#IOTW: Outer Space Idioms

Good evening, fellas! Today I am going to share some idioms related to the space. Let’s start!

  • Out of this world: extraordinary

I climbed Mount Sindoro last week. Man, the view from up there were out of this world!


  • Living on another planet: not realizing what is going on; having unreasonable ideas

They think they can run that kind of business with just 50 million rupiahs in their hands. It’s like they’re living in another planet.


  • Living in cloud cuckoo land: believing naively that impossible things might happen

If you think the designer can finish that amount of work in three days you’re living in cloud cuckoo land.


  • (Having) stars in one’s eyes: hopeful and enthusiastic about what is going to happen to you in the future

I see some of the new students enter their first ever classroom with stars in their eyes.


  • Written in the stars: certain to happen, intended to be.

It’s written in the stars that he would become the king of our kingdom.


  • Not rocket science: requires no extraordinary skill or intelligence

Simply plug in the power cord and push the power button. It’s not rocket science.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to plug in the power cord and push the power button.”

That’s all, fellas. I hope it enriches your collection of idioms!


Compiled and written by @Fafafin for @EnglishTips4U on October 13, 2016.


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