#EngTrivia: Conglangs

If you are a fan of fiction work like Tolkien’s, you may recognise some words that do not exist in any dictionaries.
He invented a new language or conlang to enhance the alternative world he has created in his work to make the alternative world seems real.
Conlang is short for constructed language, which is an artificial language or a language that has been constructed, invented for a book, film, or TV series.
Some of those new words are only used in the realms of fantasy, only some are added to dictionary.
In Harry potter novels, ‘muggle’ is a very familiar term which is used to describe a person who does not have magical ability or to indicate an ordinary person.
Britons use ‘muggle’ to talk about people who lack a particular skill. E.g. She’s a muggle when it comes to gaming.”
According to Oxford Dictionary, a peter pan means a person who retains youthful features or childlike characteristics. E.g Michael Jackson was described as a peter pan of pop.
There are many other types of conlangs, from Elvish to Dothraki. Esperanto is one specific type of conglang created by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof in 1887.


Compiled and written by @kusumawicitra for @Englishtips4U on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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