#IOTW: Moon idioms

Tonight I’m going to share some idioms about moon. Stay tuned, fellas!

1) Cry for the moon: to make an unreasonable request that is unlikely to happen.

 Thinking of getting an A on this subject is to cry for the moon

2) Promise the moon: to make extravagant promises to someone.

He will promise you the moon, but he won’t live up to his promises.

3) Once in a blue moon: to do something very rarely

Because I study abroad, I get to see my parents once in a blue moon.

4) over the moon: to be extremely pleased and happy about something

When she told me that he loves me, I was over the moon.

5) bark at the moon: to do something pointless.

Waiting for him to change his mind is actually barking at the moon. He’ll never change his mind.

6) Reach for the moon: to  try to achieve something that is very difficult

You have to reach for the moon if you want to be a successful singer.

7) Shoot for the moon: to set your goal very high.

You might as well shoot for the moon and ask for a promotion as well as a raise.

8) Many moons ago:  a long time ago

Sam has been waiting for Jill since many moons ago.

Compiled and written by @AnienditaR at @EnglishTips4u on September 24, 2016

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