#IOTW Idioms Related to Money

Hi, Fellas! Good evening and happy Thursday! How’s your week so far?
This evening I am going to share idioms related to money.

Break the bank
Meaning :An idiom that can mean to use up all of one’s money is break the bank. This idiom can also mean to win all the money at a gambling table.:E.g. “ I know the Mobile Phone is expensive but it’s not going to break the bank.”

Dime a dozen
Meaning :something is easy to get or common
E.g. “I told him not be angry since guys like him are a dime a dozen.”

Bring home to the bacon
Meaning :Bring home the bacon is an idiom that stands for earning a salary. This idiom specifically suggests that the salary would be used to support a family.
E.g. “I work on weekends and Public holidays to bring home the bacon..”

Foot the bill
Meaning :Foot the bill is an idiom that means to pay for the fees.
E.g. “I will help my brother foot the bill of her college education.”

Get a run for one ‘s money
Meaning: The idiom get a run for one’s money denotes receiving a challenge. This idiom can also mean getting what one rightfully deserves.
E.g. “ The company is getting a run for its money from the small-sized yet innovative competitor.”

Worth its weight in gold
Meaning: Means that something is very valuable
E.g. “ They are an asset to the company and is certainly worth his weight in gold.”

Bread and butter
Meaning: The idiom bread and butter refers to one’s source of income. A person makes bread and butter with his or her jobs, businesses or other sources of earnings.
E.g. “ Writing is her bread and butter. Chika feeds and sends her kid to school with her earnings from writing online..”

It’s a wrap for now. Thank you for joining me. I hope it has been useful for you and…. Have a nice weekend, Fellas!

Compiled and written by @ijoojii for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, February 14, 2019.



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