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#EngTalk: Lunch and Snacks

Some of you might have returned to work at the office and we are all aware of the risks and difficulties. Take care of yourself, fellas, and keep your surroundings clean and hygienic.

Over the past few days, Indonesian Twitter users have been engaged in quite an odd debate about packed lunch. It started when a lady uploaded ideas for lunch boxes that she’d been preparing for her husband and apparently some people thought she was being too nice to her husband. Some also questioned whether she did that because she was a woman and assumed that it was her duty to be in the kitchen.

I personally think the lunch box was sweet and commendable. Preparing food for our loved ones is an act of love. It’s just as simple as that. Bear in mind that anyone can prepare food for anyone they love, regardless of the gender. After all, cooking is one of the basic surviving skills.

Furthermore, preparing our own meal ensures that we know what goes into the meal and helps us control our portion as not to overeat.

What do you think about this matter, fellas?

agil (@IvIcnrn): well said here. just can’t understand why some people got mad about it.

Photo by Keegan Evans on

For health reasons, I have been eating mostly plant-based food. I limit meat and poultry consumption to once a week or once in two weeks. I still eat fish and eggs and dairy products, though, so I cannot really say I am a vegetarian or pescatarian.

I have also limited my carbohydrates intake and, if possible, replacing the carbs with something that contains a lot of fibres and low glycemic index. Our metabolism rate slows as we age, so unless we are really, really physically active, all the excess carbs will turn into fat. By now you must have started guessing how old I am, LOL.

Instead of having three big meals a day, I limit my daily intake to one big meal in the morning and then settle for fruits and vegetables for the rest of the day, usually 3-4 times.

My favourite type of vegetable dish to prepare is ‘pecel’ or assorted boiled vegetables (usually spinach, water spinach, bean sprouts, and long beans) with spicy peanut sauce. I love peanut sauce and the taste it gives to the vegetables.

I feel so fortunate living in Indonesia because we have plenty of vegetables to go with our daily meals. We can simply go to a small neighbourhood stall in the morning to buy a pack of vegetables with affordable price. And we can cook them in various ways, too. We can be creative with carrots, green beans, mustard greens (sawi), bok choy, cabbages, lettuces, tomatoes, and many more.

Don’t forget tempe and tofu, which are basically Indonesian staple food. They also have good amount of protein in them. Sometimes, I simply boil them and prepare separated dipping chili sauce.

For the snack, if I feel really hungry, I go with yam, sweet potato, edamame, or a bowl of fresh fruits as watermelon, pineapple, and papaya are pretty easy to find.

What about you, fellas? What are your favourite lunch menu and snacks in between meals? Share it on the comment section below.


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, 2 July 2020.


#EngTips: How to learn English quickly (5 Tips)

Hello fellas, Do you want to learn English quickly? Learning English fast can seem impossible. But today, we will discuss and tell you that it isn’t as long as you have the right strategy.

So, lets start to learn English quickly with the right strategy, here there are:

  • Read Everything about English

The first strategy is to read everything about English you can get your hands on. Classic literature, newspapers, websites, emails, your social media feed etc. These contents will be full of new vocabulary, grammars and idioms. This is good for you to enrich your vocabulary.

  • Talk with Real Live Humans

Fellas, language is for communicate, so the second strategy to learn English quickly is talk with real live humans. You have to seek out native speakers for an informal language exchange, so you will learning English appropriately. You also can enroll in a course or taking English classes online.

  • Subscribe to Youtube Channels (in English)

The next strategy is very recommended for you. This is so easy and fun to do. There is an English Youtube channel out there for you. You have to subscribe and listen while driving, watch during the commute to school or work, or anythime when you at home.

In the first time seeing them, you might find the native accents difficult, but after that you will soon start to understand it. Find a native speakers youtuber who came from your country too.

  • Go Abroad

Do you like travelling? You also can learn English quickly from your travelling activities. Make sure that the country do you want to visit is an English countries. Think about New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Canada and USA.

  • Don’t Kick Yourself while youre down

May be learning English is need a time for some people. When you start feel like nothing progress in your English, don’t say “ I don’t speak English”. Better say “I’m learning English and making improvements everyday”. Learning and practice doesn’t make youre down in English.

That’s all for today fellas, See you tomorrow!

Compiled by @2013happyy for @englishtipsforyou on Wednesday, 11 March 2020

#EngTalk: Generation Equality

Hi, hello, everyone! How are you doing today? Yesterday, we celebrated the International Women’s Day so this article will be related to it.

As we know it, the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘I Am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.’ So what do you think about the theme, fellas?

calendar conceptual data date
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For me, equality is about no discrimination towards someone regardless of whether the person is a male or female. The same opportunity, the same appreciation, and consequently, the same responsibility. I’d love to read your thoughts about it. I think I was fortunate to grow up in an environment that emphasises how women should be encouraged and supported to be the best version of themselves and I think everyone should have the same chance. Do you agree, fellas?

We have made progress, but there’s still so much to do to ensure that we could become the generation equality. I will start with promoting a safe environment for women to live in and to thrive, be it in a family, at school, or at the workplaces. The work that needs to be done is not necessarily exclusive to one type of sex or gender. We should always respect, support, and care about each other.


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 9 March 2020.


#EngTalk: Adverbs without -ly

Hi, fellas! Most of us know that an adverb is a part of speech which is usually (not always) formed by adding the suffix -ly to an adjective.

Usual –> usually
Regular –> regularly
Beautiful –> beautifully
Angry –> angrily
Actual –> actually
Bad –> badly
Kind –> kindly

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard
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In recent years, more people using adverbs without -ly.
“He spoke loud and clear.”

The sentence still makes sense, too, because we understand that ‘he’ who spoke did so in a loud and clear way.

Naturally, it became a hot topic; should we omit -ly from an adverb? What do you think, fellas?

@pepe_2604: Hello there. I’m an English teacher in Mexico. I’ve found lots of changes in the language, not only a foreign but mine as well, due to media content, among other factors. So, I think it’s not a big issue to avoid -ly in an adverb since we face different problems for spoken production, and if we manage to make our students confident about producing a spoken language, I see no big deal with it. It is not that I don’t care but I can deal with it in further lessons.


I personally am used to putting -ly on an adverb. However, languages were developed to help humans understand each other. As long as we could understand what the sentence means, especially on spoken interaction, I think it’s fine.

The case could be different on written materials, where using proper grammar will help us understand the context better. But that’s just my personal opinion. What do you think, fellas?


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, 6 February 2020.


#EngTips: How to Improve Vocabulary

woman in front of her computer
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It is not easy to learn a new language, fellas. Especially with the structure, grammar, and all the tenses. We could also find difficulties adding new words to our vocabulary. We have to know the meaning of the word, how to pronounce it correctly, and in what context it is used.

However, we can always try by learn and learn more. Here are some tips to help you improve your vocabulary:

Read and listen
It might sound simple, fellas, but it is about building a habit. The more we try to find new words by reading English texts, watching the news, or listening to podcast, the more familiar we are with them.

Keep a journal
Writing a word down in a journal could help us memorise it better. You can also use any notes on your mobile phone if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Dictionary and thesaurus are handy
If you are still unsure about the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus, you can simply think of a dictionary as a list of words in alphabetical order with their meanings and the pronunciation, while a thesaurus shows what words are synonymous or antonymous.
With technology nowadays, install a dictionary and a thesaurus app on your mobile phone to quickly help you when you find a new word.

Use the new words
Never be hesitant to practice by using the words in a written form or in a conversation. You can also ask your studying partner to correct you.

Group words that surround the same theme
Instead of listing the words one by one, try grouping them into the same theme. For example, if you love dining out, then collect words that are related to food and restaurant and cooking. So every time you learn a new word from this theme, it will be easier to remember.


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, 9 January 2020.


#EngTalk: How to Start a Conversation

Image by WordPress


Sometimes, we could feel nervous when we are about to start a conversation in English. The feeling of awkwardness of saying something in a foreign language, coupled with the concern about saying something wrong or grammatically incorrect, could be overwhelming.

However, the more you familiarise yourself with speaking in English, the more confident you could be. Therefore, always practice when you have a chance. You can start with everyday conversation with a friend or a colleague.

When passing a friend on a hallway at school or meeting somewhere else, we can say:
– How are you?
– Hey, what’s up?
– Hi, how is it going?

If it’s a colleague at work, a more formal interaction is expected. We can start with:
– How are you today?
– What have you been up to lately?
– How was your weekend? (if weekend has just passed) OR Have you got plans for the weekend? (if weekend is about to come).
– Have you heard of that news?

But what if we are in a situation when there is no one we are familiar with?
When you are in a party or a gathering, and there is no one there whom you know, you can always start a conversation and turn a stranger into an acquaintance.

Here are some sentences you could use to start a conversation with a stranger:
–  I don’t believe we have met. I’m Katie.
– What is it that you do for a living?
– Do you go to school near here?
– Do you live around here?
– This is such a great event. What do you think?

You can also start with complimenting a person’s appearance or performance. For example:
– I like your outfit. Where did you buy it?
– I couldn’t help but staring at your necklace. It’s beautiful.
– You gave an interesting speech. I’d like to know your thoughts about…

Making comments about someone’s physical appearance is fine if we are already good friends with him/her, but never point out what a stranger’s lacking as it is considered impolite. For example:
– You look uncomfortable in that clothes ×
– It seems like you have gained some weight ×


If you feel that you might require some helps getting into a conversation with strangers, bring a friend. After a while, you should be confident to do it on your own.


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 26 February 2018.


#EngTalk: Social media

Hi, Fellas, are you fond of social media?

In this occasion, I actually want to talk about the effect of social media. You can share your opinion, feeling or your own experience which is related to this topic.

What is your first social media account? When I was in junior high school, I had Friendster.

“my first social media is twitter, and i’m still using it until now.” –


“Friendster.” –

“Me too.. *High Five*” –

“Facebook.” –


Did you have an account on Friendster, too? What do you think about Friendster?

“I used to have when I was in high school.. it was my first sosmed account.” –

“My favourite social media!” –

“Fs : Wrote ‘a program code’ (but i’m not pretty sure it was a program code)to make our profile or testimony more attractive.” –

I’m not sure if we have the same opinion, but I think most user of Friendster are from Malaysia and Philippines. I still remember that there were many anime fans there, especially Naruto, and we used to exchange pictures and we have competitions to collect the best ones. I still communicate with some of my Friendster friends and we have a good relationship, one of them even went to the same university with my schoolmate and became friends.

Just like my reply to one of our followers, I started to get to know Facebook in senior high school and left Friendster. What do you think about Facebook? Do you like it more than Friendster?

“I got a lot of friends by facebook.” –

“Yes, and I still like it now! I use Facebook for almost 7 years.” –

Anyway, I made a real friendship with two of my Facebook friends because we accidentally attended the same university.

Building friendship is one of the benefits of using social media. In addition, we can also get and share information through social media. According to your own experience, what are other benefits of using social media?

“We know the new place to visit or holiday.” –

“Learning English.” –

“Keep in touch with people around me.” –

We realize that everything has two opposite sides. Besides giving benefits, social media also gives us some negative consequences. Most people are aware that since smartphone became popular in the late 2013, there were huge number of application started to birth. For instance, Instagram and Path are some of the most popular applications.

Lately, I found a statement about social media in my twitter timeline. It is said, “We have to be wise in dealing with social media because some posts would make us feel unsatisfied of our own life.”

We realize that there are many fancy posts, especially photos, in our social media timeline. For example, the photo of traveling, dinner/lunch (in a cool-looking café/restaurant), party, etc. Whether you are aware or not, it has become a current social competition.

“Yes. Everyone seems like to get more attention on socmed so they want to be recognized by other people that they are existing!” –

Some posts may also cause jealousy and insecurity to someone. Particularly, if they have many likes and comments. As an ordinary person, I did feel those feelings in the past. Similarly, my friend made a confession that she envied me because I posted a photo when I was traveling in Bali.

Have ever experienced anger/jealousy or other negative feelings while looking at your friend’s social media timeline?

“yup sometimes I feel jealous if my friends go traveling a lot..” –

“Never ever.” –

“yes. But indeed the purpose of social media is to show off something we have. So its reasonable.” –

“Not about my friends but yes when someone share something that’s goes against my beliefs (e.g post about animals violence)” –

“I don’t follow people mistakenly thinking social media purpose is to show off their possession. Follow the ones sharing beneficial ideas.” –

“Yess, everytime they spread their anger, blow up it and start mocking each others with sarcasm, it arouses my feeling to mute them,..but it’s not for so long, I used to unmute them back on the next day, just to protect my self from bad behavior.” –

What are some the negative effects of social media you can mention?

“Social Media is good for anyone who want to get information easily but the danger is no body seek if it’s really true or not.” –

“Makes us addicted?” –

Once I realized I experienced the negative effects, I started to control my activity in social media. It was hard at the beginning, but when you get used to it, you will feel that your burdens have been lightened. I even feel much happier because I don’t have to think about my unreal reputation and compete with other people’s life.

So, Fellas, I didn’t intend to ask you to follow me, but I hope my brief story would be inspiring.


Compiled and written by @mettaa_ for @EnglishTips4u on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

#EngTalk: Polite Small Talks

Some of us might prefer a deep, meaningful conversation over a small talk. However, upon meeting a new person, we are rarely in a situation where we could jump into a serious discussion. That is when need small talk.

If it is done correctly, small talk can be comfortable. The key is keeping the small talk casual, not bringing any discomfort, but is still good enough to connect two people. For example, we should go with topics that both persons like rather than dislike.

There are also several things to avoid when trying to connect to our interlocutor. We should avoid making fun of or commenting on our interlocutor’s physical appearance, as we cannot be sure if the interlocutor is comfortable to discuss about that.

Here is what we recommend to make our small talk more enjoyable but still courteous.

  1. Start with a friendly greeting and a smile.
    Smile is a universal language and it almost always earns us a positive feedback from our interlocutor.
  2. Use an approachable body language.
    We should keep our phone away for a while and look at the interlocutor. By doing so, we are giving signal to our interlocutor that we are paying attention.
  3. Avoid pointing out somebody’s lacking in something.
    Physical appearance, except for the good things, is rarely a pleasant topic. Try not to mention about somebody’s weight or age or mismatched clothes. Instead, compliment the person on something. Tell him that his hair looks great or his face is radiant.
  4. Find a common ground.
    Find a topic that both we and our interlocutor can relate to and that can possibly be extended to a longer conversation. For example, favourite sports, favourite TV shows, favourite teachers, etc. Who knows by the end of the conversation, we already recommend new TV shows to watch to each other?
  5. Tell something about ourselves, but not too much.
    We can start with something we like but we should also ask our interlocutor’s opinion. Remember, if the interlocutor feels like we never give him a chance to speak, he can easily get bored.
  6. Listen well.
    Not only will our interlocutor feel appreciated, listening well and paying attention can also help us find more common grounds, which means more topics to talk about.
  7. Mention about hanging out again.
    If you really enjoy talking to each other, express your interest to meet again. We can try saying, “We should talk more about this over coffee,” or something similar.
  8. Say goodbye nicely.
    Although small talk is often a pastime during a certain event, we should make our interlocutor feel important. Therefore, when we bid adieu, we should also express that we hope to hear from our interlocutor.

We can say:
“I’ll see you around.”
“I hope we can meet again soon.”
“It’s been a pleasure talking to you.”

All in all, our eloquence can always be improved by practicing more. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

So never get tired of practicing, fellas. Try making small talks with your friends and teacher every day in English.


Compiled and written by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 3 April 2017.


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#EngTalk: Your learning method

Today I want to open a small talk session about learning English. I used to hate English. Why? Because it’s complicated. It has too many grammars, difficult pronounce, and it stressed me out. But then I saw my friends who were expert in English. They looked really cool because they can communicate with foreigners. I want to be like them who are able to be friends with people from another country.

Since that day, I realized that I should not be enslaved by my negative thoughts towards English. If I want to be excellent like them, I should change the way I think about English. I should start to love it in order to enjoy learning English. And in my case, I also modified the way I studied.

You might have read our article in Kumparan about improving English vocabulary and reading skill ( I have a similar method to improve my English skill. Do you have your own method? How do you learn English?

I love reading and I started to read English books more often. It was hard for me at first because there were a lot of words which I have never seen before. It was troublesome because whenever I caught unfamiliar words, I would open my dictionary.

“I started reading news articles…” – @patibenitez7

“I use game on my phone to improve my English skill.” – @Ursula_Meta

“Exactly, I learn english by reading fanfiction, watching movies, dramas, interviews, variety shows, ryan higa’s vids.” – @iyegati

People always say that the beginning is always the hardest. The more I read, the more vocabularies I picked up and I started to open the dictionary less frequently. I also started to write my daily journal in English. It successfully ‘forced’ me to memorize the meaning of vocabularies and how to use them in sentences.

Lastly, I also varied my reading genre. I started to read news articles to get to know more scientific vocabularies. You can also read any genre according to you interest. Language is a habit. You also can’t understand it while you are under pressure . To improve, you have to study and implement what you picked up in your daily life activities.


Compiled and written by @mettaa_ for @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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#EngTalk: Twitter More Than 140 Characters

Good evening, everyone! How was your Monday?

Do you sometimes feel that your enjoyment of tweeting is restricted by the 140 character limit, fellas?

The 140-character limit was adopted from that of good ol’ Short Messaging Service (SMS). You might remember our first phones back in the days: we could type up to 160 characters before the message was split.

Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, told the LA Times back in 2009 that Twitter took 20 characters for usernames and the rest 140 for the tweet. Combined, it would make 160 characters, a normal SMS length. That’s where the Twitter we know came from.

sarah ‏@SarahKrtka
Ah i see
English Tips for You @EnglishTips4U
The 140-character limit was adopted from that of good ol’ Short Messaging Service (SMS).

True, and this is going to be our topic for today’s #EngTalk.
Robi Andriyani @razz_robi
@EnglishTips4U I do. But I’ve heard that Twitter’s character limit is going to be upgraded. is that so?

Rumour has it that Twitter has been considering improving the character limit. Some even said that it could lead to doing away with the constraint altogether. Some other said that it would be 10,000-character limit.

Changes are slowly happening in some forms such as usernames and media (pic, video, gif, etc.) attached to a tweet will no longer count as characters.

We can also quote and retweet our old Tweets. You can find out more here:

Now, do you think the changes already accommodate our needs to tweet longer sentences, fellas? Or do you think we need more? If you have any comments, ideas, or thoughts, mention us and use the tag #EngTalk.


Yusup Permana D ‏@permanadiku  19 Sep
No, I think 140 character is more than enough to say what I wanna say. If want more, just post on blog wkwk


sarah ‏@dramasranter  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U 10.000 is too much. Would there be someone who wants to read such a looooonnngg tweet? Heheh

marsbren–, ‏@melenguh  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U for me. Yassss!!! Hehehe.

Nada ‏@despasya  19 Sep
Wow- what-


Desi Purnamasari ‏@desikly  19 Sep
I don’t think that it’s a good idea.


coco ‏@mhdafff  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U i wud strongly agree for the attachment to not be counted as char but i personally think the limit shud just stay at 140.

sarah ‏@dramasranter  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U what we need the most: ‘edit’ button.

Ardiansyah ‏@arditaher  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U 140 characters are OK, but please don’t count any links/pics

Robi Andriyani ‏@razz_robi  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U the 140-character limit is supremely OK. Having more than 140 characters?? It’s so-called ‘blog’, not Twitter’ #EngTalk

Tami hidayatullah ‏@frankenSHIT_  19 Sep
10.000 character is too much, i think later twitter is weird with long advertising and spamming like facebook


For me, the 140 character limit is what makes Twitter as it is, but adding a hundred more wouldn’t hurt #EngTalk
Yusup Permana D @permanadiku
How abot you admin?


We are talking about Twitter being more than 140 characters, fellas. Tweet us what you think with the hashtag #EngTalk

coco ‏@mhdafff  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U I couldn’t bare myself up reading lengthy ‘essay’ whenever im on twitter srsly that wud be irritating #EngTalk

@SingleAstronaut  19 Sep
Yes, but I love it with only 140 characters, unlike Facebook.

Sentta S Ariesta  ‏@nthatia  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U not at all. I enjoy 140 characters, that’s the excitement of tweeting.

Razif Mahmud‏@mrazifmahmud
@EnglishTips4U 140 force me to be precise, short and sweet. But sometimes 140 just drive me crazy

fijar ‏@fijarhajianto  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U IMO, Twitter will be weird if characters more than 140 and twitter is not being twitter no more. Twitter is simple #EngTalk

Yusup Permana D ‏@permanadiku  19 Sep
We can show our feelings just for 3 words, 8 letter with 3 space, like “I Love You” no need more than 140 wkwk

Ryan Andisky Asrul ‏@RyanAndisky  19 Sep
@EnglishTips4U it’s not necessary to add the character limit.


From most of your comments, it seems like Twitter should stay with 140 characters, but surely there’s still a lot of rooms for improvement.

Thank you for joining today’s #EngTalk, fellas. It really means a lot to us *hugs*

Visit also  for other interesting English learning materials. Good night, fellas! Bye!!


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#EngTalk: What you did on Valentine’s day

How did you celebrate Valentine’s day this year? I did something a little unusual. As we had sunshine, I spent the day outside and then went home in the evening. I would like to hear how you celebrated your Valentine’s day.

 “I don’t celebrate, it’s not my tradition :)” – @mhdafff 

“In my religion, there’s no Valentine Day. :)” – iif latifah karsono ‏@iif_93 


– Hananta ‏@Hananta_s 

“If you are single watch a movie lol.” – @LucasLeiva87

In Indonesia, I think flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears are still the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. How about you? How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day?

“I would celebrate Valentine’s day if only shoes were the mandatory gift :)))” –  Kamalia Juzi ‏@kamaliajuzi 

“Though I have boyfriend, I didn’t celebrate it :)” –  Amelia Purwandini ‏@purwamel 

“Watched Kunto Aji’s live performance with another single people :)) ” – Nindya ‏@nindyak 

“Had dinner with lot of friends so we got the 20% discount  #thrifty” –  Md Ayu Dwi Octavanny ‏@okta_ 

Besides all stated above, surely, display of affection does not need to be shown only on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways to make every day a Valentine’s Day.

  1. Look at the person’s eyes when s/he talks and listen.
    • Seriously, put the smartphone down for a moment, and try not to interrupt until the person is finished. It’s a small life hack that can bring huge impact to the quality of our interaction.
  2. Compliments never go out of style.
    • Tell the person you’re with that s/he looks nice, the face looks radiant, the haircut is so fresh, the outfit is so trendy, and so on. You’ll never know how much it does to make somebody’s day!
  3. Holding hands while in public.
    • It simply shows how much we value the other person’s presence by our side.
  4. Hug or kiss.
    • Of course it would be perfect for someone closely related to you: mom, dad, siblings, bestfriends, or your boy/girlfriend.
  5. Offer helps.
    • It’s really helpful if mom comes home after a long day at work and finds the dishes are done or the house is clean or when dad is checking his car and finds the gas tank is filled. Little things count :)
  6. Make time.
    • Try calling an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, or better still, pay a visit!

“My mom is right next to me right now, I’m gonna kiss her.” – J ‏@iSwaggyBiebs  15 Feb

All right, fellas! May the spirit of Valentine’s day, no matter how we celebrate it, fill our days with compassion and respect. Thank you for joining reading!


Compiled and written by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, February 15, 2016

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#EngTalk: Marlowe VS Shakespeare

Good evening, Fellas! How was your weekend?

In this session, we’ll still talk about Marlowe and I will need your participation in tonight’s #EngTalk. For those who missed our discussion about Marlowe last week, you can read the article here.

As I said last week, there is an interesting theory about Marlowe’s death. The Marlovian theory states that Marlowe did not die on 30 May 1593. The death was faked to escape the charges from the kingdom. Since then, he continued writing under the name of William Shakespeare. In other words, Marlowe WAS Shakespeare!

Personally, I think this theory is enticing. What do you think, fellas? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Well, to be honest, I don’t really care about that Marlovian theory. Both Marlowe and Shakespeare gave a great contribution to English literature and that’s what’s important.

That’s all for tonight, fellas. Thank you :)

Compiled by @iismail21 for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 13 December, 2015.

#EngTalk: Turkish TV series



(Source: Wikipedia)

Are you familiar with these people?

“All I know that they are Turkish.. But sorry I dont like the drama.” – noe ‏@noedluffy

They are from Turkish TV series Binbir Gece or more commonly known in Indonesia as Shehrazat. I heard the series is pretty popular along with other titles such as Elif, Cinta di Musim Cherry, or Abad Kejayaan, and that is going to be our topic for today. Are you one of the audiences that enjoy watching Turkish TV Series? What is your favourite one? Or are you one of the people who do not pay much attention?

“Yeah I love Turkish drama, that was Kiraz Mevsimi (Cinta di Musim Cherry)” – Aning ‏@aningPA

“Because my little brother very like Elif. So I also watched it.” – らい ‏@rainandaindah

“Not my cup of tea.” – Anggie ‏@AwesomeChaser

“I dont like turkish dramas, it’s almost like indonesia sinetron. I like dorama more, many moral values I can find from it.” – catty chi ‏@cattychi

If I may put it, Indonesia has a huge, potential market. Back when I was at young age, I’d watch Mexican series or what commonly known as telenovela. I remember my working mom would ask me to give her a summary of telenovela episodes she missed. Do you watch telenovelas, too?

“THAT’S my cup of tea! Long before telenovela, Chinese/Hongkong drama series were a hit! #90kid remembers~” – Anggie ‏@AwesomeChaser

“When I was kid, I used to watch Amigos, Carita de Angel, Maria Bellene.” – Gita Nurul Azmi ‏@gitanrl

“When I was a little kid, Amigos and Carita de Angel are very popular telenovelas. Aah.. I miss that series :’)” – Aning ‏@aningPA

Time flew, and soon I found myself among those teenagers who were obsessed with Taiwanese (F4) and Korean series. Is there anyone who watched it, too?

“Me! Boys Over Flowers, F4 korea version.” – Nuramaliyah Chasanah ‏@nuramaliyahch

And then, there were Supernatural and Heroes and Gossip Girl which I couldn’t miss.

“Howaaa SPN is my favorite tv series! From season 1 till now season 11, winchester boys are awesome as hell.” – Hanif A. Rahmatika ‏@hanif_tika

“Don’t forget Friends.” – Jæy ‏@zaemazing

“And then I also watched NCIS, Agents of SHIELD, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy.” – Livia ‏@jliv_

Just recently, Indonesian TV channels were flooded by Indian series, e.g, Mahabharata, Hatim, Mahadewa, Jodha Akbar, etc.with so many titles and genres. Foreign TV series manage to find dedicated fans in Indonesia. Now, what do you think of our very own TV series?

“Our tv series are sucks.” – 요가 팔와구나‏@ypalwaguna

“Ours are unoriginal, and Ii cant even describe it. But looking forward to watch Halfworld on HBO Asia, directed by Joko Anwar.” – Jæy ‏@zaemazing

“Not a chance to watch them. Sorry. But they’re… Awful.” – Livia ‏@jliv_

“Sometimes I watch ‘Perempuan di Pinggir Jalan’ and it is worth to watch. Good plot and good actor :3” – Nindya ‏@nindyak

That’s all for today! Thank you for having joined this discussion! If you had only one choice, which one would you prefer? Turkish or Indonesian TV series?

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#EngTalk: Smartphone Etiquette

Has any of you ever wondered of how smartphone has changed our way of living?

“Even when you don’t have a call you hold your phone.” ~ @manalh016 

“Why we enjoy read chat conversation on the phone than books.”~ @pohpho

“Smartphone changes my habit to read a book to read online pages.” ~ @widieandriyani 

“We use phones when we want to make a call or check mail, facebook, twitter, but not for a log is important.” ~ @manalh016 

Rarely do we see people without smartphones these days. Even a 2-year old knows how to use it, at least to play games. Taking pictures, listening to the music, playing games, working, all can be done with one device. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Although smartphones have infiltrated almost all aspects of our lives, still, in my opinion, there are times when we should refrain using it. When do you think we should just keep the phone in our pockets?

“When spending our time with our family (parents, spouse and children)” ~ @nagisanoir

Indeed. Or if I may put it: when we are having actual interaction with people in real life.

Talking about interaction with people in real life, I once went to karaoke place with my friends. While we were singing our hearts out, there was a friend of mine who stayed in the corner and played with his phone all the time. He refused to sing or dance and he had us wondering what was so important in his phone. Perhaps you had similar experience?

Using smartphones while watching a concert (to take pictures or record videos) was also frowned upon. However, it becomes more and more common that nowadays, people don’t make much fuss about it.

“When we’re in the class obviously, just stop ignoring your teacher & put back your phone bcs it hurts so much to be ignored.” ~ ‏@thisisrisaf 

There are also times when you’re in a meeting and then a phone rings and the owner picks it up without any sense of guilt. Another bad timing to play with your phone is in a funeral. With the sadness, mourning, and solemnity, we can consider putting away our phones for a while.

At the end, we still need smartphones and we might still depend on it a lot, but it would be wiser not to put it as priority when there are people around us deserving more attention.

“Tks for this topic for today, I always talked to my friends about this problem.”. ~ @duyen0626

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#EngTalk: Spelling Noises? (2)

Anyone remember our session on Spelling Noises by David Crystal that has been discussed previously? ->

I have left you with the first half of the chapter last time, so let’s continue learning #EngTalk spelling noises :D

But…there are also those that

“the length of a vowel sound can even be shown by increasing the number of consonant letters”

Such as:

1. Aw (entreaty, sympathy, disapproval) it’s not aaaw instead it’s awww

2. Ow will be owwww

Then there are those which are emphasised in the vowels somehow, such as:

1. ah is aaaah

2. eek is eeeek not ekkkk

Ow which is similar to ouch, “Ow” has w while “ouch” has a u

language change like “pshaw” from 17th century, doesn’t exist anymore

New interjections include:

1. mwah – for air kissing

2. phwoar – enthusiastic affirmation

So, it seems there are many ways that spelling noises could exist – adding to the complicatedness of spelling, isn’t it?

Source: “Spell It Out” by David Crystal

Further #EngTalk: Penggunaan Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia

(Conversations along #EngTalk: English words as Bahasa Indonesia slang)

Denger-denger, Presiden ke-enam SBY suka menggunakan kata2 b. Inggris, ada yang tahu kata-kata apa saja yang beliau gunakan?

Dua trending topic Indonesia sekarang adalah #NovemberWish dan #JilbabInLove, kira-kira kenapa ya….

Kenapa bukan “Harapan November” daripada “November Wish”?

Kenapa judul sinetronnya Jilbab In Love? Apakah telalu sulit ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia?

@riskianaaa: biar dikira orang inggris dan gak dikira kampungan..” apakah segitunya kita pakai bahasa Inggris? :/

@EdhaArora13: ya lebih keren aja gitu., hehe” hmmmmm

@umamkha: mungkin semakin bisa mencampurkan 2 bahasa jadi 1 akan terlihat semakin pintar :))” hmmmmm

@christyaneggy: thank you” re: kata-kata bahasa Inggris SBY

@RoroInggar_: biar byk yg retweet mungkin (?)” hehehe re: trending topic

Kalau menurut admin, mungkin November Wish & Jilbab In Love contoh2 pemakaian bahasa Inggris dimana dianggap lebih cepat dicerna

@christyaneggy: kalo menururku sih udah kebiasaan orang indonesia min. bahasa Indonesia sendiri juga kan sebenernya bahsa melayu”

Eits, @christyaneggy, B. Melayu banyak bedanya lho sama B. Indonesia… banyak kata-kata B. Belanda juga

@driphani: teeeeetoooottt. How come lebih cepet dicerna? Sedangkan di indonesia itu sebagai foreign language not second language.”

Okay, mungkin tepatnya “cepat ditangkap”. Kalau menurut @driphani kenapa ada judul sinetron jadi Jilbab in Love / TT NovemberWish?

@driphani: mungkin krn bnyk produk yg kita gunakan sehari2 dalam kita pake hape juga kata2 e dalm jd sdh jadi kebiasaan”

@anggivish: karena singkat. Atau karena orang indonesia banyak terpapar film/buku/sosmed/9gag yg berbahasa inggris? Hehe”

Karena singkat maka cepat dicerna, dan memang B Inggris adalah foreign language di Indonesia @anggivish

“film/buku/sosmed/9gag yg berbahasa inggris” yang disebut @anggivish memang menjadi bagian dari kenapa B. Inggris bisa menjadi bagian dari kata-kata keseharian atau gaul di bahasa Indonesia juga

Maka dari itu admin pingin bahas kata-kata B. Inggris yang menjadi kata-kata gaul baru di B. Indonesia

@christyaneggy:kalo menurut buku yg aku pernah baca sih min.orang Indonesia pakai bahasa Melayu gaul yang sering dipakai di daerah pesisir jadi mungkin dari situ ada perbedaannya”

Atau apakah sebenarnya sekarang kita sudah tidak membeda-bedakan lagi?

@gita_LJ: hmm.. krn b.ingg penting dan ga akan bisa2 kl ga dilatih.. jd ngomong campur2 adlh satu cara utk melatih #Engtalk kita :D”

Hmmm interesting @gita_LJ,

@Vy_za: Tapi memakai 2 bahasa juga harus liat lawan bicara ya min :)” Iya itu pasti, yang ini dalam konteks berbahasa Indonesia


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on November 8, 2014

#EngTalk: English Words as Bahasa Indonesia Slang (2)

Fellas, bagi yang sudah membaca buku kami Chapter 2 tentang English Words as Bahasa Indonesia Slang atau pernah baca post ini … ..apakah menurut fellas ada yang lebih baru?

Indonesia memiliki beberapa slang dari B. Inggris, seperti yang dibahas di buku kami/bahasan sebelumnya (link di atas)

Berhubungan sesi ini dilaksanakan 2 tahun yang lalu, menurut fellas apakah ada slang/kata gaul yang lebih baru lagi?

*tidak terasa sudah 2 tahun yang lalu ternyata sesi ini :’)

So let’s start our #EngTalk shall we? Menurut fellas kata2 bahasa Inggris apa lagi yang menjadi slang/kata gaul bahasa Indonesia akhir2 ini?

Sebelumnya kita punya Happening, Artis, Selow, Woles, Pending, dsb apakah kata2 ini masih berlaku?


Istilah teknologi

@RoisulUmam: istilah teknologi biasanya sering dipakai, kak. contohnya install, gadget, klik, upload, download.”

@RoisulUmam: install = pasang, gadget = alat canggih (menurut KBBI), upload = unggah, download = unduh”


Lagu diterjemahkan?

@luhur_setiabudi: sakitnya tuh disini (hurt at here)” wow… judul lagu ini diterjemahkan juga?

@musokela: “the pain is here” Jadi beneran lagu ini suka diterjemah ke bahasa Indonesia ya? re: sakitnya tuh disini



@R_Dhewie75: “Bhaayy” min, dari kata “Bye” yg biasanya diucapkan ketika udh kesel sama orang :)”

@adyanurs: Iya jadi “yesss” bahkan jadi “yezzz” ex: “kangen bgt yessss”

@christyaneggy: parfum? perfume = parfum = minyak wangi semprot”

@adyanurs: “Recommend bgt nih film”. Recommend = sarankan/menyarankan. Maksudnya jd gimana ya min? Haha”

Kayaknya sih lebih meng-Indonesiakan kalimat bahasa Inggris seperti “I would recommend this film” @adyanurs <- “@AshenaPuteri: Gw sih makenya recommended”

@adyanurs: Ini kynya slang baru nih min, gue baru denger dn baru tau. “A6″ = Asix = Asik…” whaaaat? haha


Tetap Bahasa Inggris

@Vy_za: Sring mncampuradukkan bhsa Ina sma English min. For ex. ”bjumu fashionable bgt si”

@sintaokt: btw, anyway, then, good job, good luck, happy birthday dll. Sering bangeeeet.”

@MarieAnneliese: bahasa jualan min;) kaya sold out, available, restock dsb ;)”

@umamkha: ‘meet up yuk’ gitu hehehe :))”

@Rurisyrl: “at least” sering niih, ya gak sih?” Kalau contoh “at least” kayak apa ya? “At least gue uda dateng”, gitu? @Rurisyrl

@ridwanahsa: aku sih down to earth aja ~” penggunaannya seperti itu? <- “@DimasYanuar_: Kayanya lebih ke ngejelasin sifat orang yg rendah hati min” re: “Aku sih down to earth aja”

@DimasYanuar_: which is, congratulations, dinner, stalking, badmood, etc” Hmmm.. “which is”… interesting

@Rurisyrl: itu cowok ‘macho’ banget. Gitu misalnyaa”

@devittaputri: alat rumah tangga, toaster, rice cooker, magic jar, blender, juicer, mixer, hampir gak ada yg b.indo sekarang :p”

@Rurisyrl: gurunya ‘killer’ banget! Bahasanya Anak sekolahan nih~”

@Rurisyrl: ‘ranking’? Aku dapet ranking berapa yaa~ lol”

@devittaputri: event di mall, kaya midnight sale, garage sale, discount up to.., buy 1 get.., ini eyangku aja paham maksudnya. :)” Eyangmu gaul @devittaputri hehehe

@theotheolaDPM: Ini: Ada tugas disuruh buat ‘paper’, besok ‘deadline’ tugas.”

@amaeamae: Refill (tinta printer nya di refill dong)”

@eunlindalie: toned,shape. Kyak ” biar badannya toned n lebih shape”” wow banyak banget… <- “@eunlindalie: min.. Ak ngegym aj. Instrukturny tuh instruct kita pke inggris loh. Jarang pake b.indo

Klo yg isiny ibu2 bru pke b.indo” wow…. <- “@eunlindalie: Yg bru bljar pun diajrin untuk instruxt pke inggris. Kl pk b.indo mreka ngaku it susah. Dan mlah cnderung kacau.” hmmm… wow

@Rurisyrl: ‘invite’ pin bb ku ya~” #EngTalk

@Rurisyrl: ‘happy sweet seventeen’ ya~ yg ini agak gawls :D”

@theotheolaDPM: Jadi seorang CEO itu ga gampang, harus bisa ‘manage people‘ dan perusahaan.” interesting

Hmm, contoh-contoh penggunaan almost, attitude, honestly, envy, crush, better, cheat @reggyelvira seperti apa ya?

<- “@Rurisyrl: gila! Gue envy liat dia pulang bareng. Hmmm~ :D” hahahaa kocak

<- @reggyelvira: honestly gue suka sama dia. #honestly | ihhh envy deh, dia dapet gadget baru #envy itu min contohnya :)

@krungy2121: brave? , kita harus brave dong kalo mau bisa._.” interesting <- “@krungy2121: lol saya kebanyak nonton acara korea pake engsub jd bgt lah” wah ketahuan subtitle-nya tidak benar… -.-

@dhitaadut: Sorry gue typo mulu daritadi ”

@krungy2121: how abt, cut into pieces dulu baru bisa dimakan ?” hmmm that’s new for me haha

@firazier: happy born day? Biasanya aku ucapin buat temen yang lagi ultah._.” iya padahal harusnya birthday

@devittaputri: kemasan. sachet, pouch, box, refill, packs, dozen.”

@DimasYanuar_: “a little piece of cake” min ane sering pake.” maksudnya gimana ya? <- “@DimasYanuar_: dulu kata guru SMA itu slang artinya ‘kecil’ utk nggampangin sesuatu.

Contoh Q:lo bisa salto ngga?|A: a little piece of cake.” oh i see..

@theotheolaDPM: Nanti tolong ‘handle’ diskusi nya ya, ‘just in case’ saya datang terlambat.”

@Rurisyrl: satnight sama siapa yaaa~ x)”

@dewacko: “basically” min. selebritis di tv suka bilang itu.” wah siapa tuh? hehe

@Leonitanov: gakbisa main nih, schedule padet bgt.”

@adyanurs: “at least” atau “even“. Kdg suka aneh kl didenger dn diterjemahin ke bahasa kl gak pas sm objek yg dimaksud”

@devittaputri:satu lg min. Istilah waktu pilpres kmarin. “blunder” entah media cetak, tv nasional, smp rumpian di warung burjo jg”

Maksud “blunder” apa ya @devittaputri ? <- “@sar_sep: kesalahan fatal gitu bukan? Di sepakbola juga sering dipake tuh… @devittaputri” <- “@devittaputri: di oxford sih blunder :a stupid or careless mistake….Waktu pilpres kmrn sih di media “pernyataan hatta dianggap sbg blunder” <- “@elnasihein_: blunder dari istilah yg sering dipakai didunia sepakbola, melakukan kesalahan sendiri.”

@farhanbarona: gak gerak nih, gw stuck di tol.. Ntar kalo briefingnya udah mulai misscall gw ya” Stuck dan briefing, hmmm

@farhanbarona: hari ini kita merger grupnya, trus baru kita bahas chapter 8. Btw, form saya kasih udah diisi?” Merger itu apa ya? <- “@farhanbarona: penggabungan min, dosen (saya) sering pake kata ini..”

@nanangfauzi: sudah ya telfonnya, ini lagi urgent mau sampai rumah saudara.”

@dadansuk: di berita sidang UU PILKADA ada istilah “walkout” min.”

@farhanbarona: kalo udah selesai make up, stand by dibelakang stage ya.. 20 menit lagi kita perform.” hmmmmm <- @gandiamega: Nih min RT @vidialdiano: Besok pagi akan perform di acara Bank Mandiri Semarang! See you soon kawan2 Semarang & @VidiesJateng

@dadansuk: planning liburan kita mau ngapain snorkeling or hiking?” pemakaian snorkeling dari snorkling & hiking makin banyak ya.. <- “@dadansuk:iya min. Kalo ejaan yg bner gmna ya min, snorkeling,snorkelling,snorkling? Aku bingung.” Snorkelling/snorkeling ternyata dari kata snorkel, coba ketik: define: snorkle di Google <- @dadansuk: oh ternyata di UK pake snorkelling, snorkelled. di US snorkeling, snorkeled.

@DimasYanuar: “talk to my hand” juga tuh min sering dipake


Wah ternyata ada beberapa yang masih dipakai dan beberapa yang baru juga ya, fellas :)

@elnasihein_: lebih baiknya tetap menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, bahasa kalo tidak digunakan akan punah, semangat sumpah pemuda”

Apa yang dikatakan @elnasihein_ benar, di dalam era globalisasi kayak sekarang, kita tidak boleh lupa Semangat Sumpah pemuda juga :)

Seperti yang selalu admin sampaikan, kami di @EnglishTips4U bukan bermaksud menghilangkan bahasa Indonesia tetapi berbagi tentang bagaimana bahasa Inggris bisa digunakan atau telah digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Sesi seperti #EngTalk membuka peluang untuk fellas dan admin berinteraksi tentang ini. Bagi yang penasaran apa saja yang telah kita biacarakan sebelumnya tentang English Words as Bahasa Indonesia Slang Atau Indonesian English, bahkan English Indonesian,silahkan baca buku kami Things Your English Books Don’t Tell You ( …)

Atau visit  dan search keywords tersebut :) Terima kasih kepada semua fellas yang telah berkontribusi hari ini :D

Maaf tidak bisa di-retweet atau di-mention semuanya untuk #EngTalk kali ini

More info of our first ever book here … :)


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#EngTalk: King’s Cross Station

Hi fellas :) How was your Saturday been?

So I am in King’s Cross today, anyone know what this place is? :)

It’s in London, UK and a boy usually gets his train here to his magnificent school, do you know who he is?

@sandhykeyz: Train station. Platform 9 3/4 :D” yes! :D

@rzkika: Harry Potter :3″ Yes :)

@WildanKeribo: I guess it’s a very wonderful place in London.” It’s quite nice actually

As Harry Potter is such a phenomenon movie, do you think it inspired you?


@buh_berlaga: Potter is my favorite character”

“@ludvenny: of course!”

“@unrobotoc: yes, of course! I was growing up watching the series! I skipped class back then in high school just to watch the 6th movie!”

@FarasHasnaA: yess, i doo!!”

@fordcloud: No.”

@putriglorias: absolutely ! the books and the movies are both awesome :)”

So what has inspired you? Did it inspire you to learn English? #EngTalk

“@puputputreey: Destination: Hogwarts :D wohooo we r talking about harpot!”

@rmuttia: Yeaaah especially the-super-insane-yet-awesome-girl Luna Lovegood . Lovely”

@unrobotic: I love reading, but after I know Harry Potter, I love it more!”

@alinoet25: yes sure!! Potter!”

@NinaSandiah: yes,especially british accent from draco malfoy”


Let’s go back to the King’s Cross scenes in Harry Potter movies/books…

Can you try guess what these next phrases mean?

When Harry asked about the platform 9 3/4, the officer said, ” Nine and Three-Quarters? Think you’re being funny do ya?”

What is the officer saying?

@purmawel: Becanda,nih? Hehehe… :)))”

@SeptimusHanyeq: I guess he’s saying like ‘Are you kidding me?’ is that right?”

Yes the officer thought that Harry was kidding

@risyamaya: Yes, I learned friendship, bravery & cleverness from JK Rowling’s masterpiece. Oh, and also that sexy as hell British accent!”

@Inazz21: I like Prof. Snape’s love story ”

@buh_berlaga: I’m reading a chamber of secret now :)”

@Naruren: BIG YES ”

@heruka131: yes, the lil harry potter inspired me.”


If you have read Harry Potter in Bahasa Indonesia, do you remember what platform is written as?



Where is Platform 9 3/4 located? Anyone remember?

And what did Harry has to do in order to get to Platform 9 3/4?

@iechamay: the wall between platforms 9 and 10”

@GYUEYEZ: run straight to the platform wall :D”

@ttrzw: break through the wall, right?”

Not quite breaking it, more like go through the wall @ttrzw

@iechamay: walk straight at the wall between platforms 9 n 10”


Do you remember what Harry and Ron has to take to go to Hogwarts in Chamber of Secrets?

@purmawel: Ron’s car, ford anglia”

@iechamay: a car, and it can fly”


Do you remember what it almost hit when they drove the flying car?

No one remembers in the beginning of their flying car journey that they almost hit this clock?


@tiyantiyanti: here we go :) ” the tourist destination for 9 3/4 used to look like this one shared


Now it looks like this, and has a long queue…


You can pretend that you are going to Hogwarts :D

The real platform 9 and 10 are behind these ticket barriers


So there you go! I hope Harry Potter continues to inspire you learning English, you have done well for this #EngTalk :)

@nae_neng: the thing that ‘forced’ me the most to learn English was ‘globalization’. ;) How I can live without language!”

@aditapuasandy: King’s Cross station, only wizard know how to get into this platform. even spidey couldn’t make it”


@renggasanti: lagi ngobrolin novel favorit–>Harry Potter”

See you in King’s Cross :D



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