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#EngClass: Conditional Sentences (REVISIT)

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Conditional sentences are sentences that express factual implications OR hypothetical situations and the consequences. Conditional sentences consist of ‘if clause’ and ‘result clause.’

“If I have more money, I’ll buy a car.”

“If I have more money” = if clause.
“I’ll buy a car” = result clause.

There are 4 types of conditional sentences, each with its own function.

Zero Conditional Sentences
Zero conditional sentences are used to describe general truth. It goes by the form:

If clause (simple present), result clause (simple present)

“If we heat ice, it melts.”
(It’s a common knowledge that when ice is heated, it melts).


First Conditional Sentences
First conditional sentences are used to describe something that actually happens in present time or will actually happen in future time. It goes by the form:

If clause (simple present), result clause (will/can + V1).

“If I have more money, I’ll buy a car.”
(In a certain time in the future, the speaker will buy a car given he has more money).


Second Conditional Sentences
Second conditional sentence are used to describe something in the present time that is impossible to happen. It goes by the form:

If clause (simple past), result clause (would/could + V1).

“If I had more money, I’d buy a car.”
(The speaker does not have money in the present time, so it is not possible for him to buy a car).


Third Conditional Sentences
Third conditional sentences are used to describe something that didn’t happen in the past as well as imagining what the result will be if the event actually happened. It goes by the form:

If clause (past perfect), result clause (would/could have + V3).

“If I had woken up early, I wouldn’t have been late.”
(The speaker was late and so he wishes he woke up early).


Q: sorry interupting, but why do the clause is not ‘heats’ instead? Thankyou. i’m still not get it :p (@kaonashily).
A: Because the subject of the first clause is ‘we’ (@arah_hadi).

Q: Is it okay to add ‘only’ in third conditional sentences? E.g. If only I had woken up early, I wouldn’t have been late (@delinaPRF).
A: Good point. We could add ‘only,’ but the meaning of the sentence will be slightly different. ‘If only’ is usually used to express a wish for things to happen in a certain way or a regret that things did not happen as expected.

Q: Apakah bisa “if” nya dihilangkan min? misal : Had I woken up early (@roislavista).
A: Bisa. Bentuk  kalimat di mana verb mendahului subject disebut ‘inversion.’ Umumnya, bentuk ‘had I’ dianggap lebih formal dibandingkan dengan ‘If I had.’

Q: if only you practice, you can form good habits (@timliu2491300).
A: Small correction: always use past form with ‘if only.’
“If only you practiced, you could form good habits.”


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#EngTrivia #EngGame: Words, Names and Conditions of Weather

Afternoon dear fellas :) how’s your Saturday going?

Seems we are all having a mix day , eh? But no fear… we will have an exciting session which I hope you all will contribute in :)

By the way, what’s the weather like today in Indonesia?

Is it rainy? Windy? Sunny? Are you familiar with these words? What words are they?

@yadiiapry: So HOT.”

@cath_mw: cloudy.”

Can you mention the seasons that existed around the globe? Come share with us what you know in today’s #EngTrivia :)

Here is a clue: There are 4 seasons that are known to the world, can you guess them?

If you think there are more, mention us :D I am waiting for your answers and you might get an RT :)

So, the words I was stating before like rainy, windy are words or could also be

@amusukadiwija: Names of weather”

Or also can be

@CHRISTIANATAA: the weather condition”

Aaaand the four seasons areee

@yuukiiikoo: spring summer fall winter”

Or it could be also

@fauzixazhari: Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer.”

Haha this one is exceptional

@masyoza: spring, summer, autumn, winter.. and durian season :p”

In tropical climate of course.. “@Anindyasd: there are more tropical seasons; dry and wet season :D”

Tropical climate usually existed in countries across the equator like Indonesia

Here’s another question: do you think UK (North) and Australia (South) are now facing the same season?

@ditahersiyanti: I think not, bcs UK & AUS are located on the different side of earth, …”

@ditahersiyanti: UK is in the north & AUS is in the south, so faaar ._.”

@kinansahusainy: nope! UK is now facing the fall and I think Aussie is facing spring rn :)

Yes, interestingly even though there are 4 seasons in the UK and Australia, but they are not facing the same one at the same time

By the way… anyone knows what’s the difference between fall and autumn? Or are they the same? Share your opinion :)

@amusukadiwija: yes, autumn is used in British English, and fall is used in US English. Both autumn and fall have same meaning.”

@Anindyasd: Fall usually refers to what is happening in nature” this is also mentioned in “History of English in 10 Minutes”

Wow.. “@vioUul: they’re d same. Autumn’s commonly used in UK, while fall’s common for US. My friend’s baby named Autumn Brittannia ”

Wow you all have done so well in contributing the #EngTrivia :) Are you up for more questions? But this time in #EngGame form :)

The #EngGame would be guessing a weather related word in English or Indonesian depending on what I will be giving, anyone up for it? :)

So if I say Summer you have to state the Indonesian and if I say Salju you have to state the English word, okay fellas?

Best answers get RT! Ready, set, go!


1. Dingin

2. Winter

3. Fall/Autumn

4. Panas

5. Warm breeze

6. Windy

7. Sunny

8. Musim hujan

9. Sunny spell

10. Snow storm

11. Musim panas

12. Spring

13. Typhoon

14. Thunder Storm

15. Blizzard

16. Heatwave

17. Banjir

18. Gerimis

19. Hujan deras

20. Mendung

There you go fellas! Looking forward to your answers! Best answers get RT! See you in 20 minutes! :)





Wow great answers fellas! Will post the best answers now :) Here we go!

A1. Dingin is “@yuninaCARina: Cold”

A2. Winter is “@adeliameiditta: Musim dingin”

A3. Fall/Autumn is “@afifahandryn: Musim gugur”

A4. Panas is “@yoitsratna: Hot ”

A5. Warm breeze could be “@yuninaCARina: Sepoi sepoi” or “@n1nav: Angin (yang) hangat”

A6. Windy is “@addicTea: Berangin”

A7. Sunny is “@yuninaCARina: Cerah”

A8. Musim hujan is “@rullyyy : rainy season”

A9. Sunny spell is “@Kibaldinata: Kadang cerah, kadang ujan” or can be said “(ada) kemungkinan terang (disela-sela hujan/mendung)”

A10. Snow storm is “@morends: Badai salju. ”

A11. Musim panas is “@Mastinxian: Summer”

A12. Spring is “@masyoza: musim semi”

A13. Typhoon is “@amusukadiwija: Angin puyuh/topan”

A14. Thunder storm is”@MasRafa: Badai petir” or can be “badai (hujan) disertai petir”

A15. Blizzard is “@n1nav: Badai salju parahh” as it is a severe snow storm

A16. Heatwave is “@elisabet_hth: Panas terik” also can be “@masyoza: gelombang hawa panas”

A17. Banjir is “@LeeFirly: Flood

A18. Gerimis is “@fairandaS: Drizzle ”

A18. Also can be “@Alvando40: Light rain ”

A19. Hujan deras can be “@artyindart: Heavy rain ”

A19. Also “@Ara_Agnia: pouring rain”, this term is used a lot like: “It’s pouring outside.” = “Hujannya deras diluar.”

A19. Or use the idiom “@Electroboyzz: Raining cats and dogs”

A20. Mendung is “@IchsanBanjo: Cloudy” or Re: @anindittaaa mendung = gloomy bisa juga :) karena gloomy dan cloudy tidak ada bedanya namun gloomy cenderung ke keadaan sedangkan cloudy lebih ke jenis cuacanya

Well done fellas! You have all have done so great! Sorry i couldn’t RT all of you


No Winter in Australia?

@Farhanzii: But there’s no winter in Australia” <- Really? How so?

@karlinakuning: yaps, because it is in the tropical climate area :)” <- But those in the South Australia do have winter if I am not mistaken

@SimplyCheecky: sorry to jump in, but Australia does have winter, especially if you live in the southern part of Australia.”

So there is winter in Australia “@mdptyo: no winter in Australia? oh really? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Australia#Snow … pic.twitter.com/vH41CLX9n7

@Farhanzii: Actually there’s a place in south-east australia. That have a winter. Especially south hemshire”


Hope it has made your Saturday fun and enjoyed this #EngTrivia #EngGame on weather words :) Hope it has been useful!


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