#GrammarTrivia: ‘Me’ and ‘I’

What’s Adele’s hit song in 2015? Hello, Fellas! How are you?

Me and my friends went to local art festival yesterday. It was such an amazing experience for my friends and I.

What do you think about the two sentences mentioned beforehand, Fellas? Are they grammatically correct?

Although they don’t sound too weird, they are incorrect. We will discuss this in our session today #GrammarTrivia Me & I.

Both ‘me’ and ‘I’ are first person singular pronouns. What does that mean? #GrammarTrivia

It means both of them are used when a person refers to himself or herself. What’s the difference, then? #GrammarTrivia

‘I’ is the subject pronoun. It’s used for the one doing the verb. #GrammarTrivia

Meanwhile, ‘me’ is the object pronoun. It’s used as an object of the action of the verb. #GrammarTrivia

Let’s try to use them in a sentence: #GrammarTrivia

“I wanted to go to business school but my mom asked ME to go to medical school instead.” It sounds too easy, doesn’t it? #GrammarTrivia

However, it gets a tad bit trickier when another subject/object is added to the context. #GrammarTrivia

Ex: “You and I should get dinner tonight.” “That is a bad idea for you and me.” #GrammarTrivia

The easiest way to determine the right form of pronoun is to remove the other subject/object and leave the I/me intact. #GrammarTrivia

Ex: “I should get dinner tonight (correct).” “That is a bad idea for me (correct).” #GrammarTrivia

Let’s have a little bit of practice now, shall we? #GrammarTrivia

  1. (me/I) played soccer on a concrete field but then (me/I) fell. Now the bruise is killing (me/I). #GrammarTrivia
  2. She and (me/I) will go to the bookstore tomorrow. The teacher told her and (me/I) to do some research on Western Culture. #GrammarTrivia
  3. Saras and (me/I) got C on Advanced Calculus last semester. It was devastating for (me/I) and Saras. #GrammarTrivia

I will give you 5-10 minutes to do the quiz, Fellas. I will retweet the correct answers, Fellas!

See? That should be easy enough to remember. The team and I hope you won’t make such mistakes in the future.

That was it from me today, Fellas! Check our website englishtips4u.com for more grammar discussions. See you!

Compiled by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, 09 September 2016.


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