If you haven’t updated your Twitter app yet, Twitter has temporarily replaced its retweet function by quote tweet.

This is one of the efforts to curb false information, especially with everything going in the world right now. This does not mean that we cannot retweet at all; we can still give a retweet by leaving the quote part blank. However, I feel a little sad seeing such an iconic feature being changed or replaced; Twitter is almost synonymous with retweet.

Today, let’s practice our English by discussing this. What do you think of this new feature, fellas? Do you think it’s more convenient? Do you think it’s a sufficient tool for Twitter to decrease spam and false information? Share your thoughts!

Personally, I would prefer an edit button. It’s so annoying when one of our tweets goes viral with a typo. However, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey said in an interview HERE that as Twitter started as something similar to SMS, Twitter wants to retain the feeling of not taking back what we have said.

I would also appreciate the policing against bot, spam, and something that is proven to be inaccurate, for example, conspiracy theories or false news. But lately there have been many things done in this regard.

State-owned media, for example, are now marked as such. Pictures and videos are also curated to determine whether they might have been doctored. We even get pop-up notification before retweeting news article whose title does not represent the whole article.

So, at least we are getting there. But I’m still curious to read your thoughts on Twitter’s retweet. Drop it on the comment section below.

Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, 22 October 2020.


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