#EngClass: Adverbs of Manner

Today we will learn about adverbs of manner.

Adverb of manner describes the way something happens.
Here’s a list of adverbs of manner:

  1. Well: in a good or satisfactory way.

E.g. “She responds well to the treatment.”
2. Awkwardly: in a worried or embarrased way.

E.g. “He awkwardly said he’s sorry.”
3. Carelessly: without care or concern; inattentively.

E.g. “She was fined for driving carelessly.”
4. Hard: with a great deal of effort.

E.g. “He’s been working hard all day.”
5. Deliberately: in a careful and unhurried way.

E.g. “She deliberately dressed down for the party.”

P.s.: Dress down = to dress informally. Dress up = to dress in smart or formal clothes. 
6. Late: not on time; after the expected time.

E.g. “She practically always late for school.”
7. Eagerly: emphasize a strong desire to do something.

E.g. “The sequel of that novel is eagerly anticipate by many readers.”
8. Fast: at high speed.

E.g. “That car was going fast.”
9. Fondly: with love.

E.g. “She looks fondly at the plants.”
10. Inquisitively: with curiousity.

E.g. “She wrinkled her brow inquisitively.”

Compiled and written by @sherlydarmali for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

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