#EngQuiz: See, Look, Watch

Hi, fellas! Last week we’ve had an #EngTrivia session on the difference between see, look at, and watch. Now let’s do some exercise on that topic! Fill in the blanks with see, look at, or watch.

  1. We _____ the door all day but no one knocked with the package we’ve been waiting for.
  2. She wore a green T-shirt when I _____ her yesterday.
  3. I’m going to _____ John’s new vlog as soon as I got home.
  4. _____ the horizon! I think that’s a ship approaching.
  5. Inferno is now playing in theaters, right? Have you _____ it?
  6. Can you _____ the baby? I need go outside for a minute to talk to Mrs. Baker.
  7. He keeps _____ his watch hoping the time will run faster.
  8. Pause the video at 5.11 and _____ the scene, can you _____ Eva in the crowd?
  9. Don’t _____ a stranger like that. It’s impolite.
  10. I keep _____ an error message when tweeting, please fix this bug.

Here’s our Twitter session on this topic. You can scroll through it to find the answers.

Compiled and written by @Fafafin for @EnglishTips4U on October 27, 2016.


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