#EngVocab: Phrasal verbs with ‘live’

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Tonight, we are going to discuss some phrasal verbs with the word ‘live’ #EngVocab

Phrasal Verbs Live.JPG


  1. We’ll start with ‘live by’, meaning to reside near something or to survive by using or doing something in particular.
    g.: I live by the sea. Manners maketh men, those are the words I live by. #EngVocab
  2. ‘Live down’ has a meaning to overcome shame or embarrassment caused by something.
    I don’t think I’ll ever live down the ignorant remarks I made this morning. #EngVocab
  3. ‘Live for’ means to have something or someone as the most important in one’s life.
    g.: I live for the moments where I can see my parents smile. #EngVocab
  4. ‘Live in’ has the meaning of to reside where one studies or works.
    g.: The office building has 10 spare rooms for those who want to live in, only half of them occupied. #EngVocab
  5. ‘Live it up’, meaning to have an exciting and enjoyable time.
    g. He lives it up by going out and partying every weekend.
  6. ‘Live off’ means to use someone or something to provide resources that one needs to survive.
    g.: He should not live off his family inheritance and learn to make it on his own. #EngVocab
  7. ‘Live on’ has similar meaning to ‘live off’, only in ‘live on’, we have just enough to provide what we need.
    g.: I lived on less than $200 a week when I got my first job. #EngVocab
  8. ‘Live out’ is the opposite of ‘live in’. It means not to reside where we go to work or study.
    g.: We have a lady helping us with the kitchen, but she lives out. #EngVocab
  9. Next, we have ‘live through’, which means to experience a difficult situation or event.
    g. My granddad lived through WWII. #EngVocab
  10. ‘Live together’ means an unmarried couple sharing a residence.
    g.: They lived together for a couple of years before getting married. #EngVocab
  11. ‘Live up to’ has the meaning of to be as good as something.
    g.: That football player lives up to his title as top scorer. #EngVocab
  12. The last one is ‘live with’. It has the same meaning as ‘live together’. #EngVocab


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Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 7 November, 2016.

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