#EngVocab: Words ending with -age

Hello hey ho! How are you doing today, fellas?

Have you ever heard or read words such as those listed in this image? What do you think they have in common?


Bingo! All of them end with -age. The affix -age shows that they are nouns. So, yes… the words in the previous image are all nouns. These too.


Let’s learn more about some of them.

  1. Voyage.photogrid_1483498249754
  2. Wreckage.photogrid_1483498325854
  3. Courage.photogrid_1483498306678
  4. Marriage.photogrid_1483498287686
  5. Storage.photogrid_1483498382324
  6. Damage.photogrid_1483498364890
  7. Village.photogrid_1483498350655
  8. Homage.photogrid_1483498406962
  9. Mortgage.photogrid_1483498394554
  10. Image.photogrid_1483498422720

Alright, fellas! There goes 10 selected words which ended with -age. I hope the explanations were clear enough.

Compiled and written by @miss_qiak for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

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