#EngQAs 29 August, 2016

Hi, fellas! I hope your day went well.

If you have any questions, fellas, related or not to ‘good’ and ‘well’, tweet us! I’m now opening an #EngQAs

I will pick some questions for us to discuss. Anything about grammar, vocab, tips, as long as it’s related to learning English. #EngQAs

A good variation of phrasal verbs can be checked at our site https://englishtips4u.com/?s=phrasal+verb&submit=Search …
سيف الأنــــوار @SingleAstronaut
@EnglishTips4U would you please discuss about phrasal verbs?!


Iya, karena ‘well’ sbg adjective digunakan dgn konotasi ‘sedang merasakan sakit atau cedera’
Aksara aFeL @aksaraFeL
@EnglishTips4U klo ksh respon bt tmn yg lg sakit dgn “get well soon”… apa bnr?? #EngQAs


Of course. Let’s start with neither as equivalent to ‘not either’. #EngQAs
Difference between “neither” and “either” pls @EnglishTips4U


When we want to express something that is valid also for us, we can use ‘so’ or ‘too’. #EngQAs
For example:
– I like the new Math teacher. So do my classmates.
– I like the new Math teacher. My classmates do, too. #EngQAs

Meanwhile, neither or either are used when a negative sentence is also true or valid for us. #EngQAs
For example:
– I’m not going to school today. My brother is not either.
– I’m not going to school today. Neither is my brother. #EngQAs

‘Either’ can also use to provide a choice between two alternatives. For this use, ‘either’ is accompanied by ‘or’.
E.g.: Either Jon Snow goes to The Wall or stays as an outsider in Winterfell forever.#EngQAs

More example:
– I don’t speak either French or German.
– I don’t want either sandwich or steak. I’d like to have soto. #EngQAs

‘Either’ can also be followed by (one) of + a group of two or more.
E.g.: Either one of the vases must’ve been broken. #EngQAs


Would you like to make similar sentences using ‘neither’ or ‘neither + nor’, fellas? #EngQAs

Ganesh Muthuram K ‏@GaneshMuthuram
@EnglishTips4U Neither he nor she said anything.

Ganesh Muthuram K ‏@GaneshMuthuram
@EnglishTips4U He said nothing, neither did she.


‘Neither + nor’ combines two negative ideas.
E.g.: Neither I nor my brother is going to school today. #EngQAs

I hope it answers your question about ‘neither’ and ‘either’, fellas :) #EngQAs


All right, fellas, today’s #EngQAs must come to a wrap! Thank you for being with me. Remember if you miss any of our sessions, you can check our site www.englishtips4u.com.

Have a good night, fellas! Bye, bye!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 29 August, 2016.


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