#EngVocab :Phrasal Verbs with “Call”

Hello, Fellas! Good evening and happy Monday! How’s your week so far?
This evening I am going to share phrasal verbs with “call”

1.“Call away”
Meaning : To ask someone to go somewhere else
E.g. “i am afraid razi was called away from the meeting to deal with a medical emergency, but he should be back soon”

2.“Call for”
Meaning : Publicly demand that something be done
E.g. “Adit got the new job! This news calls for a celebration!”

3.“Call around”
Meaning : to go to someone’s house to visit them
E.g. “Let’s call around to see your cousin later.”

4.“Call back”
Meaning : To return a telephone call
E.g. “They said I could call back later today to collect the T-shirt.”

5.“Call out”
Meaning : To shout or speak loudly in order to get someone’s attention
E.g. “I called out her name, but she couldn’t hear me..”

6.“Call by”
Meaning : To shout or speak loudly in order to get someone’s attention
E.g. “ I think it my might be nice to call by Aunt Jenny’s house on our way to Jakarta.”

7.“Call down”                                                                                                                                         Meaning : To shout or speak loudly in order to get someone’s attention
E.g. “Laura is a perfectionist women and always calls me down for such minor errors!”

Alright, fellas, those are phrasal vervs with call.
Thank you for being with me, fellas! Today is a wrap!
Enjoy fellas! #EngProverb


Compiled by @ijoojii for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 7 Jan, 2019.




Good Evening, Fellas! How was your day?
Today we are going to give you some tips about other ways to say ‘i think’.
There are many different ways of saying thought in English. Let’s find out!

  1. In my opinion
    E.g. “In my opinion the issue should be finished in this way.”

  2. The way I see it
    E.g. ”The way I see it is just technical issue.”

  3. As far as I can see
    E.g. “As far I can see my friends are innocent.”

  4. .I consider
    E.g. “I consider a lot of information should be kept very secret.”

  5. I believe
    E.g, “I believe that they slept because of exhaustion.”

  6. To my way of thinking
    E.g. “To my way of thinking we are doing very well.”

  7. I would say
    E.g. “I would say that the girl is very humble.” #EngTips

It’s a wrap for now. Thank you for joining me. Give it try and let me know how it works for you.
Enjoy fellas! #EngTips

Compiled by @ijoojii for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, 22 November, 2018.