#WOTD: Foray

Hi, Fellas! How are you doing? In this evening we are going to have word of the day session. Anyway, have you heard about ‘foray’?

‘Foray’ originally comes from Middle English ‘forrayen,’ which means ‘forager.’

We can use ‘foray’ either as a noun or a verb in a sentence. If you regard it as a noun, ‘foray’ means a sudden invasion/attack. On the other hand, it also means an attempt to try a new activity. In addition, ‘foray’ always refers a new territory/scope or a new occupation. 

There are some synonyms of ‘foray,’ such as ‘irruption,’ ‘invasion,’ and ‘raid.’

Lastly, here are some example of sentences with ‘foray,’

  • “I heard that last night the police forayed that abandoned building. So, it’s true that there had been a suspicious activity there.”
  • “The author forayed into romance.”

Compiled and written by @mettaa_ for @EnglishTips4u on Friday, February 1, 2019

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