#EngVocab: Substitutes of ‘Laugh’

Today we will learn about the substitutes for ‘laugh.’ Do you know what word  we can use to replace ‘laugh?’
Let’s start!

  1. Snicker: smothered/half-suppressed laugh.

E.g. “Can you guess which part of this post made me snicker a bit?”
2. Giggle: laugh lightly in a nervous/silly manner.

E.g. “She was unable to suppress a giggle.”
3. Chuckle: laugh quietly.

E.g. “He gave a chuckle in response to her question.”
4. Chortle: laugh in breathy, gleeful way.

E.g. “Father used to chortle over such funny jokes.”
5. Guffaw: a loud and boisterous laugh.

E.g. “James guffawed with delight when he heard the news.”
6. Cackle: laugh in a harsh/sharp manner.

E.g. “Cut the cackle, John! You have to talk more seriously.”
7. Howl: laugh heartily.

E.g. “She began to howl when he walked out of the door.”
8. Titter: a short, half-suppressed laugh.

E.g. “His comments raised a titter.”
9. Hee-haw: a loud rude laugh.

E.g. “Doesn’t that deserve a little hee-haw?”
10. Bellow (of laughter): a very loud laugh.

E.g. “He gave a sudden bellow of laughter.”



Compiled and written by @sherlydarmali for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, July 23, 2017.

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