#EngQuiz: Noun Clause from Question Word

​Hi fellas, how was your weekend? I went to my friend’s wedding and had fun there..

Today we will talk about noun clause from question word, also called embedded question.

The noun clause comes after the main verb in the sentence.

Do not use question word order in a noun clause, use question word + subject + verb order and keep the same tense.

For the question without subject ( the subject is question word), the word order is the same in both question and the noun clause.

Do, does, and did are used in the questions but not in noun clauses.

E.g. *Where does she lives? I don’t know where she lives.

* Which road should I take? I wonder which road I should take.

* Whose pen is this? Do you know whose pen is this?
Why don’t you try some exercises

1. What did he say? I couldn’t hear …

2. When do they arrive? Do you know … ?

3. Who lives there? I don’t know …

4. What happened? Please tell me …

5. What was he talking about? … was interesting.

6. How old is he? I don’t know …

7. Whose house is that? I wonder …

8. Whose pen is this? Do you know … ?

9. Where do you live? Please tell me …

10. What did she say? … wasn’t true.

11. How much does it cost? I can’t remember …

12. Which one does he want? Let’s ask him …

13. What are we doing in class? … is easy.

14. Who are those people? I don’t know …

15. Where did she go? … is none of your business.

16. Who is coming to the party? I don’t know …
Answers: 1. What he said; 2. When they arrive; 3. Who lives there; 4. What happened; 5. What he was talking about; 6. How old he is; 7. Whose house that is; 8. Whose pen this is; 9. Where you live; 10. What he said; 11. How much it costs; 12. Which one he wants; 13. What we are doing in class; 14. Who those people are; 15. Where she went; 16. Who is coming to the party.
That’s all for today fellas. See you next sunday.
Compiled and written by @sherlydarmali for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, October 9, 2016.

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