#EngVocab: Other Ways to Say ‘Tired’

Today we will learn about other ways to say ‘tired.’
Do you know some substitutes of ‘tired?

Let’s start.

  1. Debilitated.
    Meaning: in a severely weakened state.
    “This treatment will debilitate her for several weeks.”
  2. Enervated.
    Meaning: feel drained of energy or vitality.
    “Getting locked in the small room for a long time enervated her to the point of collapsing.”
  3. Bushed.
    Meaning: extremely tired, exhausted.
    “That project completely bushed him.”
  4. Knackered
    Meaning: to be thoroughly exhausted or worn out.
    “I was knackered at the end of the competition.”

Compiled and written by @sherlydarmali for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

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