Hey ho, fellas! How’s your day?
how do you learn your English so far?
Today, I would like to direct your attention to some English idioms that can be used to express feelings and emotions

  •  No hard feelings
    Meaning : It might be used after an argument to express the thought or hope that no one  will continue to be angry afterwards. “without offence or anger.”
    Example :
    “Hey man ! no hard feelings, man! That’s the way of life.”
  • Mixed feelings
    Meaning :describe a state where you have more than one feeling – you are happy, but at the same time sad, anxious.
    Example :
    “I was excited about my new school, but sad to be leaving all my friends.”
  • Chilled out
    Meaning :expression simply means the same as ‘relaxed’
    Example :
    “I feel really chilled out after my Fitness class.”
  •  Fed up
    Meaning :you feel really frustrated about something and no longer want to deal with it.
    Example  :                                                                                                                                                      “We have had a terrible day at school and we are feeling completely fed up!.”
  •  Be as hard as nails
    Meaning :describe a person who is insensitive and has no compassion or empathy for others.
    Example :
    “Bella will be great in this new business because she is as hard as nails.”

It’s a wrap for now. Thank you for joining me. I hope it has been useful for you and…. Have a nice weekend, Fellas!

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