#ENGVOCAB: ‘Refuse’ vs ‘Deny’

The words ‘refuse’ and ‘deny’ are often confusing, so learners often have problem to distinguish them.


Refuse (verb). Meaning: to not do something.

  • Example:
    • The child refused to take the medicine.
    • She’s a vegetarian and refuses to eat any meat and fish.


Refuse (verb). Meaning: to not accept something.

  • Example:
    • I offered him a snack but he politely refused
    • They invited me to party but I refused


Deny (verb). Meaning: to say something is not true.

  • Example:
    • Emma Stone has consistently denied the dating rumours.
    • There is a group of people who denies climate change.


Deny (verb). Meaning: to not admit our knowledge, responsibility, feelings, etc.

  • Example:
    • She denied that she had acted irresponsibly.
    • He has denied his family.


In bahasa Indonesia, ‘refuse’ means ‘menolak’ while ‘deny’ means ‘menyangkal.’


Compiled and written by @anhtiss at @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, April 5, 2017


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