#WOTD: Clean, Clear

Hello, fellas! How is it going?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been using ‘clean’ and ‘clear’ correctly, fellas? Now, it has nothing to do with facial product with the same name.

Clean, Clear.JPG


Talking about those two words will bring us to a wide and broad explanation. I would summarize it in today’s #WOTD.

As an adjective, ‘clean’ means free from dirt, marks, or stains; morally uncontaminated, pure, innocent; free from unwanted substances. #WOTD

On the other hand, ‘clear’ means obvious, visible, or easily understood. #WOTD

Saying somebody’s face is clean means the face is spotless (no acne, no blemish, etc.). Saying it clear means the face is visible. #WOTD

More examples, fellas.

  1. I really love this town. The air is so clean. (The air is unpolluted in that town). #WOTD
  2. He keeps his place very clean. (His place is neat and spotless). #WOTD
  3. Am I making myself clear? (Am I understood/do you understand what I mean?) #WOTD
  4. It’s not clear yet who will be the head of the committee. (The head of the committee is not known/obvious yet). #WOTD

If the words function as verbs, ‘to clean an object’ is to remove anything that makes the object dirty. #WOTD

‘To clear an object’ means to remove anything that hinders it from being obvious or visible. #WOTD

E.g.: Clean the table (Wipe off the dirt from the table). Clear the table (remove any objects on the table to create more space). #WOTD

‘To cleanse’ means to clean up something by/as if by washing. #WOTD

jeng_rini   @rinielias

I have! And also the word “cleanse”. Mind to explain the difference, please.


E.g.: This purification ceremony is held to cleanse our spiritual being. Don’t forget to cleanse your face before bed. #WOTD

That’s what I can share for today! Hope the explanation is clear enough.

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Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 24 October, 2016.

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