#EngVocab: Other Ways to Say ‘Whisper’

Today we will learn about other ways to say ‘whisper’.
Do you know other words to say it?

Let’s start.

  • Murmur.

Meaning: say something in a low, soft, or indistinct voice.
E.g. “He took the mug of coffee with a murmur of thanks.”

  • Mutter.

Meaning: speak quietly and in a low voice that is not easy to hear, often when you are worried or complaining about something.
E.g. “The woman next in line began to mutter of discontent to herself.”

  • Mumble.

Meaning: say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.
E.g. “I wish you wouldn’t mumble. I can’t hear you clearly.”

Compiled and written by @sherlydarmali for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

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