#ENgvocab: Sick, ill, pain, Aiche, hurt and injury

Hello fellas, How was your day?

Let’s imagine, if you are a Doctor, what would you ask for your patience when they coming to check up?

Yes, you can ask: “What do you have”? or “What’s wrong”?

According to that situation, Today we will discuss #EngVocab Sick, Ill, Pain, Ache, Hurt and Injury in the sentences. Let’s get started!

  1. Sick and ill are adjectival. These words are similar in meaning.


I feel ill.

I feel sick.

We also can use Sick in this sentence:

E.g: ” I’m so sick of this song. Can you turn it off“?

2. Pain and Ache are nouns.


I have pain in my arm“.

My whole body feels painful“.

We only use Ache, when the words are connected.


I have a headache and a stomach ache and a backache“.

3. Hurt is a verb. It is used to show your sick feeling

E.g: ” Aw, that hurts! Don’t touch me there“.

4. The injury usually uses when you got pain and that give effect for your life.


I am Injured

She survived the accident without injury“.

Fellas, now you can use these words in the right sentences and situation. Thank you for attention, See you tomorrow!

Compiled by @2013happyy for @englishtipsforyou on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

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