, here is what you have to do! :D

What did you say to your Valentine today? Or what do you wish to say? Share it and the best one gets our #TYEBDTY book :D #EngGame

Once again the #EngGame is to answer: What did you say to your Valentine today? Or what do you wish to say? Best words and phrases win!

Fellas have one hour to share! Gogogogogo!

@Elleore: a hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

@Elleore: I love you not because I need you, but I need you because I love you.

@djunov: I wish I could say to everyone in this world that Love is universal. Spread ur love to the world. Not to the person. :)

@fabfebby: hey, Mr. Tied Up All the Time! I wish I could spend this day with you, just the two of us.

@iethaita: wish distance is never our problem because eventually love will deliver you to me but today I miss you my valentine#EngGame

@UtamiEster: I am truly, deeply, madly, desperately, passionately in love with you, my sunshine of mine, Mr. Bi @… xD

@Oo_Rakan_oO: Love is not only a day, Love should be everyday !

Aww such sweet words from all :3

Annnnddd the winner of our book goes to…. *drumrolls

It is @iethaita! Congratulations! :D

To all fellas who have participated the #EngGame, well done! :D


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#WOTD: Incongruous

So fellas, have you heard of the word incongruous?

@diningtyas99: haven’t but now i know the meaning” what is it then? :) #WOTD

@diningtyas99: tidak layak/pantas” yep, itu salah satu artinya, ada yang mau sharing lagi? Mungkin sinonim bahasa Inggrisnya? #WOTD

@diningtyas99: unsuitable mungkin min:/” yea that can be one, anyone else?

Incongruous is a very hard word indeed, but somehow becomes one of the words to explain another word

On the English dictionaries of course

The main meaning of “incongruous ” is “it is not in harmony” or “it’s not harmonious”

So it could mean “tidak layak”, “tidak pantas”, “unsuitable”, “inappropriate” and so on

So what do you think of this #WOTD? Would you replace “inappropriate” or “unsuitable” with ” incongruous” on your writings?

@ChristinaJeje: yes i’ll replace it Xoxo.”

@mayaaa_ym: even i have no idea how to pronunce it” how to pronounce incongruous is [in-kong-groo-uhs]

@syarifahay: the cooler the vocabs, the more amazing the writings. Haha.” <- true but you have to make sure it is not incongruous :D

@syarifahay: agree! Haha :D”

That’s it for today’s #WOTD session :) I hope it has been useful for you :D

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#WOTD: Archive

Archive is a word that we hear a lot, especially relating to history, today it will be our #WOTD

Today I am suggesting one way to think of the word “archive” in English

Note: Could be really complicated to think of, but relax, it is for fun to know

I hope it will be interesting for you, fellas :)

Archive’s has synonyms including:

collection of records, chronicles, documents, files, scrolls, writings, clippings

One of the powerful, yet complicated, statements that admin could find about Archive is by Jaques Derrida

In the book “The Archive Fever” he stated:

“The archontic power…must be paired with….the power of consignation…the act of consigning through gathering together signs.”

The archontic power he meant here is the power of the archive itself, or could be his reference to the origin of the word.

The power of consignation – act of cosigning itself, comes form the gathering of lots of signs

Signs here can be anything, any words, objects, anything that could be signs to you, to us, the humans.

Thus archive is a pile of things indeed, nowadays could be physically and digitally found anywhere in the world

It is a collection of signs or things that we think might be connected and can be reopened again in the future

So, would you call a diary an archive? Maybe…

I hope this session has been interesting for you :)


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on May 17, 2014



Jaques Derrida, Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996), p. 3

#EngTalk: Happy Silence Day is Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi?

Hiya fellas :) How has your Saturday been? Anyone having a long weekend holiday?

Those celebrating #EarthHour have a good one :) Admin will totally celebrate it on Nyepi Day even though not in Bali at the moment hehehe

Talking about Nyepi, the Balinese Hindu New Year Day, which is in the coming 31st of March…

If you want to say it in English, would you say Happy Silent Day or Happy Silence Day or Have a Great Day of Silence? #EngTalk

So far most of you answered “Happy Silence Day” and “Have a Great day of Silence” as Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi, why so? #EngTalk

Why not “Happy Silent Day”? Which one is the right one?

@EVITA: because ‘silent’ is adjective while ‘silence’ is noun. so the right ones is ‘happy silence day’ @EnglishTips4U

@anjani_jalan: but for us, the right one still Happy Nyepi Day :)

Yes it seems that the noun fits better doesn’t it?

Silent, an adjective is a kata sifat while silence, a noun, is a kata benda

But of course if you want to keep it with Happy Nyepi Day, it is fine too :)

Well I hope this short #EngTalk would clarify the difference and which one is best to be said :)

And not to forget, thank you to all fellas who participated :) Have a great weekend!

Happy Silence Day, Have a Great Day of Silence, Happy Nyepi Day to Indonesian Hindu fellas that are celebrating :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on March 29, 2014

#WOTD: British English (8) – Proper

In this occasion, we are going to talk about one word that is used a lot in the UK. Some said it’s a slang, whilst some other said you can use it formally.

This is a proper room.

Have you heard of a sentence like the one above? What’s ‘proper’?

Proper means yang seharusnya/pantas. – @syarifmaulanaa

layak/patut. – @gurbachev

Seperti kata gaul kita “yang beneran”, “yang benar-benar” maka arti dari kata BrE “proper” adalah “nyata” (genuine, real) – @EnglishTips4u

Catatan: BrE adalah British English.

‘Proper’ (BrE) bisa diartikan sebagai kata gaul untuk ‘real’ (AmE). Seperti contoh sebelumnya:

  • BrE: This is a proper room.
  • AmE: This is a real room.

Maksud yang ingin disampaikan dari kalimat di atas adalah bahwa: kamarnya lebih baik atau lebih besar dibanding kamar manapun yang ada di sekitarnya atau yang pernah dilihatnya.

Kata ‘proper’ (BrE) di atas ditempatkan sebagai kata gaul (atau slang) dan digunakan untuk menunjukkan bahwa sesuatu lebih baik daripada yang lain.

Question: Nah, jika memang dipakai sebagai kata gaul, apa mungkin dipakai secara formal juga?

Oxford Dictionaries juga setuju bahwa ‘proper’ digunakan sebagai kata gaul (informal) dan kata formal dalam percakapan BrE.

Selain dari itu, adjectival phrase seperti ‘a proper…’

Bahkan adjectival phrase seperti ‘a proper…’ ditemukan di beberapa buku di tahun 80an seperti…

  1. Ann Thwaite’s 1984 biography of Edmund Gosse: ‘He had worked with magnifying slides but he had never had a proper microscope.’
  2. A Proper Tea: An English Collection of Recipes

So ‘proper’ is a proper word, right?

Dari pengalaman pribadi admin selama tinggal di London, ‘proper’ memang banyak digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Jadi jangan heran kalau kita dengar kata ‘proper’ dari orang Britannia/Inggris yang maksudnya ‘real,’ ‘genuine,’ ‘authentic,’ ‘yang benar.’

Akhirnya ngerti pas Matt Bellamy ngomong ‘I got proper fish’. – @_Aisyahs

liam payne once tweeted “get a proper job!” – @sarah_mutia




Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, January 25, 2014

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#WOTD: Bank

Happy Saturday fellas :) Hope you have a great one also Happy Galungan and Kuningan to those who celebrated :)

Since it’s late evening already and Saturday…I am trying to find something fun to share and funnily what comes on my mind is…

 The word: Bank

This becomes our word of the day (#WOTD)

Did you know that the word Bank has quite a lot of meanings?

@ben_andz: mmm money bank and the bank of a river.. Or.. Hmm.. Something like that *peace*” yes you are right :)

For today I am going to focus on these two meanings only :)


1. A bank can be “the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake”. One of the synonyms included “embankment”

In the famous London city the word bank in this context pretty much existed a lot including Embankment, South Bank, and Bank itself and those places are areas alongside the Thames River

2. A bank is also “a financial establishment that uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency”

For a trivia, the Bank area in London now has been established as an office area which most of them are banks. Interesting isn’t it?

So I leave you there with this short #WOTD Bank :) Thank you for your attention and see you tomorrow :D

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#EngQAs: “Sons and Daughters of Indonesia?”

@sierrapritta asked this on the Indonesian National Children’s Day

“min @EnglishTips4U i came accross a website and read a sentence that said, “…gives opportunity to the sons and daughter of Indonesia… Is that appropriate to say “putra putri Bangsa” with “sons and daughters of Indonesia”? why don’t we use “Youth generation”?”

Our answer is

“Sons and daughters of Indonesia” actually is okay. It is the same as “children of Indonesia”.

Although “the youth” or “the young generation” is fine too. “Sons and daughters” is just adds up a bit. More specific.

@abd_chaniago@sierrapritta but “sons and daughters of Indonesia” sounds so damn cool!

Haha you betcha!

@sierrapritta: oh I see..I thought “sons and daughters” is too literal, so it may be substituted properly hehehe okay then. Thank you :)

Well then, Happy Indonesian Children’s Day to all :) May our young generation gets better and better :D Yeehaaa!

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#EngVocab: Indonesian Independence Day Games

Hey there fellas! Happy Independence Day!!! :D

Did you go to your school’s or workplace’s flag ceremony this morning? Did you join any competition? :)

Did you know that Indonesian all over the world celebrates Indonesian Independence Day as well?

Yes, usually our representative office such as General Consulate or Embassy would hold a flag ceremony in the morning..

Of course based on their local time, then there will be entertainment such as…

Performances of traditional dances, music, and most of all the never forgotten Independence Day games!

Ever wondered what these games are called in English? Well admin found some common ones around the web :)

Here is our special #EngVocab for today! Check it out!

Palm (or pole) climbing = panjat pinang –> usually two groups of four people climb a palm trunk, originally areca nut trunk (sometimes a pole instead) which had prizes hanged on its top usually clothing, electronic devices, cash and more. Of course it is not made easy, therefore the trunk has oil on it to make it slippery. Sometimes even water and mud are thrown to competitors.


Tug-of-war = tarik tambang –> involving two teams, one on each side of a rope. Both teams have to pull it until one team falls on the middle point settled. That middle point sometimes has mud prepared on it.


Sack race = balap karung –> each participant gets a sack (usually an old rice sack) and has to go inside it up to the hip. Then, they have to get their laps done by jumping with it like kangaroos.


Cracker eating = makan kerupuk ->  such a classic game for Indonesian Independence Day. Cracker or kerupuk has been known as one of Indonesian’s favourite food. The competition involves it being hanged high above on a plastic rope, then participant has to eat it without any hands help.

rsbp.org-makan kerupuk

Marble race = balap kelereng -> each participant gets a spoon and a marble will be placed on the spoon. This spoon has to be held by the teeth and mouth with no hands allowed to support it or held by only one hand.  Who finished their laps first, wins.


Bakiak racing = lomba bakiak -> bakiak is a traditional wooden sandals which had rubber straps on them with capacity for 2-3 people. This was used together by walking it to get to the finish line.


Inserting a pencil/nail into a bottle = masukkan pensil/paku ke botol -> one participant would get their waist wrapped with a plastic rope which one of its end has a nail or pencil hanging under their rare. This pencil/nail has to go in a glass bottle which is located just behind the participant. It takes a lot of patience to get this done.


That’s it for today fellas! I hope this #EngVocab has been useful :)

Visit us at englishtips4u.com and facebook.com/englishtips4u!

Tetap semangat!! Junjung tinggi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!!! MERDEKA!! :D


http://www.thecheers.org/Entertainment/article_2468_Celebration-of-The-Independence-Day-LETS-HAVE-FUN.html Celebration of The Independence Day by Yeni Salma Barinti

http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/39590/Independence-Day-Games-2 Independence Day Games by Jakarta Travel Blog

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#EngQuote: Quotes of the Day 18th June 2013 Compilation

So today I am going to share a few #EngQuote for you fellas :)

This time they are taken from various sites’ Quote of the Day

I found them inspirational and motivational, I hope for you too

And they are also for fun to know :)

Here they are!

“Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” ― Winston Churchill

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” – Kurt Vonnegut

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.” – James M Barrie

“Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire.” – William Penn

“There’s no trust,
No faith, no honesty in men.”  — Romeo and Juliet, Act III, sc. Ii (William Shakespeare)

“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.” – Charles Dickens

“How poor are they that have not patience!”  — Othello, Act II, sc. Iii (William Shakespeare)

“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.” – Stan Smith

“Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.” – Terry Pratchett








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#WOTD: Extemporaneous

So today I am going to give you a short #WOTD session taken from a website =)

After searching word of the day posts on the web, one caught admin’s attention and that is….

Extemporaneous from http://wordthink.com  …. anyone have heard of it before?

So what does it mean? Such an interesting word and so hard to spell! Or not… anyone knows?

@rhamaaa:Harry poter magic’s word ? :))” sadly nope x)

@LisSagaraBagja: Spoken without preparation?” yap, you’re right!

So “extemporaneous” is….


Still confused with the word? Searching it in google gave another explanation like this one

Finding this word is quite difficult, it seems that Google itself gave some suggestions on the search such as


So fellas, what do you think of the #WOTD? Know any sentence example you might have heard, seen or can you create one? Tell us!

One example I can think of:

“I wonder if my dad would come up with a long extemporaneous speech when he gets this present.”

@iethaita: she’s doing a long extemporaneous vacation around the world right after she broke up from her boyfriend.”

@risyamaya: My boyfriend made an extemporaneous party to celebrate our anniversary.

@auliafath: caught by surprise, I had to make an extemporaneous speech at awards banquet”

@aisyahkamaliaa: my sister and her husband extemporaneous build new bedroom for their baby.” Should be ‘extemporaneously built a’

@aisyahkamaliaa: this word only for past?” Ehm, actually it could also be present like “extemporaneously build a”

@VFaradhika: my family had warned him that a wedding shouldn’t be held extemporaneously, but he did it anyway”

More about them -> extemporaneously – definition of extemporaneously by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/extemporaneously …

Well done fellas for creating great examples! One long word, aye?

I found some difficult ones here > Sentences and phrases with the word extemporaneous http://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/sentences-with-the-word/extemporaneous.html …

Yes they are synonyms :) “@aarumkusuma: extemporaneous = extemporary (?)

So that’s it fellas, hope today’s #WOTD has been interesting! Mau memperkaya vocab, why not look for word of the day x) See you tomorrow!

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#EngTalk: World Book and Copyright Day

#EngTalk: World Book and Copyright Day

Mooooorning! Wew almost the end of April! Hope you have a great day fellas!!!

So fellas, how was your day? Did you know that today is World Book and Copyright Day?

Since it is the world book day, let’s #EngTalk about it! There will be two questions that I want fellas to answer… ready?

Please answer each question with A1 for Q1 and A2 for Q2 also maximum 3 tweets for each answer. Dont forget the hashtag #EngTalk


Q1. Which English book made you want to learn or interested learning English language?

Q2. Pick one book that have helped you so much in learning English language and why?

For Q1 you can also state why the book made you learn English language =) Looking forward to your answers!


And per usual, interesting answers get an RT! =D

I will start sharing now :) Hope there will be more of them from all of you :D




@TCS_Murs: Snow white, that was the first English book i read when i was 3

@vinskatalita: Harry Potter 7 initiated it, but my first english book was Prince and The Pauper… :))

@ansharze: Harry Potter books. They make me want to study English more, so i can meet Hermione with proper English :p

@indahpmt: all English novels, because I can learn English by reading English novel but it doesn’t make me feel bored

@ranigabriella: The Five by Enid Blyton. This book tells the story of adventure and I like adventure.

@ellya_nissa:The Sleeping Beauty book that I got from my mom. It was my 1st english book that made me love and interest to eng

@mailsiregar: the dolphin stories i read that book when i was 5 in english vrsn..that was the bginning Y i wanna learn more english and then my father bought me a book “testing english as a second language by david harris” at 7. Those books made me more interest to learned english

@Miss_Qiak: the book that made me want to learn English was definitely NOT an english text book. It’s an English novel!

@didasnh: The Hunger Games since it was the very first english novel I’ve read

@ipeh_nk: Fairytale of Chimaera, my first English book when i was 7. but i learn english firstly by songs that sang by my mom

@dheamalik: the first english novel that i read was wuthering heights. it took me the whole week to finish the book.

@RafaelRafka: Sherlock Holmes. I like a kind of novel that is a mystery and some sort..

@salsabillaksmi: I read english children stories when I was in elementary. Good way to start learning english

@fransvrs: I guess it’s diary of a wimpy kid. The books is ridiculously funny that’s make me want to read more :-)

@gotchawitch: Battle Royale. it’s japanese novel, but I just got the translation >,< so yeah… but the real one that have made me interested in English is fanfictions! XD i remember years ago when i read them i had to open my dictionary

@ItsJasminn: I has a special date with a book named Tales of Terror and Mystery. Oh yeah, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is back! #EngTalk





@marshadizitha: dare to dream big by Merry Riana, besides motivating, the sentences easy to understand.

@ranigabriella: BBC Conversation. It’s easy to understand

@dyaeliza: Harry Potter,although it’s fairly difficult to understand, the great story made me curious and read until the end

@HausOfAyJee: i’d say Oxford dict has been a great help for me as it’s improved my english

@rakaarmstrong: English have a go!Because I was interested with animal’s name in english.And the book made it more interesting.

@mailsiregar: fable stories with the animal printed on that book lol :p like 3little pigs,mouse and lion,it was easy to learned. the othr book absolutely dictionary to increasing my vocab,not jst from book,but we can learn from eng music also

@febrianakusuma: not exactly a book, but I read a lot of short stories made by teens all over countries (mostly US). That helps a lot

@auliafath: biography book of justin bieber. I bought the book with english version,so I can learn tho,I use my brain to translate it.

@saddampernyata: for me it was Diary for a wimpy kid (Dog Days), its just like learning english in a fun way


@Nahdyaw: totally crushed from lizzie mcguire’s story my auntie gave it to me and i like it way much

@amaliajd: @EnglishTips4U I’d say nicholas sparks’ novels help me to learn english lately Enjoy to learn english with it’s interesting story

@lucasravaiani: good Readers (stage 1 to 6) with audio and a great dictionary like Longman. That’s the key!

@qqkkQK: The Alchemist by @paulocoelho the most inspiring novel I’ve ever read, also Pride and Prejudice


Wow so many books have inspired fellas that got them interested and learn English further :D

I really hope books will never be left behind and always inspire all of us =) do you agree?

@qqkkQK: So agree, Indeed

@savirraqaini: yep

@lilikNkh: Agree!! :’))

@sarraas: Agree~ If I have more time, I will spend my spare time with books Lol

That’s it for this evening’s #EngTalk fellas! Thank you for your participation!


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#EngTips: Writing dates

Ada beberapa cara penulisan tanggal dalam Bahasa Inggris dan kesemuanya adalah benar. Perhatikan contoh-contoh berikut…

Penulisan tanggal gaya Inggris (British style): ‘21st June, 2011′ atau ‘21 June, 2011.’ Dengan hari, tambahkan ‘Tuesday,’ di depan.

Penulisan tanggal gaya Amerika Serikat (American style): ‘June 21st, 2011′ atau ‘June 21, 2011.’ Dengan hari, tambahkan ‘Tuesday,’ di depan.

Dalam penulisan tanggal, kita bisa menghapus penulisan bentuk ordinal numbers (tanpa ‘st‘ di akhir ’21’). Jangan gunakan ‘the‘ atau ‘of.’

Written by on June 21, 2011


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