#EngTrivia: ‘hence’ & ‘thus’

Hey, fellas! It’s good to see you again. How are you today?

Today’s session discusses the use of ‘hence’ and ‘thus.’ Both ‘hence’ and ‘thus’ are conjunctive adverbs. In bahasa Indonesia, ‘hence’ means ‘oleh sebab itu,’ while ‘thus’ means ‘dengan demikian.


‘Hence’ and ‘thus’ have the same basic meaning. However, there is a slight difference among them. Let’s take a look at each definition and how it used in the sentence.


Hence (adv) means:

  • as a consequence, for this reason.
  • in the future (used after period of time).
  • from here.


‘Hence’ usually refers to the future.

  • E.g.: “The situation is getting complicated. Hence, we will have to proceed with caution.”


Thus (adv) means:

  • in this or that manner.
  • to this degree or extent.
  • because of this or that.
  • as an example.


‘Thus’ refers to the past and is often used to indicate a conclusion.


‘Thus’ is often used after a period (.).

  • E.g.: “She didn’t listen to the news. Thus, she was unaware of the storm.” #EngTrivia


‘Thus’ is often used after a semicolon (;).

  • E.g.: “He was starving; thus, he was desperate enough to scavenge for crumbs.” #EngTrivia



Compiled and written by @anhtiss at @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, June 3, 2017.





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