#EngGame: So Punny

What appears on Goku’s head when he died and waves upon meeting you?

Halo, Fellas! How are you today? *cringes very hard*

Today we’re going to do a fun and cringe-worthy session! Just as the one I mentioned at the start of this session.

Our session today is #EngGame So Punny! But first, do you know what pun is, Fellas?

Please do visit our page https://englishtips4u.com/2015/04/17/engtrivia-about-pun/ to help you understand puns! #EngGame

Pun, or paranomasia, is some sort of a wordplay joke. It mainly uses homophones or words that have dual meanings. #EngGame

Well, enough with the introduction. Let’s get some basic rules for our #EngGame today!

I will state one or two sentences and you finish it with puns! Don’t worry I will fill it myself if you failed. :p #EngGame

I also encourage you to do the same to me. I will try very hard on this ‘pun’ session! #EngGame

Let’s start simple: What did the sea say to the sand? #EngGame

The answer is: nothing, it just waved. #EngGame

Why was the toilet paper rolling down the hills? #EngGame (to get to the bottom)

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own? #EngGame (because it’s two tired)

Why does he hate insect jokes? #EngGame (because it bugs him)

What happens to the man who got into an accident in the textile factory? #EngGame (he’s dyeing now)

Why is the Grizzly so proud of his den? #EngGame (He built it with his bear hands)

Why won’t your teddy bear eat? #EngGame (He is already stuffed)

What do you call a literate insect? #EngGame (A spelling bee)

Why do crabs never give to charity? #EngGame (because they are shellfish)

Sorry for all the cringe I made, Fellas! I know some (or all) of them are lame but they entertain me! #EngGame

Be sure to check out our site englishtips4u.com! (We have more puns!) See ya!

Compiled by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, 28 October 2016


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