About us

@EnglishTips4U (read: English tips for you) – oftentimes called ‘etifoyu’ – is Indonesia’s first and only Twiter-based English learning portal. Founded on January 2, 2011, we started our activity by giving online lectures (‘kuliah Twitter’ or ‘kultwit’) on English that in the first few months were presented by our founder, Neno.

With our motto “We help you learn English better, faster, and for free!”, our purpose is to help “fellas” (friends or followers of  @EnglishTips4U) learn English in a way that is easier, more effective, and faster. You can read our timeline here @EnglishTips4U: who we are. We can be reached at info@englishtips4u.com.


NenoRetno Sofyaniek [@NenoNeno]

Hi, I’m Neno from Denpasar. I started @EnglishTips4U on January 2, 2011 on my own, and as the account grew bigger, I brought some friends, old and new, to run it together. I am currently running my own business in education sector in this hometown of mine while at the same time spending my time learning, reading books, sharing knowledge, and playing with my three intelligent canines. You can read more about me on LinkedIn (please click).


Waitatiri [@waitatiri]Wai

Hello hey hi! Call me Wai (as in ‘why’) or Waita. I’m a Tom and Jerry enthusiast who is currently taking a degree in German Literature at University of Indonesia. I really want to be able to communicate in as many languages as possible. But still, English is my passion. Which is why being a part of @EnglishTips4U is one of the  best things that ever happened to me. You can read more about me here about.me/hellogaskat.


WisnuWisnu Agung Pradana [@wisznu]

Hi people!

I am Wisnu, a bachelor of education from Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. I teach Indonesian for foreigners and English for university students at the language institute of my alma mater. I am a universe enthusiast. I love to question something, find out the answer, and share it. I fancy history, language, people, and architecture. I am grateful to admin @EnglishTips4U to share my findings about English. See you around!

Alice Saraswati [@alicesaraswatiAlice

Hi, everyone! I’m Alice. Passion for languages has led me to working in a travel agency based in Bali, where I interact in both English and French. Aside of the two, I also dream of pursuing a degree in Balinese language major. Knowledge for me is like wealth that only gets bigger when shared. When I’m not admining for @EnglishTips4U, I spend my time reading, lurking in social media, spacing out, and drafting for my personal blog at theladyinvain.blogspot.com.

DindaAniendita Rahmawati [@AnienditaR]

Hi, fellas! I’m Dinda. I’m currently taking my undergraduate program at University of Indonesia majoring in Law. I have found English interesting since I was in elementary school. Movies and music helped me getting more familiar with English. It is an honor for me to be a part of @EnglishTips4U that I’ve followed since quite a long time. I hope we can learn more about English together.

Bintang Ilham Avicena [@bintilvice]Bintang

Howdy, fellas! I’m Bintang from Yogyakarta. I’m currently studying Psychology in college and dabbling in music, writing, making DIY arts, and doing a little this and that. I’m a big DC fan, the comics, not the shoes. I’ve been in love with English since forever and @EnglishTips4U has given me a chance to share the love, I’m grateful for that. You could see the way I think on Twitter or Tumblr bintangilham.tumblr.com. See ya.

Imam Ismail [@iismail21]

Hello! My name is Imam Ismail. I took English Major at Universitas Padjadjaran and now work as a translator at an advertising agency. I have been familiar with English since I was a kid. Being an admin for @EnglishTips4U simply completes my passion in English because I now have a chance to share my knowledge with you all, fellas.


Farid Mardhiyanto [@FaridArdian]Farid

Hey y’all, Farid here. A guy who enjoys taking people to walk around his hometown, Jakarta. A tour guide who’s passionate about the story of his city, history, broadcasting and of course English. My passion towards English started when I was in Junior high school and I had a really fun and loving English teacher. She encouraged me to learn English. I wish I could be that figure to, at least, someone else.

MenurAnisa Menur Maulani [@animenur]

Hello! My name is Menur, a Jakarta-based freelance writer and media practitioner. The art of language has always been my greatest passion, but I always have room for other awesome things like MARVEL superheroes, alternative music, and cats. Follow me on Twitter (@animenur) or come and have a look at my works at anisamenur.wordpress.com.

Ika Margaretha [@Miss_Qiak]Ika

Howdy, fellas! I am Ika from Jakarta. I’m a freelance translator and transcriptionist. I’ve always loved English since I was little. I found myself learning more technical aspects of English than when I was in tuitions ever since I joined @EnglishTips4U. Who would have guessed being nosy and answering questions posted to @EnglishTips4U could get me a spot in the panel of admins? Believe me, there’s never a dull day ever since!

Febry Arthamarlisa [@fabfebby]Febby

Hey ya, fellas! I’m Febby. Civil Engineering was my major in Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. I was officially graduated from the university in November 2012. I’m addicted to music and for me, movie is also something that is hard to resist. I found my fondness in English when I was in elementary school. @EnglishTips4U is an account that I follow to improve my English, but never crossed my mind to be an admin of this account. It’s such an honor for me to be a part of it. Besides on Twitter, you can find me on fabfebby.tumblr.com too.

Adi Triasmara [@aditriasmara]Dimas

Hi, everyone! I’m Dimas from Cilacap, Central Java. A graduate from the English Language Education, Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta, who currently teaches English in a junior high school in Tangerang. I am passionate in sports, music, movies, reading, writing, and teaching. In addition, I like to share my knowledge about English with others. All in all, I hope we can learn English together here in @EnglishTips4U. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Savitri Sastrawan [@daedonghae]Vitri

Hello, fellas. I am Vitri, a Balinese nomad, an arts and language freelancer currently studying in London. My mother has taught me English since I was a little girl due to being a nomad daughter. One day I was at its origin and it taught me a billion more. Now English has become a language that always interests me and I’m trying my best sharing it with all of you at @EnglishTips4U. More about  @daedonghae? Feel free to click about.me/savitri.sastrawan.

PattyPatricia Wulandari [@Patipatigulipat]

Hi there! I’m Patty, a truly sweet tooth from Jakarta (I hope someday I’ll move out of this city) who works as a translator and loves to write and read. I love art and animals (especially mammals and birds). It is an honor to be a part of @EnglishTips4U family as I’ve got a chance to know many great friends. You can read more about me at flavors.me/patipatigulipat.

Firdaus Andrianto [@me_firdauz]Firdaus

I’m currently a Master of Applied Linguistics candidate at Brawijaya University and a part-time lecturer. I also run my own business in private language course. I’m very passionate about teaching since I can share a lot of knowledge to others. To me, teaching is as well another way of learning; learning to understand people and learning how to make people understand. Apart from that, I’m a standup comedy enthusiast. Sometimes I can be hilariously serious or seriously hilarious *lol*. Have fun, everyone!

IisIis Sumarni [@iisumarni]

Hello, everyone! My name is Iis. I’m an English Literature graduate from Universitas Negeri Jakarta. I live in Jakarta. I love films, music and food. Ah, and I love meeting new people. To be a part of @EnglishTips4U family is such an honor for me. Psst, I used to hate English, but I love it now even more! You can find me on Twitter @iisumarni or here iisumarni.wordpress.com.

Chatrine Kristyanto [@ChatrineYK]Chatrine

Hello, there! My name is Chatrine. I’m from Semarang and currently working in Bali. My interest is to enjoy the beauty of nature through traveling and my favorite place is the beach. My experience as one of @EnglishTips4U‘s contributors was such an honor for me. Through @EnglishTips4U, I got a lot of friends who have the same passion in learning English. My favorite session is #EngQA because we can have interactive discussion here. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in your learning process, because from those mistakes we have many opportunities to improve our skills. Good luck, fellas!


FatimaFatima Azzahro [@fatimazza]

Hi, I am @fatimazza from Yogyakarta. I’m currently majoring Informatics Engineering Education in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. I’m interested in music, design, photography, and programming. Playing music and traveling anywhere are my inspirations. It’s glad to be a designer of @EnglishTips4U‘s logo. Wanna know me more? Please visit about.me/fatimaazzahro.

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