#IOTW : Idioms starting with “By”

Hello fellas, how are you today? Today, we will discuss idioms that start with “by”.

1. By heart mean: from memory

E.g: “You know their names by heart”.

2. By hand mean: not by machine

E.g: “All these fancy soap are made by hand”.

3. By chance mean: without planning

: “Suddenly, I meet Rebecca on the street by chance”.

4. By mistake Mean: not on

E.g: ” Sorry, I call you by mistake”.

5. By the book

mean: follows the rules E.g:” If you want to succeed, you have to work by the book”.

6. By and large mean: On the whole in general

: ” The weather today are sunny and rainy by and large”.

7. By leaps and bounds mean: tremendously a lot

E.g: “If somebody want to improve, must be by leaps and bounds”.

8. By word of mouth mean: through people talking each other.

E.g:” I know that it is delicious ice cream by word of mouth”.

That’s all for today fellas, see you tomorrow!!

Compiled and Written by @2013happyy for @englishtipsforyou, Wednesday, November, 20 2019

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