#IOTW: Idioms that are related to birds

Hi Fellas! How’s your long weekend? Did you experience something great?

In this evening I want to share some idioms that are related to bird. You might be familiar with some of them.

1. A home bird. Meaning: somebody who love to spend the time at home.
Example: “She won;t go anywhere durin gthe weekend. She’s a home bird.”

2. Bird’s eye view. Meaning: a broad perspective.
Example: “You should see this problem with bird’s eye view.”

3. Fox in the henhouse. Meaning: a trouble maker.
Example: “Randy is such a fox in the henhouse sometimes.”

4. Flew the coop. Meaning: escape.
Example: “The thief had flew the coop.”

5. Sick as parrot. Meaning: very dissapointed.
Example: “He was sick as parrot because he didn’t win the competition.”

6. Eagle eyed. Meaning: having a sharp vision.
Example: “He knows the mistakes in the articles, even the smallest ones. He’s eagle eyed an editor.”

7. A little bird told me. Meaning: someone doesn’t wish to expose the informan.
Example: “A little bird told me that you are going to be promoted.”

Compiled and written by @mettaa_ for @EnglishTips4u on Friday, October 30, 2020

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