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#EngVocab: Coffee

Do you like coffee, Fellas? If you do, then this is the perfect article for you to enrich your vocabulary about coffee! Please do chime in anytime! I’m not an expert in coffee-ology but I love it so much I decided to compose an article about it.

  1. Barista. Meaning: You already know this. A person who makes coffee drinks as a profession.
  2. Espresso. Meaning: not expresso. Strong dark coffee prepared by forcing near-boiling water under pressure to finely ground coffee beans.
  3. Americano. Meaning: one or two shots of espresso with additional water.
  4. Cappuccino. Meaning: 1/3 of coffee, 1/3 of milk, 1/3 of foam. Sometimes topped with chocolate powder.
  5. Crema. Meaning: reddish substance that appears on top of espresso during the brewing period.
  6. Latte. Meaning: Coffee with a lot (approx.: 8 oz.) of steamed milk. Flavoring may be added to form flavored lattes.
  7. Decaf/decaffeinated. Meaning: Coffee without its psychoactive substance aka caffeine. (But why?)
  8. Mocha/Caffè Mocha. Meaning: may refer to many kinds of coffee but basically it is chocolate caffè latte.

So that was it, Fellas! I hope now you know the difference between cappuccino and latte!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, October 14, 2016


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#EngTalk: Coffee Related Puns

So it’s Saturday night! And we shall have fun with some puns! :D

Does anyone know what pun is? :)

Yap betul :) “@mgibrann11: ya semacam plesetan gitu kan? Contohnya kayak gini “I gave my dead batteries away, free of charge””

In English they would say pun is “play of word(s)” :) Today I am going to share those related to coffee drinks or minuman kopi

So let’s start :D

  1. Don’t be afraid to ESPRESSO yourself :)
  2. By any BEANS necessary, please drink less coffee for the time being
  3. Drinking too much coffee can cause a LATTE problems.
  4. Selling coffee has its perks for those who have BEAN so lucky.
  5. Thanks a LATTE for the latte
  6. The author wasn’t pleased to see a review of his book on CAPPUCCINO’s. It said it was all FROTH and no substance.
  7. “What’s that Ricky Martin song again?” | “Livin’ La Vida MOCHA!”
  8. Dude, please don’t be LATTE again, make sure you take the ESPRESSO lane and get me a cappucino on the way
  9. Don’t be so DESPRESSO, mate
  10. If you spend too much time in the coffee shop you’ll be LATTE for work.

So, that’s it for the puns today! Did you get it? Hope you liked it :)

It’s interesting how most of them use Latte and Espresso hehehe :D

So you won’t be DESPRESSO hehe “@faisalfaridudin: Jadi pengen kopi espresso” 9. Don’t be so DESPRESSO, mate ”

@R_Dhewie75: I always liked your tweet, because your content increased my knowledge. Thankyou :)”

Thank you for your thoughts :) @R_Dhewie75

Latte here is for “lot of” so it is supposed to be plural not singular “@wulaaankurnia: Problem.” 3….can cause a LATTE problems. ”

@nindunia: I absolutely love this #EngTalk today since I’m addicted to coffee thanks a LATTE! (Is it right?)”

Yes, to you too! Thanks a LATTE @nindunia! :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghaeat @EnglishTips4u on January 10, 2015