#EngClass: OSASCOMP (Revisit)

About a week ago, we received a request for a session on the order of adjectives. Let’s talk about it today. ;)

We’ve actually talked about this long long long time ago. If you’d like to take a look at the old dusty post, here it is… #ENGCLASS: ORDER OF ADJECTIVES OSASCOMP 

In English, it’s common to use more than one adjective before a noun to give a detailed description. E.g.:

How do you know whether to put Delicious before or after Indonesian?

Why do you say ‘big red ball’ and not the other way around?


The rule for the position of adjectives is often shortened to: OSASCOMP.


[O] SASCOMP – O for adjectives relating to opinions, judgements, or attitude. Adjectives that express opinions usually come before all others. Although some exception might apply depending on what exactly you wish to emphasize.


slide5O [S] ASCOMP – S for adjectives about size, length, or height.


slide6OS [A] SCOMP – A for adjectives relating to age.


slide7OSA [S] COMP – S stands for shape.


slide8OSAS [C] OMP – C stands for color.


slide9OSASC [O] MP – O stands for origin, refers to adjectives that say where the noun is from.


slide10OSASCO [M] P – M refers to the material which the noun is made of.


slide11OSASCOM [P] – P refers to the purpose of the noun, what the noun is used for.


In English, it’s common to use more than one adjective. It is rare, however, to use more than three in a sentence.

Examples of proper order of adjectives:
slide12 slide13 slide14 slide15

To native English speakers, the rule of adjective order just comes naturally (out of habit). Most wouldn’t even know there’s a rule to it.

The OSASCOMP order of adjectives is there to help form a more natural sounding phrase.

As you read and listen to more English, you’ll eventually begin to order the adjectives naturally.
Outside of exams and tests, forming a wrong order of adjectives won’t hurt much. People will just find it odd. Some would even point you out as foreigners. :D

That’s all for today, fellas! I hope you find the discussion useful.

Compiled and written by @miss_qiak for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

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